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The Billionaire's Hidden Desires

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Not every love story is a fairytale journey. Specially when Destiny has its plan to play a game to see how much could you go through, for being with your lover forever. Christian Grayson, 25 years old, handsome hunk having attractive personality. He is a just like a charming prince any girl would love to easily fall for. But his hidden dark secrets are something that no one is aware of except one person, Samson Matthews. The person Christian hates from the bottom of his heart. Samson Matthews, 27 years old CEO, the hottest billionaire and the most eligible bachelor in town. His consistent hardwork and firm determination made him to reached the zenith of success. He came back in Christian's life as his boss after being disappeared from Christian's life suddenly when he needed him the most. Will Christian accept him as his Boss or quit from the job? What would Samson do when he came to know that Christian needs a huge amount of money but for his wife, Bella? Will he help him through this process? Why Samson came back in his life after so many years? Is his sudden appearance in Christian's life to take some revenge or is there any dark secret waiting for you all ? Join their twisted love story and get ready to enjoy the roller coaster ride of their love journey. From being enemy to lovers, destiny played a beautiful cupid game with them but only to make their journey difficult, only to see their intensity of love. Follow me on Insta " author_anjali" to stay connected with the latest updates of my stories.

Chapter 1

Somewhere the sky was ablaze with the fire of setting sun. The night sky was aglow with bright city lights. Everyone was busy enjoying their weekends with family, friends and lovers. Some people choose the famous Ramada Hotel to spend their evening where a guy was sitting at center of the stage on the chair having a guitar in his hand and singing songs while playing the guitar melodiously.

Everyone present there at the hotel were enjoying his melodious voice and having their delicious dinner with family and friends.

Everyone was so engrossed in eating and enjoying there that no one notices the person who was singing continously for three hours. The pain in his voice, the sadness on his face was disregarded by everyone there but his friend John.

After the song was over everyone started clapping for him and then again got immersed in eating and talking with their near and dear ones.

As now the shift of Christian was finally over. He took his guitar to go from there. And the curtains get closed waiting for some other artist to get open again.

When Christian came out, he took out his water bottle to have some water as he was really very thirsty. After drinking one water bottle he felt relieved. When he was packing his stuff to get out from this work and ready to go for his next part time job suddenly John came their with worried expression on his face.

"Why are you continuously working Christian? Just look at your face dear... You haven't slept for more than 3 hours in the last few months. If you continue to work like this continously without any break soon I would find you on a hospital bed.", John told Christian with serious worried expressions for him.

" You knew I need lots of money on urgent basis and there is no one from my family, relatives and friends that would help me with such a big amount. But I could not give up like this. So for collecting that huge sum I am working continuously. Somewhere as a waiter, somewhere singing at the hotels, somewhere teaching students, somewhere as the watchman and yes I am trying and searching for some other part time jobs too. As I have very less amount of time to collect a huge amount of money. ", Christian replied to John smilingly sadly.

" But Christian you know Health is important too. If you do not look at it first and get sick then do you even think how will you manage to collect this huge amount of sum. ", John replied back to Christian.

"I did not mind it John seriously. Even if I die while working because there is no one out there to love me, to care for me dude.", Christian replied with pain in his eyes.

"Then for whom you are working so hard bro? For whom you want to collect such a big amount of money?", John asked confused.

"For my wife, Bella.", Christian replied back making John shocked and he left from there without looking back.

John was standing there with his own chain of thoughts and unanswered questions in his mind while seeing Christian's retreating figure.


Christian was walking on the road to reach his next place of work as he could not take a cab for it. It would take so much money and he was in no mood of spending money on him as it would be a waste for him.

While walking his eyes went to a child who was continuously crying for a cotton candy to his mother and his mother was in no mood to fulfil his wish anytime soon.

The scene in front of his eyes made him flew in the past memories where someone was requesting for a Cotton candy too with pleading eyes to someone. And that someone was also in no mood of fulfil his wish just like the mother of that child.

Christian came out from his past memories and a lone tear escape from his left eye. He wipe away them immediately and reached towards them.

"Hey! Little kido why are you crying dear?", Christian asked the child pulling out his cheeks.

"I want my mumma to buy that Cotton candy for me. But as I did not completed my homework yesterday she was upset with me for that and was not talking to me so she was not going to fulfil my wish.", The child replied back with his puppy eyes.

"Aww, what is your name baby?", Christian asked to the child again.

"DEREK", the child replied blowing his hairs that were on his face covering his eyes.

Christian smiled looking at the baby's style and his cuteness.

"Okay, I will bought one for you. But you have to promise me that from now onwards you will do your homework regularly without forgetting on time and whatever you Mother says to you, you will obey her orders properly. You know Derek, she is your mother baby and whatever is good for you she would do for you but in return you should obey your mother's decision so that you won't have to regret in future. ", Christian told Derek.

Derek tried to understand what Christian wanted to convey him through his talking . He was thinking something deeply.

" I got you Uncle. What you are trying to say and I pinky promise you that from now onwards I will try to make my mumma happy with doing my homework daily.", Derek replied smilingly.

Christian smiled at Derek's gesture and bought the cotton candy for him.

Derek's mother was listening to their conversation and she thank you Christian through her eyes and took out money for the cotton candy Christian bought for his child.

"It is okay Ma'am you do not need to pay for it. I love kids so it is not required Ma'am. Infact, I love that I could make him smile through this.", Christian told the lady.

"Thank you very much once again. May God bless you with lots of love, happiness and success.", Derek's mother told Christian smilingly and took his son from there.

Christian went numb there after listening to what the lady said few minutes ago. Love and happiness are something that his life would never allow him to feel in his life again.

Lost in his own thoughts he was walking silently on the roads when his eyes went to the newspaper stall. His movements stopped for a moment when he saw a vacancy notification on one of the newspaper pages. He started reading the vacany details and his face lit up with a genuine big smile.


"Hello Boss. There is a good news waiting for you.", Someone on the call told to his boss.

"Leo, do not go round and round. Just come to the point straight forward. You know very well that I do not like this kind of behaviour. I hired you as I found your detective agency as one of the best detective agency in the town. But every time you had disappointed me from the last two years. ", His boss told him angrily.

" But Boss this time you won't be disappointed by me again. As I have told you earlier that I have a good news for you. ", Leo replied back happily.

" What? Really? Do not say you are just kidding because I am in no mood of this. And I will make sure to get you punished if this time also your news went wrong like other times. ", His boss told Leo.

" I am pretty much serious this time boss. I have given the vacany advertisement in the newspaper as you have told and guess what even I found out about the person you were trying and searching for so long. I am sending you every details about him. Just check it now and feel proud that you have chosen and believe in our detective agency for your work.", Leo replied happily.

"Okay, if you say so. If this time you have find the right person then I am assuring you that you will not get dissatisfied with the amount of money I would transfer in your bank account. ", His boss told him and cut the call immediately only to check all the details keenly.

The call was cut and Leo was smiling and feeling proud on himself that with the help and coordination of his team mates he was finally able to find the person his boss was searching from so long seriously. It took him two years to get to him. Every time when he was very near to find any clue about this person something went wrong and his mission remained incomplete in between even after trying for so hard. They were working day and night continuously to find any clue about his existence but as we all know what has written in destiny will happened at that perfect time only. Not before , not after, on the perfect moment.

And this was the perfect day, the perfect moment when finally destiny has chosen to bring someone back in Christian's life. And only time would reveal whether it is for Christian's good or for Christian's bad!


Chapter 2

The new day started with new hopes for Christian. This day will decide whether he would be able to grab a decent job for the huge amount of money he required or not! Yesterday, when he came back home after the appointment with Doctor he was really tensed. As the Doctor clearly stated that they wanted to start the treatment as soon as possible and if Christian could not be capable of depositing the amount of money at the right time then that will risk the life of the patient. Christian instantly went to the washroom to do his morning business and then took a quick shower and get ready for the interview because he does not want to be late for it. He collected his important documents and pray to God, to be with him in all his thick and thin and then left his apartment. He believes that First impression is the last impression. Christian took out the piece of paper on which he noted the address of the interview place from the newspaper on the previous d


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