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The Mafia’s Hit Girl

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“Trust me, when money is involved, I can do anything except impregnate a person… I could even kill” she told him, blowing the gum out of proportion with an atom of arrogance. “Then tell me, can you melt my cold heart” he asked as he leaned in to her ear, whispering, “make me fall for you and I’ll pay you hundred million dollars……. In cash” he said. . When a cold and ruthless mafia in the form of Daniel Lopez meets a hit girl hired to kill him, he falls for her and proposes an offer she can’t resist to get her for himself.

Chapter 1

They held her back after successfully knocking her gun out of her head. She groaned as she kept on trying to get free from their grips in the dark room and she thought she was successful until they suddenly pushed her to the floor. She groaned in anger, this had to be the first time she was sent on an assignment but couldn’t complete it. The door suddenly opened and she closed her eyes as the door’s opening came with so much light.

A man walked in and all the men who’d held her earlier moved back while the man walked towards her. She raised her head and saw the man which made her gulp.

He clapped his hands and the light she didn’t knew that dark room had came up. She closed her eyes before slowly opening them again and this time she saw his face which made her gulp.

Was he the mafia don? “D*mn!” She cursed under her breathe…. He was so freaking hot! He moved closer to her and she could now observe his features more closely.

His Chiseled jawline, perfectly sculpted nose, virile body, enticing cologne, and those dark hooded eyes, they were a kill for.

“Did you really come to kill me?” He asked with a smirk as he helped her get up. She smiled, what a fool.

She quickly took out the dagger in her pocket and just as she was about to swing it at him, he held on to her hand, twisted it and then put it behind her before making her stand right in front of him and she had never felt so embarrassed.

“Nice skills baby girl, I’ll call you when I need a turkey slaughtered for thanksgiving “ he told her with a naughty smirk on his perfectly sculptured face.

Gosh, his breathe that was now on her neck felt so hurt, it felt so hot that it was now a turn on for her.

She rolled her eyes, she hated these kinds of feelings. She moved her right foot forward before taking it back, hitting him in the crouch and he let go of her before moving back.

“Ouch” he muttered in the most seductive voice and she turned to stare at him before he got up. “Was that supposed to hurt?” He asked before dusting his trouser and then walking towards her. “I’ll call you when I need an emergency footballer” he told her.

“I’ll kill you, trust me and I’ll watch you bleed to death right in front of my eyes and when I’m done, I’ll call you when I need some info about the after life “ she said to him.

“Wow,” he muttered “you know, you keep attracting me to yourself and d*mn…. I’m gonna go crazy over you. Why are you doing this to me?” He asked and she chuckled.

“Go crazy over me because you’ll need it for when I finally kill you” she said and he inhaled deeply.

He snapped his fingers and a chair was brought to him before he sat on it in his style, making him look like the don he actually was. “That’s enough already “ he said and his brows stiffened. “Who sent you to kill me?” He asked as he rested one arm on the arm rest and the other on his chin.

She burst into laughter. “And you think I’ll tell you? I only work for money mister and even though I haven’t been given any money for killing you, I have been given way too much money not to spill the beans so even if you point a gun at my head, I won’t spill the beans “ she said and scoffed at him.

He smiled before moving closer to her, “You won’t spill the beans? Let’s see what you say about this” he told her before clapping his hands and before she knew it, he didn’t get male goons, he got the female ones and she had never felt so insulted all her life. What did he think of her.

“Move back Lopez….. this is about to get messy” she said with a smile and as one of the seven goons rushed to her to hit her, she caught her just in time and threw her to another.

The second came running to her with a dagger but she was swift in catching her hand and then twisting it before sending the dagger through her back and then pushing her away. In shock, the third came to her, a gun pointed and just as she shut at her, she bent and then slid towards the one who’s body she’d just inserted a dagger before raising her up and before the second bullet fired could get to her, it hit the goon first and she smiled to herself. She rushed to a corner and took a tray and when the goon tried firing at her again, she raised the stainless tray at the bullet hit it before falling to the ground. She rolled before going to grab the goon who had a gun in her hand. She took her and flung her to a corner before picking the goon and shooting three of the goons down.

They were just three goons left, “No biggie!” She muttered to herself with a smile as she took off her leather jacket before screaming and rushing to another goon with her fists clenched. They were clenched so hard that when she drove it into the goon’s stomach, she spat blood.

Not waiting for any of the goons to react, she took the one who’d just spat blood and threw her to another goon before grabbing the third one and then hitting her with the gun she had in her hand on her head severally, knocking her unconscious.

Before the other two could react, she took the gun and fired it at one and just as she was to fire it at the other, she realized the gun was out of bullets. “Useless!” She cursed before throwing it to the ground.

The last female goon left happened to be the toughest and as she rushed to her, aiming for her head with the stick, she bent and then dragged her leg, causing her to fall. As she was still standing, she jumped and made sure to land right on the thug which cause her to scream in pain.

Not satisfied, she took the stick and hit her on the head severally, knocking her out. Satisfied with herself, she went to Daniel with a smile, “Are these your best female thugs? Even the ones I have in training are far better than these kids” she said and before she could say something else, she raised her hand, catching another hand which had a broken piece of glass mid air. She turned, “nice try” she said before twisting her arm and then sending the broken piece of glass into her chest.

“How are you going to get the truth out of me now Mr Daniel?” She asked with a mocking smile on her face.

“Get these women out, they are trash and it’s obvious their years of training was for nothing “ he said angrily. He’d brought those women to show these hit girl her place but they’d just humiliated.

“Not even a scratch Mr Lopez.. won’t you call me when you need a job done?” She asked with a mocking smile.

He turned to face her and those hooded dark eyes… she could see how angry and cold they turned, she couldn’t help but feel proud of herself.

Chapter 2

“You might have done well against them, pretty understandable.. they’re low grades after all but let’s see how you do against him “ he said and a one sided smirk danced all the way up his face and on turning, she saw one of the scariest creatures she’d ever seen in her whole career. He looked muscular but this wasn’t the kind of muscular man girls dreamed of. His muscular body, not well structured face and those dreadlocks and tattoos on his body, his look alone was enough to scare her but she didn’t fall for it. She had humiliate this don right here.

She rushed in his direction but not to hit him. She slid directly under him and since he’d been expecting her to attack from the front, he wasn’t prepared for the back attack and she successfully used her necklace to give him a hard punch in the neck. She’d really practiced biology because she knew the exact place to hit that made him fall to his knees in pain, giving her the chance to climb on his back and when he got up, trying


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