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The Billionaire's Revenge

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Unlike other children who grew up with their parents, Williams smith was an exception. His mother, who was the only parent he met when he came into this world, was murdered in cold blood while he was much younger. He was the only witness to her death and had barely escaped from the murderers. The incident was reported at the police station but the case was closed in a short while. Seeing how much power the murderers had to have even bribed the police, Williams smith sought power, and after 10 years when he had become a billionaire, he came back to his hometown to seek his revenge. While he was still at it, he met and fell in love with Ava Claire, a practicing medical doctor who was sent to be his doctor since he had a psychological illness that came up every once in a while. Little did he know that her dad was the perpetrator of his mother's murder. What happened after he found out? Did he continue with his taste for revenge or did he let love prevail? Find out the aftermath of "The billionaire's revenge, it took a wrong turn".

Chapter 1

"Quickly, call doctor Dave" Mr. Anderson, who was Willam's Smith right arm man, ordered the butler."what? Is the alarm ringing again? It has just been two days since the last doctor visited him. Why is he showing the signs again?" The butler asked as she quickly called the doctor." Where are you now, doctor? Can you come over to the house immediately? The alarm has started ringing" the butler said as soon as the doctor answered the call. She was shivering in fear and wished that nothing bad happened to Mr. Willam's Smith who was the owner of the house and her boss.After his mother died years ago, Mr. Willam was the only survivor of his family which is addressed as the Smith family. He was diagnosed with sickness. It was a heart disease that he constantly received treatment for as it refused to go entirely. From then till now he is 29 years old and has become a billionaire, he s still suffering from the illness which constantly reoccurs after some time, and each time it does, the next thing that happens to him is that he becomes unconscious meantime till he becomes stable and because no one knows when this could happen, they had the doctor install an alarm on him which he wears about as a watch and which alerts them on when the sickness was about shooting up for them to take care of him. And today, just like the other times that the sickness shot up, the alarm had started to ring again.He was in his study room looking over some files which he had asked Mr. Anderson, his assistant and right-arm man, to bring over to him. Suddenly, the alarm started to ring and Mr. Anderson ran up to ask the butler to call his doctor.In the next 30 minutes, doctor Dave landed at the house and went over to check on him after which he administered some medicine to him and gradually, his heart began to stabilize again." What was he doing when this happened?" Doctor Dave asked." He was working," Mr. Anderson replied." Working? Did he take his medicine today and did he eat well at all today?" Doctor Dave asked." I don't know since I haven't been here since morning. Let me ask the butler and the maids" Mr. Anderson replied." Don't bother them. I'm fine now, right? Is there still a need for all that? ``William Smith asked, having gotten himself back a little bit." You didn't take your medicine? Or else, you shouldn't stop us from enquiring about that from the butler and the maids" Mr Anderson asked." You shouldn't do that again. You are still able to recover fast at this point because the heart disease hasn't reached its peak yet. And I would warn you not to ever skip your medicine or your meals. They have been what has been holding you up till this moment and if you start to skip them now, I wonder what will become of you one day. You might fall into a coma" Doctor Dave reprimanded looking sternly at Williams." I haven't skipped it before, it's just today that I did so," Williams replied." You should never do it again. It's risky" Doctor Dave replied as he finished administering medicine to him and started to pack his bag." You should have like three to four hours of rest before you can do anything" Doctor Dave added." What? Three to four hours of rest? I have a lot on my table to do. I'm not sure I have that kind of time to rest" Williams replied." Very well then, you can go ahead and do whatever you want to do and maybe when you die, you can continue with the work in the afterlife." Doctor Dave replied as he carried his bag and zoomed off.He was so p*ss*d off. Never since his five years of work as a doctor had he seen a patient like Mr. Willams who prefers work over his health. It is so difficult to deal with a patient like that. He is so stubborn. Why would he have a doctor when he won't even listen to him? This was quite stressful. His only consolation is that he pays him well more than he should even be paid for the services he renders to him.As soon as he left, Willams chuckled. He hates this condition of his health so much more than even those people that had killed his mother back then and that was because the sickness was a stumbling block to him. It kept drawing him back each time he wanted to move forward.He had a great resolution in his heart to find out about those people who had killed his mother.He wasn't aware of who his father was since his father died a month after his birth so he knew nothing about his father and only grew up with his mother who single-handedly trained him until her demise.That night was the greatest nightmare for him and a memory he wished had never happened.That night, his mother had finished sending him off to sleep when three masked men broke into their house.He was asleep when he started to hear some unpleasant noises and by the time he woke up and headed toward the parlour, it was already too late. Lo and behold, his mother was lying in the pool of her blood.He looked over only to see the three masked men who by now were approaching him." Aah!! Here he comes! Your mother loved you so much to death that she had to lie to us that you were not at home just to save your life. But too bad, here you are. We have to finish you off now before you tell us out." One of the men let out at the sight of him.

Chapter 2

No! !!! He wasn't going to let himself be killed as well. If he allows that, it would only mean that his mum's effort at saving him was in vain and he wouldn't be able to pay those men back for what they have done. So without thinking further, he jumped out of the window and ran as never before. He didn't even turn back or stop at any point.He just kept running and running till he wasn't able to continue due to exhaustion and so he fell and fainted.By the time he regained consciousness, he found himself in an unfamiliar place and he was lying on the bed. Just as he moved his body and tried to stand up, he was stopped."You can't do that now. Your leg is so weak and just recovering" the person who had stopped him said as he quickly looked up only to see a middle-aged woman sitting across him on the bed."Who are you? And where are mine? How did I get here?" Willams asked, his eyes poppi


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