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Damian Scott is known as the most ruthless soul and mafia lord in the country and beyond. He is wanted by the authorities due to his illegal deals but no one could catch him. Despite all his illegal dealings, he still managed to come out innocent. Freddie Cole, happens to be an undercover agent who is sent to bring Damian behind bars. Freddie never failed in his mission as he was a professional in his line of work. What happens when the man Freddie is asked to bring behind bars had darker secrets that he could hardly comprehended. A secret that would swallow him and change his life forever?

Chapter 1 The Stripper

Freddie waited in the changing room to be announced next, the g-string fixated tightly on him, showing off more of his bulge at the center, his smooth white skin perfectly oiled, which made his abs more pronounced.

His jet black straight short hair, perfectly styled backwards, which made his hard squared jawline pronounced.

He had thin pink lips which looked soft and kissable.

Freddie was best described as a greek god for his manly sexiness.

He was originally a macho man, so it didn't take much effort to build his body into the perfect stripper kind of body.

Most times he attracted gay guys who wished to be dominated by him, but he was straight as f*ck, so he paid no attention to them.

"Target in the building, Freddie."

He immediately prepared himself, inhaling and exhaling on his own account.

That was his partner, Nick, an undercover agent just like him.

"Let's welcome our newest stripper, Max...."

Freddie immediately swayed his hips from side to side as he came on stage. The moment the crowd saw him, the cheers became deafening.

Freddie smiled as he swayed his hips, licking his lips seductively.

Just as he was doing that, he scanned the area for the target, but he seemed not to see who he was looking for.

In order not to get distracted, he went forward as he held unto the pole whining his waist, moving it up and down, he held unto the pole tightly, his eyes still very much searching for his target.

He made a signal sound which no one heard since the screams from the ladies echoed in the air.

Nick immediately responded.

"Target in a black suit,"

Freddie left the pole and headed even closer to his fans, so he could get a closer look at the crowd.

"Hey Max, you look so s*xy..., mind if I take you home?" Said an elderly lady with silver-colored hair and brown eyes.

Freddie gave the woman his killer smile, which sent her giggling like a little girl.

Just as Freddie was doing his stuff, he suddenly saw a guy in a black suit sitting in a secluded area where the lights couldn't penetrate.

He could feel his intense gaze on him in the dark mask covering his face, in which only his eyes and lips were visible.

Freddie smiled as though his smile was directed at the crowd, but secretly, it was for locating his target.

Freddie did a little muscle work, which made the ladies go crazy.

He can't count how many women the bouncers in the club had held back from coming on stage.

Freddie in some ways enjoyed the attention and screams coming from the women who drooled at his muscles.

He never knew this was what the strippers felt like.

The admiration of women, but sadly, men too, and how they go crazy about his muscles and body was enticing.

Freddie kept his eyes locked on the guy, who was still staring down at him from where he sat with four macho bouncers by his side.

His mission was to get to him, but how would he be able to do that when the bodyguards were everywhere protecting him?

This mission was crucial for him. With this very last mission, he could say goodbye to being an undercover agent.

At 38, he was still single, and without a woman.

His last girlfriend left him five years ago because he never got the time to be with her.

He had applied for an early retirement, but the higher ups are only willing to let him go after this very last mission.

As a professional and the best undercover agent known in the CIA world, it was shocking and disheartening for his colleagues to know that he would be retiring soon.

At first, when he was given this mission, he disagreed because he didn't know how to become a stripper or get the attention of the guy named Damian. The guy was said to be into men.

It was the most absurd mission he ever had to embark on.

Though he had undergone much riskier missions that sometimes left him with bullet wounds, that was preferable for him than this particular mission.

For three months, he had spent his time studying his target, and when he was ready, the necessary preparations were made for him to be employed at the strippers club, which was solely owned by his target, who was known as Damian Scott.

Before now, he had wondered why he made a stripper club with only men displaying their naked bodies

He was very sure there was a story behind it, and he surely would unravel the reason to it.

Just as he had investigated before now, Damian happened to be the most powerful and highly compelling man in the Mafia world.

His personal information was void, and so were his shitty business deals.

Other Mafias arrested confessed about his involvement in the money laundering and gambling businesses.

It so happened that after a thorough investigation was carried out, nothing was found, he was as clean as a saint, but everyone in the CIA world knows how things worked around here, and that is the fact that nobody was innocent.

This is the exact reason he was given this mission, and that is for him to get closer to the faceless Mafia lord.

To Freddie, this was a piece of cake if not for the fact that he had to become a stripper to do that, since that was the only way for him to infiltrate the strippers club, which was the only place he frequents.

Freddie did some more erotic moves which made the crowd go wild with excitement.

He took one last look at the guy before exiting the stage for the changing room.

Fortunately for Freddie, the club was built in such a way that every stripper had his own personal changing room.

No one is allowed to share a room, for security reasons, he guessed, but then again, this was good for his mission, since there is no security in the bathroom.

The cameras were only fixed around the club and changing rooms.

He made his signal sound, which brought Nick on the line.

"Target identified, I guess?" Nick asked.

"Sign," Freddie replied quietly while going into the shower to wash off the oil on his skin.

When he was done, he took out the invisible earpiece and hid it in a secret area around his bag, which the strongest of security systems could not penetrate.

Just as he opened the door, he was met by a multitude of ladies.

Freddie became surprised at the crowd of women smiling at him seductively.

From the look of things, it seemed he would either be devoured there and then or be forced to go home with them.

Like he had initially said, he preferred being given riskier missions than being a stripper.

Freddie smiled sheepishly at the ladies in front of him, feeling very nervous and thinking of the next thing to do.

He wondered where the security body guards were so that they could not come for him at his time of need.

Suddenly, an idea struck him, and Freddie immediately turned 360 degrees back into the room he came from with the ladies chasing after him screaming, "Max.."

This f*ck*ng sucks! It's not like he could call his partner for help at this point because they won't let him.

Freddie stood back in the room with the women screaming for him to come out.

The ladies talked about weird things they would like to do for him.

In his life he had never faced such a crowd of women, even though he was well known among women.

Before he embarked on being a stripper, it was made clear to him that on no account should he have s*x with women, since he had a mission.

Honestly, he wasn't even thinking about getting laid. The last time he had s*x was like five years ago.

Ever since then, he had never really had time for the ladies and club.

This was his first time in five years that he had to be in a club, but this time as a stripper.

Freddie stayed in the room for almost an hour and slowly the screams began to quiet down little by little, until they became totally silent.

He placed his ear close to the door to confirm if actually they'd left, and from how quiet the outside seemed, it was obvious that the crowd must have left.

He breathed a sigh of relief before opening the door.

Just as he had anticipated, the club was silent, it seemed they got tired of waiting for him.

Isn't that just his luck, he said to himself.

As he was about heading to the exit, he saw two bouncers at the door to the exit.

From the expression on their faces, he could tell that something was up.

But then he just stared at them, waiting to hear what they had to say.

Chapter 2. Fucking A Male Stripper


Damian waited restlessly for his new toy. The moment he had set eyes on the handsome hunk, he knew he must have him on his bed.

He couldn't remember the last time he had sex because business didn't give him the chance to.

As Damian waited, he poured himself a glass of wine, and sipped slowly, recalling how handsome the stripper looked. How he twisted his hips, his lips, those lips... Damian couldn't wait to touch this new guy. He wanted him to lick and suck him in every way possible. Thinking about the guy was already making him horny .

Not forgetting the last thing to do, he wore his mask.

Damian opened the door, and there he was, all the appetite he needed for the night.

He was devilishly handsome. Where the hell did he come from? But Damian wasn't concerned about that, all he wanted was his cock inside him. He wasn't dominant and he liked his men macho and strong.

"Hi" he said, smiling.



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