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The Mafia Don's Crazy Beauty

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Warning- Mature Audiences only!. -Strong sexual content. -® rated language. © Original work. Description: "Get up!." He commanded. His voice was stern and his cold blue eyes pierced into my skin. I didn't look fazed by his intimidating demeanor. "You muckerfucker blood-sucking demon." I cussed, biting down my lower lip to hinder myself from not raining more curses at him. He smirked. He glided across the room until he stood in front of me, I looked right into his eyes as he lowered down to my level. His hand gripped my chin up, his blue eyes looking deep into mine. "You won't end well if you continue to speak to me like that," I smirked. "I am not afraid of you!" He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. "And you're afraid of death, I am death." My jaw dropped. He knows where to get me. He let go of me seeing my frightened look and looking satisfied. "But you didn't have to kill that girl for my sake. She did nothing." "Someone's going to cover up for you." He turned around and went to sit on my bed. "But I didn't kill him. There was nothing to cover up for." "Oh, dear." He said and lit his joint up. "He died." I froze. I killed someone too. I've stained my hands with blood. "Don't look too surprised and all that stunned. That's one thing you'll learn how to do and face. You've got to learn how to kill." *** Vanora Campbell's mom died leaving her with her uncaring father, she blamed her father for killing her mother and lived so carelessly thereafter. Her life turned upside down when her dad sold her to the Italian mafia boss, Zavi Covillie.


I was the wide daughter, the one who was bent on doing anything she wanted. It started after my mother died, leaving me and my younger sister in the cold grasp of my dad, well. I guess he doesn't have the right to be my dad because he killed my mother. Since my mom died, I never cared about anything or anyone, not even my younger sister, Junie but I still loved her.

I am Vanora Campbell, the eldest daughter of a Scottish family. We live in Deanvillage, Edinburgh, and right now, I'm sitting on the bar seat waiting for my drink.

"Hey..uh Nora," The barman called, he knew my name because I was his regular. I've taken after my dad in drinking, a bit surprised that I didn't see him anywhere in the bar with one of his sluts.

"Hi, Scotch please," I ordered for my drink, he looked at me for a while and asked, "Don't tell me you still don't know my name," He said, dropping two glasses on the counter.

I made a face, "Did you ever give me one?." I asked him. He sighed. Believe me, I wouldn't care if he did.

He poured the Lagavulin bottle into one of the glasses and pushed it to my face, "Enjoy, Ms Nora. My name's Evan." He replied, then turned around. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't remember that tomorrow.


A few hours later, I was done with the bar and on my way home. I staggered home feeling mildly inebriated, laughing and talking to myself. The number of people I passed on my way home moved away from me, some raining a few curses on me, some knew me as a habitual drunkard while I never cared if I was seen as one.

Finally, I made it home, I looked up at Junie's window and found out that the lights were still on, and Junie might be studying in her room. I opened the door and tottered in, breathing heavily as if I had just run a marathon, ok I jumped a few steps to the front door outside.

And when I turned, I'd met a full house. Before, I could count nothing in the sitting room, and now, there were living things in the sitting room.

My eyes landed on my old man in the center of the sitting room where our center table used to be before he sold it out. A man sat on my favorite chair and a few gangsters stood around him. I could count 4-5 men, they looked deadly, one of them stood in front of my dad, pointing guns at my father and...oh I just noticed his b*tch beside him. Poor woman, she'd put herself in this mess anywhere.

And I knew they were his creditors. We do see them all the time in our house but this time, these men weren't smiling at all.

"And you are?." The man's deadly voice shook me back to reality. I looked at him, my eyes scrutinizing him. He had a bald head and he was clothed in a black suit.

"She's my daughter, my eldest daughter." My dad answered immediately and I glared at him. I am not his f*ck*ng daughter, he tells me that all the time.

The man shook his head, "I didn't know you had a gorgeous female in your house," He looked at me and smiled, no wait, smile laugh. Sorry, I had to put it that way, his brown dirty teeth were out in the open and it almost caused me to throw up.

"I thought you said I'm not your daughter, man," I said for the first time in the room.

"Shut up," Came that voice again. If I wasn't drunk, I could have given him a heavy knock on the head for yelling at me.

"Your dad is owing to my boss. You don't have the right to speak."

"But I'm not the one ow…."


I heard him c*ck his gun and pointed it at my face. My mouth instantly clamped shut.

There was silence for a few seconds.

He cleared his throat and looked at my dad.

"What are we going to do? You don't have any furniture anymore." He said, looking around.

Our house was empty. This chair is the only piece of furniture remaining, and it's because it was torn by the side, so no one agreed to buy it.

My dad looked around and bent down in shame. Oh, he didn't realize he sold them all.

Foolish man.

"Take my daughter,"

It was like I didn't hear well, or the alcohol was probably having its way with me.

"Yes, take my daughter," He repeated.

I blinked and blinked and blinked.

"I think my dad's drunk now. You should probably wait till he recovers himself," I stated, trying to walk to my room when a huge-looking man blocked my way.

I looked up at him and gulped down nothing, I stepped back and looked around, all eyes were on me, and then I surprised everyone by laughing.

"Wait, I'm not his daughter,'' I stated in between the laugh, moving away from him and trying to walk upstairs, strong hands grabbed me up to his shoulder and I began screaming and wriggling my legs.

I heard the man say, "Let's go."

I looked up and saw Junie running down the stairs. She screamed when she saw me on top of this man's shoulder.

"Junie, go. Go to aunt Sarah and stay there, don't ever come back here," I yelled.

The man was already walking out.


I was pushed into the car, it was where that man sat and the car door slammed behind me.

"Please, let me go. I don't owe you, you can take our house, but please let me go," I begged. My eyes pleading to him thinking it could do wonders and make him leave me alone.

The man chuckled, "Your house is old,"

My eyes grew wide and I began crying. Well, I was making noises to his ears and not crying. The man felt irritated and pulled off his scarf which hung on his shoulders, he tied my wrist together and tied a cloth around my mouth to stop me from talking. And then, I could only muffle out words.


A few minutes later.

Their car drove into a big compound. My eyes grew wide as they drove in. The place was so huge...if a cloth wasn't tied around my mouth, my mouth could have been open all through. Who are these people?.

I've been living in this town and didn't know there was a place such as this. Men littered around in black and dark sunglasses, and lights surrounded the building. A big mansion, the biggest I had ever seen standing in front of me.

The car opened and I was dragged out of it with one hand. We began approaching the house and I was looking around like an idiot. I've even forgotten I am being sold to people that I don't know.

Two large french doors were opened and I was dragged in, walking beside that bald cruel man.

I looked up.

I was a Slave

Good-looking, with brown slicked hair, and a towering height. He was built, muscular in appearance and his presence screamed power. His eyes were cold and pressed against mine and his expression remained still and silent.

He had a pure definition, he looked like a god, a king in his mansion. He was exactly the perfect man. I think I've seen the most beautiful man in the whole universe.

He wore a black suit like the others and his eyes never left mine.

"Boss..." The bald man bowed slightly.

"Who's she?." His deep voice asked. He took a step closer, looking at me all over. My heart skipped a bit, he was close, very close to my face. He smells nice and heavenly.

"She's Douglas's eldest daughter which he paid in the form of his debt."

That's my father's name. He sold me like property, like a good.

His hands folded behind his back, and his eyes roamed my body. I stared back at him,

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