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The Mafia CEO

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Layla Madison is a 36 year old CEO and billionaire of high esteem who is feared by her staff and rival companies in the United States. She is a tall, busty blonde with a scar on her lap which was as a result of a physical abuse done to her by one of her exes. She is a misandrist and does not believe that love exists because of her past experiences with men. But what happens when a handsome man is employed as her PA? Will this be the Paradise Lydia has been searching for or a path that leads to her destruction.

Chapter 1

Layla POV

"How can a woman of over thirty be so comfortable without a man?" My mum said, shouting from the stairs while she was running down. I crossed my legs and went through the earnings of my company for today. My company is a multi-dollar company and although I have people who are in charge of the daily runnings, I must take note of every penny that enters the company.

"Am I not talking to you, Miss Layla Madison?" She yelled. This time, she was already standing in front of me.

I looked up and sighed silently, why is she so concerned about what I do with my life?

"Want to have a grandchild soon, huh?" I asked her. My mother was a very determined woman, that was one trait I took from her. She never stops at something until she gets it. For a 69 year old woman of average height without a husband, I must say she is doing very well for herself.

"Look, I am not comfortable seeing you turning down every suitor. What is your problem?"

I dropped the papers and stood up from where I was, trying to get to the kitchen to grab something to eat but she blocked me.

"Are you walking out on me?"

"I am tired of this same conversation everyday, mum. Are you not tired already?"

My mum clapped her hands in amusement and looked into my eyes.

"Tired? Did you just say tired? Unless this is the last time you want to see me."

I put my hands on her shoulder and smiled, "I have told you before that I am not interested in getting married. Not now, not ever."

"Just kill me, Layla. Just kill me," she pretended as if she wanted to fall down to the ground and I held her.

"Do not worry about me. I will be fine." I said to her and left her standing motionless with her mouth open. She probably is thinking about how she raised a daughter like me but I am Layla Madison, I will do whatever I want to do. Nothing on earth and beyond can stop it.

* * *

It was already 9pm and I was having an online meeting with my staff. It was a compulsory meeting that nobody dares not to attend. I had already prepared a proposal that everyone must sign immediately after the meeting. The proposal was about the replacement of staff. Staff who had not contributed anything to the progress of the company. And also, staff who have one way in other flaunted my order, questioned my order and stepped on my toes.

The proposal is not a matter of negotiation, all they need to do is sign it as I already have the names of the staff on my blacklist, among which was my personal assistant.

I stared at my laptop and over 1,000 staff were in attendance.

"Impressive," I muttered.

Although, I know deep down that those not in attendance will have to give a tangible explanation. I checked my time again and it was already after 9. It is high time the meeting started.

I unmuted myself and at the same time, muted everybody. I started speaking to them, each of them were listening attentively as the comment section was already filled with praise comments. On a normal day, I will not be able to differentiate the staff who were *ss licking me from the staff who genuinely loved me. Everyone wanted to get on my good side and so no one could question my authority.

It was a privilege for them to be employed in one of the top five successful industries who pays their staff's fat salaries.

"You are all welcome to another great opportunity to have a word with me. A proposal has been sent to your various emails. You have just two minutes to sign it after this brief meeting," I paused and checked if anyone had left the meeting yet. When I saw no one had, I continued. "Anybody who fails to do so within that speculated period of time will have to face the consequences. I repeat, anyone who fails to sign the proposal will have himself to blame," I warned.

"Moving further, I would like to call out the names of the staff who unfortunately will no longer be working with us," I disclosed and the people started flooding the comments section with comments. I saw things like,

"Who will that be?"

"I hope I am safe this time."


I expected that kind of response but I did not bulge, instead I proceeded with my speech.

"It is a ritual in this company that I, Layla Madison must sieve out the people doing well from the weeds. I will now proceed with the calling of names."

I peered my eyes into the already prepared booklets that contained their names and read from it.

"There are just fifty of them. The company will no longer work with them, starting from today. Please, pay attention to your names as I call them."

"Mr. Matthew Jockey."

"Miss Penelope James."

"Louis Owen." The moment I mentioned the name I exhaled deeply. That was my Personal Assistant. I am sure if we had this meeting physically, everybody would have gasped. I won't be surprised if an article goes round the internet with a headline stating, No-nonsense Billionaire, Layla Madison finally dropped her Personal Assistant.

Bloggers will make a lot of money from this. My name is a money making machine from them and I await the article.

Louis Owen was one of the employees who was faithful to me and I have worked since the day this company started functioning. Luck was not on his side as he stepped on the lion's tail. I had no choice but to let him go because there is a limit to what I can tolerate.

I went on and on and called out all the names and to my surprise the number of participants of the meeting drastically started reducing. People started leaving the meeting. This was something that has never happened. I composed myself and just when I was about to say something. My phone rang. I looked at the laptop and my phone.

It was a call from an unknown number. I dismissed everybody and answered the call.

"Is this Miss Layla Madison?" It was a male voice and a lot of things started running through my mind.

"Yes. Is anything the matter, Mister?"

"Prepare for your downfall."

Chapter 2


"You do not have the right to do anything to me," I said to the caller and he laughed.

"Who do you think you are? A god?"

"If that is what you think I am, then yes, I am a god," I stood my ground.

"Let us see how it goes then."

"If you think you are that powerful, why don't we meet physically?" I asked him. Deep down, I wonder how he wants to plan my downfall. In this country? Where my name is well known? The only thing he can do is give bloggers a topic to talk about after that, I will clear the mess. After all, I have the money to put them in their place.

"When I am done with you, you will know that it is not everyone you mess with."

I scoffed and bit my lower lip and asked him, "What do you think you have to show to the world? No one will believe anything you say."

"I have your secrets in my palm and I will leak it out to the world. Trust me, ever


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