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The Billionaire's Favorite Maid

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"Do you want to lose your job to be my lover who will give you anything you want, or do you want to be just jobless for rejecting me?" Daisy just wants peace in her normal life, until she meets River, the owner of the hotel where she works. A rich and powerful man who, in just one night, could turn Daisy into Cinderella. But instead of being River's lover, Daisy became the big boss's personal maid. The maid who takes care of her handsome master's "most personal" parts. So, what's it like for Daisy to work as River's maid? Was it still as lovely as River had promised when life violently shook him from the highest peak to the lowest bottom?

Empty Relationship

"Look at this! What did your girlfriend buy to spend $73,000 within one hour?"

River, who was focusing on his work, immediately distracted his attention from his monitor as Sean showed his phone in front of his face. River just looked at the spending report from his account for a moment before removing Sean's phone from his face and returning to his job.

"Freya said she would buy some new clothes today," said River while his ten fingers danced smoothly on his keyboard to prepare a proposal worth millions of dollars.

"Buying some clothes? Up to $73,000?!" Sean asked annoyedly. He felt highly irritated as if it was his money being spent, while River, who had to pay for all the money, just nodded his head calmly.

"She seems to be saving my money. Usually, she never buys less than $100,000," said River, which made Sean more and more upset at him.

"Saving? You're saying she's saving just because—Look at this!" Sean shouted while showing his phone screen back to River as a new notification came in. "Your f*ck*ng girlfriend just spent another $45,000! Do you still want to tell if she's being saved, huh? HUH?!"

"She's shopping more than usual." River nodded his head. Even though her girlfriend had just spent $118,000 from his account, it sounded like no burden.

River then stared at Sean. "But why are you so upset? Freya didn't use your money to shop, why are you continuing to annoy like that?"

"Because I am still sane!" Sean spoke in a loud tone. He was not showing any respect at all, even though the person he was facing was his boss.

"Did you not realize that Freya is taking advantage of you right now? She doesn't love you and is willing to have a relationship with you just for your money!" Sean talked angrily, hoping this time he could awaken River from his stupidity.

River looked at his secretary with an astonished look, as if Sean had asked him something ridiculous. "Of course, I know! Do you think I'm so stupid I can't understand that?"

"Ah, so you know? So why do you still want to have a relationship with her?" Sean asked with a loud tone at River. He seemed to try hard to keep his professionalism as a secretary—although earlier, he was very impolite by continuing to speak loudly to River.

"She loves my money, and I like her s*xy body. We give what we have and take what we want. It's a beautiful relationship, so why are you always having a headache about our relationship? Find a girlfriend! If you continue like this, you'll just get upset with other people's relationships like this." River's words made Sean look at him incredulously.

"A beautiful relationship? Hahaha! A beautiful relationship!" Sean laughed cynically. Then he said, "You have to really meet the woman who made you fall in love to know what a beautiful relationship is like. Did you say your relationship with Freya was beautiful? It's just about s*x and money! It is not beautiful at all!"


"Are you not satisfied?"

Freya's gentle voice awakened River from her daydream. In his luxurious room, only illuminated by the light of the bedlight, River stared at Freya in his arms. They'd just gone through a hot s*x session, but the sight of Freya, whose beautiful face and long messy hair were in his arms, made River want her again.

"You never failed to satisfy me, Baby," River whispered with a slow, low sound while his hand blushed Freya's face. By closing her eyes, Freya enjoyed the sensual touch, making River want her even more.

"You have to really meet the woman who makes you fall in love to know what a beautiful relationship is like."

Sean's words suddenly returned to his ears, making River stop moving his finger on Freya's face. During this time, Sean has said many stupid things to him. Still, somehow the man's words about falling in love stayed inherent in his mind and made him unable to stop thinking about it.

"Baby," River called Freya, which Freya answered with a whimper without opening both of her eyes. "Did you ever fall in love?"

"Now," said Freya, opening both of her eyes. Her curved red lips formed a smile as she, with a seductive tone, said, "What do you think we're going through this if not falling in love?"

"I'm not," said River, who made Freya raise her eyebrows. "I am not in love with you. I'm just in love with your body."

If it was another woman, hearing such words could break their heart. But Freya just accepted it with a laugh in the silence of the night.

"It's still love, my dear. You love my body like I love your money. It's something that binds us, and it's love." Freya said it sweetly, making it sound like something real.

"What if my money is out? You won't love me anymore?" River asked, which made Freya look at him confused.

"Before I answer it, explain to me how your money might end up?" Freya challenged him before she laughed again when River was silent because he couldn't answer her question.

"You're not going to run out of your money, and I'm going to make sure that I don't lose my perfect body that makes you love me," said Freya as she climbed out of River's arms. The woman then changed her position on top of River, letting their exposed skin touch each other and reawakening the lust that was almost gone.

"I love you, River," Freya whispered in a very compelling voice. "And it will be forever, my dear."

From the first time he heard Freya express her love, River always knew that the woman had never said it from her heart. But he never bothered with it because he also often expressed love to the woman without his heart feeling it.

But tonight, somehow, Freya's statement of love for him feels more empty than usual. River kept thinking about what caused it, so he couldn't focus on what Freya was doing to his body.

River finally receives the answer, along with Freya's scream, which reaches orgasm on its own. He felt such a great emptiness when Freya confessed her love because, at this moment, he so yearned for pure love while Freya only gave him fake love.

And that made River communicate a decision that just crossed his head to Freya, who was still busy regulating her breath after her formidable orgasm explosion.

"Freya, let's end it all here. I don't want to continue this relationship with you anymore."

Cinderella At The Ball

"Why did you break up with her? Didn't you go crazy about her yesterday? Why did you say you broke up with her now?"

River stopped typing and stared at Sean standing in front of his desk with a strange look. "I think you would be very happy if I broke up with Freya. Why don't you accept that right now?" River wondered.

"Of course! Of course, I would be pleased if you finally returned to your common sense and ended the relationship with that woman. But... Hei! Look at this shit!" Sean didn't continue his speech and shouted aloud while showing his phone to River.

"That mad woman kept calling me and sending me hundreds of messages because she didn't accept your decision. Bro, seriously, can't you end your relationship well so I don't have to be tortured like this?" Sean spoke with fire before turning into a whisper at the end of his sentence.

River took a long breath, wondering why his secreta


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