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The Forgotten Lover

The Forgotten Lover

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Shakil, a ruthless, furious and devoted right hand of the mighty don Ikhlakh Khan. In order to impress his lord Ikhlakh Khan, he accepted to marry his only sister Dina Khan. He was feeling satisfied with is life but still every time he was missing something in his heart, every night when he closed his eyes, some delusional memories used to flash in his dream and a mysterious figure always shows which he was not able to recognize. One day he kidnapped a beautiful girl under his surveillance as his boss Ikhlakh decided to marry her when he got trapped under her beauty. Though he was heartless and brutal by the nature, but he was getting attracted by her. Her nature, her voice, her beauty was attracting him, and he was feeling an old connection with her like they were meant to be together, and he couldn’t control the desire which was burning in his mind and heart. Like, she was the girl who was appearing in his delusional memories. Is it his obsessed with her? Did he have feelings for the mysterious girl or it’s something missing strings that were pulling his heart towards her.

Chapter 1 Prologue

She was feeling dizzy. Her head was spinning like a top on a frenzy. Instinctively, she thought of reaching for her head with both her hands in an effort to make the pain stop. However, her efforts were in vain as her hands were tightly locked behind her. She even tried to get up but instead fell on the floor with a painful thud. She heard her whimper that came from her lips. With all these instances, her entire body was aching, and she did not have any energy left to get up at all.

Next, she tried to look around her but was not able to see anything at all because it was pitch dark everywhere. She then tries to loosen the rope that binds her hands, but all is in vain.

Her throat felt dry and she was swallowing her saliva to make it wet. Beads of sweat were dripping from her forehead for her unknown fear. She could not understand anything. But then, she again gathered whatever energy was left in her and screamed for help.


She shouted with effort.

There was no movement anywhere. She again screamed for help.....

"Help ..... please somebody help me please..."

She started weeping bitterly....

Loud screams were coming out of her mouth in between her cries. She pressed herself hard towards the floor with her legs folded and her hands tied behind her back.

She again tried her luck to yell out for help....

"Help..... please help me....."

And this time the door opened with a loud thud. Two men entered the room and switched on the lights. With a sudden flash of light, Takisha closed her eyes, as if blinded. Slowly, she attempted to open them again. Soon her eyes adjusted to the intensity of the light, which was just faint. The light was so dim that she could barely see the faces of the men who entered the room.

Now she saw a bit of the place she was in. The room had nothing but pale walls. It was some kind of storeroom. This was all she could assume in that poorly lit room. At one corner, there were so many logs kept, if she was correct, and at the other corner, there was an iron chair.

Still, she was unable to figure out where she really was. She narrowed her eyes to assist her mind to recognize the place but all in vain.

One of the bearded men dragged the chair to sit and its screeching sound almost made her ears bled. She tried to cover her ears with her thighs, but she could not move much.

The other one was standing with something in his hands, maybe a gun or sword or baton. Both were looking for like beasts and she had just seen her death standing in front of her.

“I am itching to shoot her, after many days have passed, I haven't killed anyone.”

The man sitting on the chair was busy making circles on the floor with his gun ready to shoot.

Then he took the gun point towards his lips and blew the dust from its mouth.

“We can kill you right here, right now but you know what? Shakil has given strict orders that only he will kill this daughter of a bitch.”

He looked at the petite figure laying down on the floor and gave a low growl.

She tried to loosen her hands from the ropes tied around her.

Suddenly the man standing came near to her and gave her a kick on her side thighs brutally and pushed towards the floor more and her face got bruised due to the friction.

She tried to sit back and was wailing out. Her screams could have horrified the hearts if someone heard it but these men did not have hearts or emotions who were busy playing with the lifeless figure in front of them.

“Why are you doing this to me? For God’s sake leave me please. Whatever you want I will give you but please leave.” She cries with a teary face begging for the last chance to survive. She was shaking in fear of death.

The other man suddenly jumped near her and put the gun on her left cheek which made her jump out of her soul.

“Basically, your life is what we want to rip out of your body but what else can we do? Nothing! We have to wait for our commander to appear here! Otherwise, I wouldn't tolerate you till now. You will get punished for what you have done to us. Everyone has to pay for their deeds here in this life only. You will be burnt in hades for this.”

He stood up and laughed creepily after saying this.

The other man joined him too.

Her heart was pounding like anything. She could not understand what she had done to them to make them want to end her life. Her hazel nut eyes were moving fast to concentrate on her past life. She was hoping to remember something that would help her to know why she was facing all of this.

She tried very hard, but nothing came up in her dizzy brain to connect with all of this.

With the energy she had gathered, she sat back and licked the floating blood from her mouth.

“Who are you?”

She annoyingly asked. Her voice was still filled with fear of getting hit by them again.

They turned to her after hearing her faint voice. One of them moved further to answer.

Before anyone could say something, the door opened again with a thunderous sound.


She was squeezing inside her soul in horror.

She closed her eyes like counting her last breath to be taken out at any moment.

A big, tall figure entered the room. His eyes were darker than the night and face was creepy.

He was wearing loose track pants and a fitted t-shirt paired with a baggy jacket.

“So, you want to know who we are? Huh?”

He sat in front of her with one leg folded and putting the gun on her forehead.

With gritted teeth he looked in her eyes throwing fire balls towards her.

“You should have known this before killing Kazeem,” his eyes became darker and red with anger.

Suddenly their eyes locked in a gaze and were frozen there in a few moments.

They both felt some kind of connection between them but failed to understand.

Chapter 2 Achievers of the year Award

Takisha didn’t understand why there was a spark that she felt in her heart while seeing his eyes. Her heart was racing out and she started fearing something. Her heart and brain started the battle, and she was not able to decide or trust them at all.

On the other hand, the man narrowed his eyes to understand the feeling as well but masked the emotion swiftly and removed his gun from her forehead. The reverie of her eyes put a spell on him which stopped him from what he could have done till now.

He suddenly got up with a jerk and called the other two men waiting for his next order.

“Bring some food for her and keep your eyes on her for twenty-four hours. She should not die. Else the big boss won’t leave us.”

After saying this he put his gun back into his waist and strode out of the room.

She was still shaking like a lamb sitting in the corner.

“God knows what magic she did on him, that was why he stopped. If she was my task, I would have shot he


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