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The Billionaire's Dutiful Wife

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What will you do when you are forced to marry someone you've never met? First love is always said to never last and so was the case of Daisy when she was forced into a contract of a lifetime with Dave Milton, the son of a billionaire only to discover he got a lover and doesn't wish to take up his role as a husband. With time, she found herself falling for his charms and was stunned to know he was her first love, the mysterious guy behind the wall. But her love story wasn't meant to last as her mother-in-law and Britney, Dave's childhood friend are hell-bound to break them apart. Dave got into an accident which results into memory loss, Daisy is forced to make him recognize her as his wife but the wall between them seems too thick to overcome. Will Dave be able to recognize the wife he's come to love and cherish? What will happen to Daisy when the truth about her identity of not being the true little Miss Smith? Read to find out...

Chapter 1

The room fell silent, Daisy's eyes darted back and forth between her parents in absolute disbelief, eyes threatening to release a river of tears."This can't be, Dad, you are just pulling my legs, right? " Mr Smith's head tilted upwards with a deadpan serious look on, "I should be a fool then for doing that!"Daisy gulped down at the realization her father wasn't playing around, The smooth spot between her brows twisted in displeasure, and the chilling sensation of fear rushed down her spine. She shivers in response.She turns to Mrs Smith, "Mom!??" "There is no joke in this, your father has spoken and so shall it be" came Mrs Smith's words.Daisy felt a hundred thorns piercing her heart as she stared at her parents who are supposed to look after her well-being and happiness doing the exact opposite." So shall it be? " Daisy repeated, tears now streaming down her cheeks."How could you stand there and impose on me whom to spend my life with? You are my parents, aren't parents supposed to look after the happiness of their children? I am your only child for goodness sake! "Mr Smith let out a sigh, "Exactly why we are doing this, We know what's best for you and what will be beneficial to you"Daisy shakes her head in denial, "No, you don't! You've never cared about me. Both you and mom, all you care about is your stupid business! " She yells out in anger" Watch your tongue, child! I won't have you disrespecting your dad" Mrs Smith said over her voice." I won't Mom, never! That's all you guys do anyway and it's the truth. You never celebrate my birthday with me, you never offer five minutes of your time to eat with me as other families do, you never make up time for family outings or whatsoever!""No matter how tough it was, I always tried to understand and kept on hoping it'd be different tomorrow but I was wrong... You never really loved me, and neither do you guys care about me else who won't make me want to marry a random guy I barely know saying it's for my sake and it's beneficial to me...why don't you just go ahead and spill the beans?"Mr Smith stands up in anger, "Daisy!!!" His deep voice vibrates in the living room."I won't have a single word from you, You are going to do as I say and that's final!" Mr Smith walked away, there was no room for bargaining.Daisy turns to her mom who has a pitiful gaze on her, she was broken and hurt by the people she trusted and believed they understood her the most. How could they backstab her so hard that left her helpless and weak?Her head lowers in defeat, tears never stop rolling down her face. She turns and leaves for her room.Mrs Smith on the other hand slumps into the sofa the moment she is left alone, Her heart breaks a thousand times to see her daughter this broken. But most of all, she felt guilty about the things she's been accused of even though it's true."I wish I could tell you everything, I wish I could make you understand! But I can't!" She cries out silently, making sure no one hears or sees her."Mrs, you shouldn't cry, what will Daisy think of you?" Mrs Bella spoke out making her way towards the sofa Mrs Smith was sitting on."What do you expect me to do? Be happy that my daughter hates and despises me? I can't, it hurts so much. I can't bring myself to accept it!" Mrs Smith cries bitterly.Mrs Bella has been working for the Smiths since the time Daisy was born and has always been there for Mrs Smith through the hard times.Mrs. Bella walks and pulls her into her embrace, "Why don't you tell her if it's too much to bear? I'm sure she will understand! " Mrs Smith shakes her head in denial, "No, I can't... She will never accept me if I tell her the truth, she will hate me and I don't want that. Having her still seeing me as her mom and calling me mom is enough, I can't jeopardize what I already have!"Mrs. Bella felt a wave of pity as she listened to Mrs. Smith crying, "Then you have to be strong, You choose the path for yourself, you should be ready to walk through till the end" Mrs Smith cries out in pain, "Even though I choose it for myself, it hurts. I fear it's the same fate I am leading my Daisy into, I should've stopped him and told him how hurtful it is but I can't. I can't even muster the strength to face him, how can I help my Daisy? Just how? "She raises her head and looks at Mrs Bella, " I know she hates me now, I know just how much she does and will never want to see or hear me talk. I know I've made you the load and listener of my problems, but I know you don't mind. Please, can you help me and talk to Daisy, maybe she will understand you better and might listen to you"Mrs Bella sighs in reluctance, " You know I can do just anything else but not this, Daisy deserves the right of choice and I can't be part of this... I can't force the child I've come to love and care for for eighteen years to go into a lifetime contract, I'm sorry I can't! "Mrs Smith cries even harder, " I'm such a bad mother, I feel sorry but I don't make an effort to correct my wrongs! "" You can't solve the problem of another whereas your home is a disaster. What I'm trying to say is, try to solve those things that are stopping you from being a good mother, only then will you be able to solve your daughter's! " Mrs Bella informs.Mrs Smith nods," I'll try but for now, can you check after Daisy? She's hurt and I fear she might starve herself because of this"" You can count on me on this, wipe away your tears and work on your matters for now! "Mrs Bella said and left.

Chapter 2

Three knocks came on the door before it was pushed open, Mrs Bella appeared from behind, closed the door and walked further into the room"Child!" She calls out, her voice soft and gentle. Full of patience and love."Please don't tell me you are here to make me agree, 'cause I won't," Daisy said as a matter of fact.Mrs Bella halted in her steps, eyes glued to the crying girl on the bed. "I might be just a maid and your nanny, but you know I love you and will never force you into doing things you don't want to""Mrs Bella?" Daisy calls out in tears, "I didn't mean to say that!"Mrs Bella takes counting strides to her and takes the spot by the side of her bed.Daisy pushes herself to sit upright and throws herself into her arms the moment Mrs Bella gives an invitation with wide arms."I know, child. You never disrespect your elders!" Mrs


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