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THE MAN FROM AFRICA Salem Bora succeeds to get a visa card to work abroad. He lands himself in Ankara Company in Denmark where he does an internship as a cooperative manager. His life begins to take a new turn when he's finally employed as a manager. Being the only black man in a company full of whites wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. White women, parties and all the white lifestyle was getting into him really fast. A typical playboy is what he was. Ladies could barely resist his handsomely features. When things were about to get out of his hands, an angel seem to have been sent from heaven to save him. Her name was Sheila Moore, a beautiful Mexican girl whom one would tell, she's very much out of his league. Sheila is always collected, thoughtful, smart, intelligent, beautiful. Sheila's father is a chief officer in the minister's office, she got employed as an operation director in Ankara Company. All was well for Salem until Sheila existed.

Chapter 1

" Phew! Here I am, Denmark!" Selim Bora exclaimed as he got out of the Uber. He was now standing Infront of a two stars hotel where he would be staying for a while.

" Enjoy your stay sir!" The Uber drive wished him.

" Thank you," Salem said before the driver left.

He made his way to the hotel receptionist. The receptionist was a beautiful Italian plumpy lady and she smiled when she saw Selim. He's so much irresistible. Women who were passing by couldn't help turning their heads to look at him.

Selim had worn a white Puma t shirt which hugged his body exposing his well built muscles the blue jeans weren't doing any justice either. His long straight legs were well outlined. He was walking elegantly, one would mistake him for a model if they didn't know better.

Selim smiled back at the receptionist. His symmetric lips made a perfect curve exposing some perfect white teeth. His eyes were brown, bright and clear, his cheek bones well aligned with his pointed nose. His skin tone was very clear, one could already imagine how smooth it felt.

" Hello!" Selim greeted the receptionist. His deep voice made a few other visitors turn to look at him. He was an example of a perfectly moulded man.

" Hello!" The receptionist exaggerated her voice a bit.

" I'm Selim Bora." Selim said and the receptionist kept staring at him.

" Can you please check me through, I booked with you...!" Selim didn't even finish speaking when she interrupted.

" Of course you did book with us, Mr Bora." The receptionist said.

" Just Selim." He said sounding politely but deep down he was very annoyed and bored. All his life he has been getting this much attention from girls. He just learned to contain them otherwise they would have killed him already. Girls can't help throwing themselves at him all along. He was quite popular back in Africa, Rwanda.

" Room number 57, that is second floor, and here is your key." The lady said.

" Thank you... Umm!" Selim hesitated since he doesn't know her name yet.

" Just call me Olivia!" She said.

" Yes, Olivia, thank you!" Selim said and quickly disappeared before Olivia try those funny faces on him once more. Well, she thinks blinking her eyes and licking her lips at Selim makes her more attractive.

Selim took the lift to second floor and to his room. He sighed in relief when he was finally in.

The room has a medium size bed, well spread with white sheets. A small side table , a two-seater couch, a water dispenser on one of the corners, a wall plan kitchen set up, and a washroom at the other end. It wasn't very cozy but comfortable enough, Selim thought.

He slammed on the bed tiredly and looked at the watch placed on the wall. It was still eleven in the morning, that means it was 12:00 noon back in Rwanda. It's just an hour difference.

He decides to face-call his mom to inform her of his arrival.

Selim has been living with his mom since he was just a little clueless boy. He doesn't even remember his father's face because his mother never mentioned him after he left them. His mother is his everything. She struggled everyday to make sure his son had a good life and indeed Selim has been living his best life under his mom's watch.

Selim's mother owns a Salon, a fruit parlour and a boutique. She is a very hardworking woman who loves his son very much. She is the one who pulled several strings to get his son a visa.

Selim has never been thankful. His mother is everything he would ever want.

" Hey momma!" Selim spoke cheerfully when his mom received the call.

" Hey, my little prince! I see you made it safely, now I can stay in peace." Ms Hannie Bora said.

" I told you not to worry. See, I'm in one piece!" Selim said.

" You didn't freak out while in the plane for the first time?" Ms Hannie asked.

" I'd rather not talk about that now." Selim said as the thought of being inside the flight for the first time came to his mind. Indeed it was a remarkable experience, especially when he puked on a few passengers after the plane has took off. It was such a dreadful and embarrassing moment for such a handsome man.

" Well, I know for sure you freaked out, I did too on my first time!" Hannie admitted.

" You never told me about your first flight experience!" Selim said.

" It's rather embarrassing than fun." Hannie said and started laughing at the thought of it.

" What did you do?" Selim asked curiously.

I pooed on myself during take off. So embarrassing it was. I hated flights since then." Selim let out a hard laugh after hearing the confession.

" How old were you?" Selim asked in the middle of laughter.

" I was only thirteen, and more embarrassing, we were going on a school trip to Italy. My class mates nicknamed me poo after that incident." Hannie said.

"Aw! Poor you." Selim said faking a sorry look.

" Stop pretending to be sorry I know you aren't, just laugh it off." Hannie said rolling his eyes at her son. Selim let out a loud laugh, just then, there was a knock at the door and he stopped.

" Just a minute mom, I think there is someone at the door." Selim said standing up to get the door.

He opened and was surprised to see Olivia standing there.

" Olivia, is there something I can help?" Selim asked with a smiley face. He was still in the humorous moment with his mom.

" Not really, I just brought back your pen!" Olivia spoke with a sultry voice.

" Thank you, you can keep it!"

Chapter 2

Selim locked his door after dealing with Olivia.

" Is everything okay?" Hannie asked.

" Yes, everything is fine it was just the receptionist bringing me back my pen which I forgot." Selim said and his mom gave him a knowing look.

" Oh come on mom, I just got here, don't start me up with your marriage thing." Selim said.

" Honey, you're now twenty seven with not even a girlfriend. It's time you find someone to settle down with, you're not growing any younger and you know I'm growing even older. I'd love to see my grand children before I die." Hannie said and Selim frowned.

" Do you have to mention dying every time we talk, mom?" Selim spoke with an annoyed tone.

" I'm just reminding you that I'm getting older." Hannie said with a smile and Selim sighed.

" Okay, I need to rest now and then I check through a few things before reporting for w


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