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The Billionaire's Heirs

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Leila had always been the perfect daughter, having great grades and a boyfriend her parents approved of. But why she listened to her friends when they advised her to live a little, she didn't know- because the one night she decided to live a little made her a mother and a wife to someone whose face was a blur in her memory…...Kaden, a young billionaire who was well known for his player ways of living, but at that point was under the pressure to get married. Now, she finds out she was married to a man who came back into her life as a friend, a very good one at that. How does she explain her marriage to anyone who cares to listen or how does she deal with her new life as a married woman at 19 or what decisions does she make that wouldn't ruin her future which unknowingly was going according to someone else's plan?

Chapter 1

Leila's POV- The beginning

The rays of sun permeated through the window, shining directly to Leila's face which made her groan in annoyance and pulled the duvet over her head muttering incoherent words. Using her hands, she searched blindly for her phone which she found minutes later under her covers.

When she succeeded in opening her eyes, she checked the time and it was some minutes to eleven, making her automatically late for her first class. But when she tried to stand up, she fell back again due to a severe headache and she tried to give relief by massaging it with her hands. When she thought it was much better she felt nauseous and she immediately ran to the bathroom to vomit everything she drank yesterday, managing not to fall.

Coming back to the room a bit better than she was before, she noticed her clothes scattered around the strange room.

"Where the f*ck am I?" She asked, as she made attempts to gather her things staggering a little.

The moment she picked up her underwear, it hit her that she was naked.

"Oh my god, what have I done?" She asked again, as she failed to recall the events of the previous day.

She shouldn't have listened to her friends when they asked her to live a little. Running her hand through her braided hair, she tried to recollect anything that could be of use to her present predicament but she couldn't come up with anything reasonable. She became frustrated and angry with herself for being a fool.

When she realized nothing was working, she began to cry silently. The moment she used the back of her hand to clean her tears, she felt something scratch against her skin and when she saw it, she couldn't believe her eyes


Leila knew her life was over, she didn't need a soothsayer for her to know that. She doesn't have any explanation for everything going on right now and she didn't like it one bit.

Pacing around the room, Leila noticed the paper that was placed on the drawer beside the bed and when she picked it up, it read:

"I had the best night, thanks to my darling wife. Rest well and take a shower and breakfast will come at eleven so as not to disturb your beauty sleep...see you soon. See you later.

Your husband


"Are you kidding me?" She cried.

Leila was at a loss as to what to do, so just like the note said she actually took a shower and when she was done, she sat back on the bed not knowing the next step.

First, she wakes up in a strange place and naked for that matter, then she finds out she's married to someone she doesn't even know.

"Did we have s*x?" She thought.

The doorbell rang, making Leila jump back in fear about who was at the door. Tiptoeing to the door, she looked for anything around her that can cause damage in case of danger.

"Who are you?" She asked, holding her high heels more firm and ready for action.

"Room service." The voice answered.

"Was it eleven already?" She asked herself again without getting a response.

"I didn't order anything." She said.

"A call came from here to bring breakfast for eleven." The person answered.

"Okay, come in then." She told the person, as she dropped the heels in her hand and opened the door.

The man pushed a food cart into the room and at the sight of everything there, Leila started salivating and even her stomach growled making her realize how hungry she was.

"Sorry." She smiled embarrassingly at the man.

"It's okay, we were told you'd be very hungry." He said before realizing he'd said too much.

"Can you tell me who said so?" She asked, hoping he would give her an answer.

"I'm sorry miss, I have to go now." He said, rushing out in a hurry.

Deciding not to think much again, she settled for the food and tried to take in the glorious sight before her.

On the cart, there was a variety of food she could choose from but she took the coffee first and it tasted just how she likes it: a white chocolate mocha with enough steamed milk.

It was obvious the person knew her so well, possibly her friends playing pranks on her.

"Why didn't she think of it sooner." She thought and smiled.

She started eating the bacon and eggs alongside her coffee. There were other options, but that was what she felt like eating.

She was going to give her friends a call when she was done with her food, but she also wondered why they hadn't called yet, especially her boyfriend, Shawn. They were all going to be sorry when she laid hands on them later in the day.

Once she was done with the bacon, she became tempted to touch the pancakes as they all looked enticing.

"I'm really hungry." She said to no one.

By one o'clock, she was ready to leave everything in place making sure not to forget anything including the note.

The hangover had reduced greatly, so the brightness of the sun wasn't as bad as it was the first time she woke up. Leila noticed that no one else was outside the door when she came out which made her suspicious.

After so many turns and whatnot, she found her way out of the hotel which turned out to be the biggest hotel in the city: Quantum Hotels. Her friends must have saved a lot to be able to afford the penthouse where she stayed.

The cab she took dropped her in front of the place where she stays in school and using the money she found in her purse, she paid the driver. All she wanted right now was another bath and sleep. She'll deal with her friends later.

Luckily for her friends too, they were not in the room when she opened the door so it was just her. Changing her mind about bathing, the first thing she did was climbing the bed but sleep didn't come instead she kept thinking about everything that happened.

"The note said J, but none of her friends' names started with an J." She thought, bringing out the note to look at it.

"Maybe Naomi used her surname instead." She reasoned.

There were other assumptions, but she'd stick with that because it was way better than the others she had.

With the thoughts of who the person might be if her assumptions were wrong, she fell asleep but something kept telling her that it wasn't her friends.

Chapter 2

Kaden's POV- Guilt

The silence in my office became uncomfortable when I told Levi, my best friend, what happened the previous night and he didn't say anything. Instead he kept looking at me as if I looked different from the last time he saw me.

I didn't know why I was feeling guilty- probably because the girl I'd slept with last night was a virgin or that I gave in to the pressure of getting married from my grandma and actually married the girl.

"What are you going to do now?" Levi asked, after minutes of silence and thinking hard.

"I have no idea. On one hand, I'm married but on the other, I don't know if I did the right thing." I responded.

"You messed everything up by leaving a note….I mean, you have one night stand all the time."

"I know, but she was different. When I saw her lying down the next morning she looked delicate."

"You do know that your grandmother


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