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The billionaire's misfortune

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Young is a handsome young billionaire who lives in California. He owns several real estates in the state. Young was an arrogant man and had no interest in people than himself, he did not party or go to clubs but knew how to treat a woman by lavishing all his cash on them. Young was gradually going bankrupt and was at the point of losing everything and at that point in his life, his girlfriend Rita broke up with him and went after another rich billionaire, Clark. On Young's way from a big game at the basketball stadium, he encounters Ela, a beautiful young lady who had worked with numerous big companies, and he immediately falls for her. After numerous failed attempts towards her, Young makes some advances, and she agrees for just one date. They both arrived at an expensive restaurant where Young tells her about himself, and she also does the same, later after hours of sharing a good time together, Young kisses her and she embraces him. Ela calls Young after ignoring him for days and tells him how she feels about him, and he does the same, he asks if they could date and she agrees.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1I was sitting in the front of my office while my firm proprietor were discussing an issue that had just escalated.I was not even concerned about it, all I was doing was staring at their faces. It was like they were speaking a language I did not understand.I got tired and exited my office, I had no interest in whatever they were discussing, mine was just the money.I was a partner with several companies in California and was a big time real estate owner.Likewise, I never really took their conversations seriously, all I was contributing to our partnership was funds while I got paid with money in return.As I walked into the parking lot and was about getting into my Lamborghini, Alvarez called for me.I knew he was calling me concerning money and I wanted him to get out from my way, but I could not just kill the man.“What the hell does he want”, i muttered to myself and faked a whole scenario.“Sir”, he pants after running, “We have just discovered some strange analysis concerning our earnings”, Alvarez uttered.“Is that so”, I replied, trying to prolong my time with him. His words were confusing, and I was already getting bored from all his talks, so I proceeded into my car with the door opened.“I don't have much time here, make it quick, I have something important to attend to”, I said with a frown.Alvarez noticed and concluded his discussion. “Like I was saying, you need to manage how you spend your money, one of these days, you might end up broke”. His words drove me into anger and while he was still talking, I slammed the door against him and zoomed off, giving him the fingers.I was not even bothered about what he was saying, all I was bothered about was making money and having some good time with my girlfriend Rita.As my Lamborghini accelerated through the asphalt road, I tilted to my side and glimpse at the beautiful city of California. Some people sighted me and waved at me, while some young ladies screamed.I was very popular here in California and was ranked the number one richest billionaire and was even featured in some playboy magazines due to my lavishing lifestyles.My name is Young, I am California's number one richest billionaire, I don't party or do clubbing, all I care about is money.I lived alone in my mansion while Rita, my girlfriend, visits me often. As I arrived at my mansion, I pulled over at my garage and headed into my $100million dollar mansion.I lived alone and find workers to be annoying, I never actually liked living with some bunch of people and calling them workers, I find it to be away of slavery.I came from a black ancestry background but was fair in complexion, my parents and my younger one's lives in Britain, and we merely talk because I never actually find having a family to be encouraging.For somebody like me, I had to work every day and night to be what I am now.As I laid on my long sofa, my phone rang, and it was Alvarez, “D*mn, what does this *ssh*l* want”, I said to myself.“Hello”, I merely said much, but Alvarez was like a talking machine, before I could yell at him and cut the call, he had already dropped the bombshell on me.“Sir, it's about your investment, things have gone bad sir, you are going bankrupt”, Alvarez's words struck me like a bullet, I could not even utter a word as my phone slipped off my hands.“What, how is that possible, why did you think I hired you all there, your job is to make sure none of this happens and yet, you fail”, I yelled, “What can you say for yourself”, I added.Alvarez left me speechless as he was mute for a while before saying, “I was about telling you when you zoomed off on me, I thought you knew about it”.“Whoa, that's nice, this idiot thought I was aware”, I muttered to myself as I was losing control of my sanity from where I sat.D*mn, so is this how I end up, getting broke and losing all my years of investment. I knew that all those words of encouragement were bull sh*t, but I was not going to be left broke without gaining anything.I sighed and composed myself not to give out any bad vibe, “What are the board saying about this”, I asked sitting comfortable on my sofa.“We just need you to invest another million”, Alvarez uttered.I chuckled, “So you want me to invest again after going bankrupt”, I said.I was not planning to go bankrupt neither was I planning to waste another million on what might backfire, I was not planning to be the laughingstock of the public after losing my title of number one richest billionaire.So, I took the risk out of pride and asked him, “How much should I invest”.Alvarez sighed, “Just $100million dollars sir, I know you can contribute it sir”.I sighed in relief, I thought it would be a billion dollars, there is nothing I could not handle, I could donate hundreds of millions to charity but not a billion. I was rich, but also a stingy billionaire once it gets to the point of donating billions.This was why I was successful, I never joined the rich during my reigning days, but I preferred to collide with those I can oppress with my money.“That is not the problem, I would settle it right away”, I hanged the call and kept my fingers busy for a while with my phone performing the transaction.“Done”, I uttered with my legs on my sofa while staring at my television, I could only imagine what life would have become of me if I had gone broke.At this point in my life, I was at the edge of losing everything, including my million-dollar mansion. If my investment had gone bad, the company would fall and leave me to pay over billions of dollars in debt, and I was not so stupid to be played.Thanks to money, I was able to hire my personal assistant Alvarez from Spain, if it wasn't for him, I would have gone bankrupt.“Bang”, I heard a loud knocking on my door and proceeded towards opening it.*Clanking sounds.As I opened it, it was Rita, my girlfriend. I made advances towards hugging her, but a word left me speechless.“We are done”.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2. “What”, I uttered glancing at her with a confused look on my face, “I don't understand you”, I stammered reaching for her, but she tips my fingers off her body.“I can't stay in a relationship with you, am sorry we could not work out”, Rita said, looking away from me with a disappointed look.I detected that something was wrong somewhere because Rita and I were so close that we even planned of getting married.But it wasn't going to work if she was going to leave, I wanted to know why she was leaving me and for what reason.As I was about asking, I heard a familiar voice traveling through my eardrums, at first, I thought my eardrums were deceiving me until I sighted the face of the godforsaken bastard.“Babe, what's taking you so long”, Clark asked, adjusting his glasses.He even had the guts to park his latest Bugatti on my front porch and donned on Fend.For me, it was mockery, and I was getting angry by just

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