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Dyeeda Safari

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About me

Love is my vocabulary. I'm full surprises and I hope you'd see that too! To all romance readers and fantasy, I got you covered. My readers matter a lot to me! It's you who made me write after all! So thank you all. And stay tuned!


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THE MAN FROM AFRICA Salem Bora succeeds to get a visa card to work abroad. He lands himself in Ankara Company in Denmark where he does an internship as a cooperative manager. His life begins to take a new turn when he's finally employed as a manager. Being the only black man in a company full of whites wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. White women, parties and all the white lifestyle was getting into him really fast. A typical playboy is what he was. Ladies could barely resist his handsomely features. When things were about to get out of his hands, an angel seem to have been sent from heaven to save him. Her name was Sheila Moore, a beautiful Mexican girl whom one would tell, she's very much out of his league. Sheila is always collected, thoughtful, smart, intelligent, beautiful. Sheila's father is a chief officer in the minister's office, she got employed as an operation director in Ankara Company. All was well for Salem until Sheila existed.

Matters of the heart
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'Matters of the heart' is a story of a girl who had less than a year to live due to a long-term sickness, at twenty-five, she finds love but had to take control of it making sure not to hurt the only guy who she found interesting. Things got twisted when passion grows between them and the guy gets frantic to treat her illness. Ella left her home town and moved to Manhattan to start a new life, wanting to embrace it before her last moments in the world. She finds herself entangled with a cocky boss, Asher Connor, who equally found her interesting, they get into a dating agreement which led to a whole new session of their hearts taking the wheel into that adventurous journey of adoration.


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