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I try to reach my reader's heart through my stories. Follow me on In$ta @author_anjali to stay updated for my upcoming stories.


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  • Author: Anjali
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

Not every love story is a fairytale journey. Specially when Destiny has its plan to play a game to see how much could you go through, for being with your lover forever. Christian Grayson, 25 years old, handsome hunk having attractive personality. He is a just like a charming prince any girl would love to easily fall for. But his hidden dark secrets are something that no one is aware of except one person, Samson Matthews. The person Christian hates from the bottom of his heart. Samson Matthews, 27 years old CEO, the hottest billionaire and the most eligible bachelor in town. His consistent hardwork and firm determination made him to reached the zenith of success. He came back in Christian's life as his boss after being disappeared from Christian's life suddenly when he needed him the most. Will Christian accept him as his Boss or quit from the job? What would Samson do when he came to know that Christian needs a huge amount of money but for his wife, Bella? Will he help him through this process? Why Samson came back in his life after so many years? Is his sudden appearance in Christian's life to take some revenge or is there any dark secret waiting for you all ? Join their twisted love story and get ready to enjoy the roller coaster ride of their love journey. From being enemy to lovers, destiny played a beautiful cupid game with them but only to make their journey difficult, only to see their intensity of love. Follow me on Insta " author_anjali" to stay connected with the latest updates of my stories.


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