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The ceo´s proposal

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For Bianca Spencer, overcoming the humiliating truth of her fiancé leaving her at the altar for loving another woman, is something impossible to achieve because everyone sees her with pity, without a job and unable to continue her studies, she had to look for a job to help her mother but an accident made her meet again the man who days ago called her a beggar, making a proposal that would take her to the beginning of her problems since it will make the sensual and cruel tycoon realize that the girl he she once called a beggar she may also have feelings but can Bianca be reciprocated without getting hurt again?

Chapter 1

Bianca was still devastated by the abandonment of her fiancé, not even a month had passed since he left her at the altar, but not before confessing that he did not love her and that he had fallen in love with her neighbor Trying to return to her life from before when she was single, she looked for a job all over the city but always at sunset, she arrived at her mother's house with no hope of any decent job since in most large and small companies they asked her to at least be an intern. university But her day, especially today, was detestable for her since one of the businessmen who was leaving collided with her causing the little money she had left to be wasted when it slipped from her hands when colliding with her, when she He approached, she thought he would apologize to her when he turned back, but the words that came out of his mouth made her feel humiliated. —Watch where you're going, beggar, go ask somewhere else, you're in the way!" —Honey, aren't you going to eat?" —Bianca comes out of her memories —Are you sure nothing bad happened? Bianca smiles sadly. —I'm fine. I just feel tired. She —she murmurs while she watches her plate with food served, out of nowhere she felt nauseated, without taking it anymore she ran to the bathroom. Her mother, worried about her for her, followed her —You can… Her mother was anguished since for days she has not eaten anything and she is always tired "Bianca, you're not pregnant…are you?" Bianca stands up and washes her face and mouth while she looks at her mother in the mirror, her question only made her worry more since she was also thinking about it a lot and she believed that she did. was —No. I'm just like this because of all the misfortunes that have happened to me, do you think it's easy? The man I loved abandoned me and made me drop out of my scholarship because he said he didn't need it. —Annoyed and hurt she throws the towel over the toilet —Then she stands me up on our wedding day telling me that she loves our neighbor. —I know it's not easy… "I'll go to my room, I promise I'll be fine." Maybe tomorrow I'll find a job as a waitress. Her mother accepts her answer and believes her words, but Bianca slowly collapses because she did not want to be pregnant by someone who brings back bitter memories that become torments at night. —Good. Her,” she murmurs, seeing the restaurant that had posted an ad for a waitress, “Please God, don't leave me now. She closes her eyes and inhales deeply, she had managed to get the job and she would start at night, Bianca was so excited that she didn't realize that the traffic light was red and she crossed the street, hearing a horn approaching quickly, she turned around and everything happened in a flash. second for her, the impact she received left her unconscious and blood began to flow from her nose and from between her legs —Sh*t! —Eros was in the hospital where they treated the girl he just ran over, he was so immersed in his thoughts that when he saw Bianca it was too late to stop —From one problem to another, it can't be! .. —No one saw anything, no one saw me, so no problem" He wanted to make sure that he hadn't killed her or else he would suffer many consequences that would get out of hand. But he was sure that she was alive since she stopped even though she did so very late. —Any word on the woman who came in an hour ago?" —Are you related to her?" —Something like that. — She answers — is she alive? —Yes, but apparently she was pregnant and she lost the baby… "It must be a f*ck*ng joke"... She wasn't even paying attention to what the nurse was saying, Eros interrupted her asking if he could come in to see her, she told him that she had to tell him exactly what relationship she had with Bianca so Eros lied when he said that they were starting to leave her. —Don't worry, she will recover in time and she will be able to get pregnant again. Eros understood her words since a few seconds ago he told her that they were starting to come out of her. When he saw her on the stretcher, he felt guilty about her since she lost the baby because of him. Upon entering he saw that she had her head bandaged, but she was awake "She's strong." —You? Eros felt confused and wondered if she saw him before the accident. "Are you here to call me a beggar again?" —Beggar?" Eros reminded the girl that she looked like a beggar, he had spoiled her outfit with sauce from what he was carrying on his hands and that's why he had to delay his meeting with new clients and something that made him look like a late man. . —Surely you come to make fun of me, long. For Eros, not knowing who he was, favored him so he felt calmer. —Don't be ungrateful, if I'm here it's because I remembered you when I saw you on my way out and I felt a little bad for the way I treated you that day. —Bianca was surprised by her words —So I wanted to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to a job interview when you feel better. —Oh really? Bianca looks at the man who was a meter from her stretcher, she did not expect him to have a kind side. —I'll leave you my card, when you feel better, call me and I'll interview you personally, just... try to look more... decent. Her smile fades, but Eros's was still flawless and seductive. Going out and getting into her car, she decided to change her color. Upon arriving at her residence, he noticed that there was a coat on the rack. So you're going to follow me everywhere. —She said when she saw her father. She notices that she is holding something in his hands. "I suppose it's an invitation." —Melisa is getting married in the summer. —Good for her. —Eros murmurs unimportantly —What is surprising is that he invited you… “Actually, this one is for you. He makes a disgusted face. "Listen, we gave you a chance to make your life with her, but your decision to… —Do not interfere in my life or I will forget that you are my father, besides, you are not the one to give me life lessons, so... I ask you to leave my house and let me rest because today I am not in the mood . Bianca's emotion was notorious since she did not expect that she would get something good out of her bad day, when her mother arrived at the hospital she smiled to reassure her, but her mother did nothing but worry —I'm fine. She whispered taking his hand. —How do you ask me that… these injuries from a filthy job. —Bianca's mother notices that her daughter is staring at a card —What is that? Bianca explains what had happened before and what happened after the accident, her mother takes the card momentarily “I think it was my destiny to be here mom. You see, he apologized to me and said that he would take care of me personally, it's a good thing, don't you think? "Are you sure that was why?" —Why else would it be? She surely came to see someone since he said that he saw me when he was going out. —Bianca smiles excited because she had a guaranteed job. "And here I thought he was a jerk." Her mother smiles and kisses her forehead since the only thing that mattered to her was knowing that she was okay. After a week passed, Bianca called Eros and after telling him that he would see her in the afternoon in her office, she got ready, she dressed better to make a good impression. She didn't tell her mother anything about the baby she lost and neither did her doctor since she begged her not to tell him anything, she didn't want to worry her more than she already was. —Please, do not get distracted when crossing the pedestrians. —I promise you. Saying goodbye to her mother, she took a taxi, an hour later, she was in front of the imposing empire of the Ainsworth family, they gave her a visitor's card and took her to the president's office, she was surprised when she entered, her office even had a small garden with comfortable sofas and a table overlooking the city, where Eros was when Bianca arrived. —Mister… She raises her hand and tells her to come closer, the secretary leaves the office and leaves them alone, Bianca felt nervous as she felt intimidated by the intense gaze of the man who was a meter away from her. "I'll get to the point," she said emphatically. "There are no vacancies in these companies for you." —As? —Bianca's emotion fades —But she told me that?... —I would interview you and attend you personally, not give you a job. Bianca felt even more humiliated since he had mocked her by making her go to her company and spend her money for nothing. —But I have a proposal for you, one that ensures your studies are fully paid for and a comfortable life until you graduate from university. —"I have nothing to lose" —Give birth to my son.

Chapter 2

—It has gone mad?! Bianca gets up indignant from her place to leave since it was evident to her that he was only making fun of her, she felt more humiliated than she did what she could not to burst into tears in front of him, but when she turned her back on him she felt the tears They threatened to leave. —Think about my proposal, I've only told you part of it, if you accept I can tell you the rest when you call me —Eros approached her and smiled forcibly —Good night. When she arrived at her house, her mother received her. When she saw her daughter, she felt relieved that she had arrived safely, the nights are not safe, that's what she said. She asks her daughter how she has fared, but Bianca is sad and disappointed that she doesn't have the courage to tell her mother what happened. —It's not… what I expected, so I declined what he offered me." Her mother did not want to pressure her so she told her that she knew if the decision was correct, Bianca ate littl


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