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The Coldwell (Training lovers, hunting infidels)

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Vanessa is the youngest of the Coldwells and will be compelled to follow the path for which she was educated. Her family is no ordinary family; it mostly comprises women, with the exception of her brother, Darius. The women of the Coldwell family are trained to become excellent lovers, capable of driving men to madness. These men are carefully chosen for various reasons, and the girls are assigned different missions. Vane's debut is approaching, and her first target is a highly influential businessman, Dante Damasco, an attractive man who belongs to a family of Italian mafiosos residing in the United States. She will have to win him over, make him fall in love, and then discard him. In doing so, he will pay for everything he has done in the past. Can Vane achieve this? Her greatest challenge will be not to fall in love, especially in her first assignment. This story will weave a series of intrigues around them, and our protagonists will find themselves immersed in romance, love, hatred, and a great deal of passion. These emotions will not only involve them but also affect other members of the Coldwell and Damasco families.

Chapter 1 Millionaire Trophy

The family gathering was in full swing in the luxurious garden of the Coldwell mansion. Vanessa listened in horror as her cousins boasted about their sexual conquests with married men.

Men they made go mad with desire, and then discarded like old rags, but not before causing them to divorce their wives. They did it just for fun, as an added bonus to their job.

"Did you hear the latest news in the media? Sara managed to get Michael to divorce Monica. That fifth-rate actress got what she deserved, and the best part is that our dear cousin is about to leave the guy high and dry," Marianne delighted in sharing the scoop.

"That means our beautiful cousin will soon change her target. If she's forced him to divorce, it's because she's grown bored. The man no longer arouses her desires. That's what happens to men when they give in to their baser instincts," Katrina knew Sara very well, which allowed her to predict her behavior accurately.

Vanessa watched one girl after another, not daring to open her mouth. She didn't like the way her family behaved. Her grandmother, her mother, and her aunts held liberal views. From them, the girls had learned that men were only good for two things: the bedroom and emptying their wallets.

They carefully chose their victims, thoroughly researching them. They had an implicit code: they would only approach a man and his wife if they deemed them deserving. In the wealthy atmosphere, there were many couples they considered trash. Occasionally, scorned women would approach them, seeking their help in seeking revenge. They would only accept after studying the case in detail.

None of the girls had children, nor did they plan to until the time came when they should. They wanted to travel and enjoy their bodies. They were all voluptuous and physically beautiful, thanks to the expensive surgeries their continuous lovers had paid for.

The Coldwell mansion, owned by Vanessa's mother, was a place of constant gatherings. It caught the attention of many to see beautiful women stepping out of luxury cars.

"Vane, it's time for us to teach you what we've learned over the years. Our numerous lovers have been excellent teachers when it comes to s*x. We will start the classes next week. You know that it is the duty of the more experienced to train the younger ones. You have turned eighteen, it's time."

"Oh my God! Just listen to yourselves. Are you being serious?" Vanessa dared to speak up. She felt annoyed, as her cousins wanted to decide for her.

“More seriously than ever, darling, we have talked to your mother, she completely agrees, you should prepare yourself to take advantage of your body, we won't allow you to fall in love so that a man can come and make fun, use you, and then throw you away.” Katrina wouldn't allow that, under any circumstances.

“Wait, girls, we'll talk about that later, I have to finish telling you what happened with our cousin and Michael, if I don't tell you, my tongue will be eaten.” Marianne felt anxious to finish telling the story.

“Alright, then, we're listening.” Katrina shook her head from side to side, Marianne was hopeless.

“Sara gave Michael an ultimatum about the divorce, either he asked for it from his wife or he had to forget about her. He promised to find the right moment, but our cousin, who is already crazy to beat him up, investigated which day Michael would go to the club with his wife. When he saw her, he followed her to the bathroom, she had previously sent him a message through an employee, and in the same way she sent a note to his wife.”

“Don't tell me she found them together?” Vane couldn't help but ask, she was also curious.

“Exactly that, the woman entered the dressing room, found her husband enjoying Sara's breasts, our cousin had her amazing breasts exposed.”

“That man, upon seeing his wife, must have felt like his Adam's apple was about to run away, ha, ha, ha.” Katrina definitely hated men, even though she enjoyed them.

“Sara asked one of her friends to hide and record the moment, as soon as she sends me the video I will show it to you.”

“They shouldn't enjoy other people's suffering.” Vane thought that sooner or later her cousins would face all the harm they had done.

“Just be quiet, little one, and let us enjoy this. Imagine, Michael asked for a divorce right there. She ran out of there. Sara called me this morning. Monica has filed for divorce. Michael's pride was hurt when he saw everything that the fourth-rate actress is demanding from him.”

“Ufff, it won't be long before all of that comes out in the media. It would benefit Monica. She would look like the poor woman deceived by her husband. She will try to bring Sara down.” Katrina worried about what could happen to her cousin.

“That's where we come in. We will let her know that if she dares, we will post everything she has been doing on all social media platforms. She will regret pretending to be a saint. While she has risen to where she is by destroying marriages, she is a gold digger with a salary. Apparently, the woman is devastated. She didn't count on this. Besides being unfaithful, Michael is incredibly charming, and Monica should have anticipated that this would happen. Remember, we don't go for ugly men. Handsome and wealthy men are our motto. They are our most prized trophies.”

"Going back to your situation, dear Vane, we have been looking at several prospects. We carefully study who will be worthy of receiving your contempt once you have him eating out of your hand. The man who will take your virginity must be very handsome and interesting, a true Adonis, so you can enjoy him. It will also be your trial by fire, the challenge you will face will be to avoid falling in love."

Vanessa listened to them with wide-open eyes. She had dreamed of giving her first time in a romantic setting to the man of her dreams, and there were her cousins choosing who would be the first.

Her family was different, the most different of all. She thought about putting her cousins in their place, but her mother approached at that moment. Celine was a beautiful blonde, with huge blue eyes and a well-formed body. The Coldwell women seemed to defy the years; time seemed to stand still for them at a certain age.

"Have they already told you? I hope they have. Your debut is coming soon, daughter. You will have to make us proud. You are the youngest of all, so I expect a lot from you. Don't disappoint me. Tomorrow, there will be a formal meeting here at the mansion, and all will come, and we will choose your fate," Celine informed her.

"We'll have to throw a big party. Finally, you will be one of us. You will no longer be a virgin, which hinders us. You don't have to worry. We will all take care of you," Katrina, the oldest among the cousins, was protective of all of them. She was like a guard dog when someone tried to harm them, which was very common in what they considered their line of work.

"You will have your first trophy, daughter." The women of Coldwell celebrated each time one of them completed her work. Once they finished, they were given a golden trophy made of pure gold with a small diamond on the front.

"Soon, you'll have as many trophies as the rest of us. You are very beautiful, and you will achieve whatever you set your mind to. Just don't be foolish," Marianne advised. The girl felt proud of all the trophies she had earned. It was as if the Coldwell women had a silent competition among themselves.

"Mom, I don't want to do this. I want to study, fall in love, just like normal women do."

"Don't challenge me, Vanessa. You are a Coldwell, and as such, you must behave accordingly. You know you are either with us or against us, and I will not allow you to be one of those silly girls who suffer. I already went through that with your father.

Vanessa decided to remain silent. It was in her best interest not to challenge her mother. She walked away, holding back the tears that threatened to betray her. She ran to her grandmother's bedroom and sought refuge in her arms.

"Grandma, why is my mother like this?"

"My dear, this tradition began several generations ago, to be precise, three generations ago. We were women who suffered and were deceived, but, unlike you, we already had children. Fortunately, they were women, as all women in Coldwell should have. children. at a certain age. If any of them have a boy, they will give him up for adoption. It is much better now because they can undergo a treatment that will ensure they have girls. Your mother was like you, a dreamer and romantic, and your father ended up cheating on her . That's how she agreed to join us, on the condition that we would accept your brother. He is the only male in the Coldwell family. Like all members of this family, you only carry your mother's surname. Your job brother. "It is procreating, procreating without getting married."

Vanessa felt sorry for her brother; She had a heavy burden on her shoulders and her life was also planned. They would choose the ideal woman for him to have children, but without falling in love with her. For now he was still young and had been sent to study and prepare. He had already turned 24 and it was time for him to return and start working with them, with the goal of pursuing relationships with women.

They had a rather peculiar life. Vanessa was a nervous wreck; At the next family meeting her fate would be decided. She wished she could disappear or hide. She sighed deeply before falling into a deep sleep next to her grandmother. As she arrived that day, she would continue dreaming of meeting the man of her dreams and falling in love.

Chapter 2 Choosing the target for Vane

The next day, in the afternoon, after lunch, all the Coldwells met. There were nine women present: the grandmother, her three daughters, and her five granddaughters, including Vane. Only Darius was missing, who would arrive the next day.

The women met in the large hall of the property, which was where they held all their meetings. Grandma Greta walked over to the big screen in front.

After turning it on, the image of a man's face appeared, and all the women focused their attention on that image, except Vane, who was absorbed in her cell phone without looking up.

"Girl, for the love of God, pay attention. At least give us your opinion. Is there anyone among them that you are attracted to?"

"Will you even consider my opinion? Won't you be the one to choose which man will get between my legs?"

"Enough! Vanessa Coldwell, you have grown up and been educated among women, except your brother. That is why you have no idea how


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