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Taming The Casanova

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Sahil is a very handsome man and a certified Casanova who loves to flirt with every girl around. Girls fall for him every now and then. In contrast, he doesn't do love. All he wants is pure flirting and one-night stands with no strings attached. Sahil is hiding something he did to get out of a situation. His father put him in that situation along with Manyata. Manyata Singh Rathore is a beautiful, sensible, and independent girl. She hates him with everything in her she doesn't even look at him. She wants to teach him a lesson. Sahil is confused about her behaviour, as no girl has ever been able to resist his charm. Let's find out if the certified Casanova would be tamed or not.

Chapter 1

Sahil's POV

My best friend, Samar and I were going to the airport to pick my sister Swati. She was coming back from Canada.

My phone was ringing continuously while I was driving. I saw the number it was Damini... Why was she calling me all of a sudden?? I stopped the car on the side and picked up the phone.

" Hello!! Hi Damini... "

" Hi, Sahil.. "

" You are calling me at this hour, is everything alright?? "

"  I just want you to put some sense in your brother... " she said.

" Calm down beautiful !! Take a deep breath... What has he done now? "

" How can I be calm?? He is driving all over the city. "  She said 

" What?? Has he gone mad?? Do me favour, just slap him tight. How can he be so careless?? Give the phone to him please. "

" Here talk to him." She offered her phone to him.

" Hello... " I heard Sagar's voice.

" Have you lost it?? " I asked him.

" Sahil please you also don't start yaar..  "

" Don't start??? I will punch your face... Don't you dare to drive."

" You know, I drive very well... "  He said to me.

" Shut up... Don't argue.."

" What is the problem ... I am not even tensed now?? "

" But you are lost in your love ... Just like a lovesick puppy. "

" Shut up Sahil... "

" Don't argue... Or I will tell mom... Then you know... You will have to tackle her... "

" Don't even think about it... "   He said in a scared voice and I laughed aloud. I know my mom is going to make him go mad with her emotional dramas.

" Then don't dare to drive... Or two women are going to eat your brain like anything... Poor brother of mine, imagine. two women nagging at him...  Hey, I am going to pick Swati from the airport. Bye ... Be in your limits. Give the phone to her." He said bye and gave the phone to her.

" Hello? " Damini said.

" Damini he would not argue now...  I am going to pick Swati. Can you drive? "

" Yeah ok... Bye.. you also drive safely. See you later. Don't worry I can drive your brother around the city... He is in safe hands. " She said and I smiled and said bye.

" They both are so cute. " Samar said.

" Yeah, and both are stubborn too. But I guess Damini knows how to tackle Sagar.  " we both laughed.

" Just relax... Chandigarh is a rather safe place for driving."

" I know that... But I didn't want any risk." I said. We reached the Airport and I parked the car in the parking.

We went inside and waited for her... She is my Jaan... we are very close. She is 4 years younger than me.

Finally, I saw her coming...

She came running towards me and literally jumped into my arms. She was just like a child. I hugged her tight.

Samar said hello to her very sweetly and she smiled at him and nodded. We collected all her luggage and came out of the airport.

She kept talking, telling about her University and friends. She studies at McMaster University.

We reached home and mom hugged her and got emotional. As usual, she had prepared our favourite food. I was very hungry by now and I am sure Samar would also be. As it is he was crazy about good food.

I usually tease him that people eat to live, but he lives to eat. Crazy foodie...

Dad was in the USA to help his friend. So mom and Swati were supposed to go to Chandigarh with us.

Mom kept telling Swati about,  how  Sagar had found a girl for himself and now mom and Swati were going to meet her tomorrow. Mom was very excited to meet her future daughter-in-law. She asked us about Damini and Samar said that she was very beautiful, intelligent and sweet. I told mom that Samar is like her brother.

I asked Samar to stay with us. We had to submit some plans for the approval of our Township which we were making in Chandigarh.

He accepted the offer and I showed him to the guest room and went to sleep in my room as we were very tired.

I looked at my phone, there were 4 missed calls from Raima. She was a very beautiful, hot and smart girl. We went on a few dates together. I loved spending time with her.  But now she was getting a bit clingy.

I called her, " Hello... Sahil... " She said in a very seductive tone.

" Hi !! I just saw that you called. What is the matter? "

" Can't I call you just like that ?? I was missing you a lot... "

" Raima,  I am in Delhi... I travelled almost the whole day... I am really very tired. If it is not important, then can we please talk later on? "

" Sure... But did you miss me? "

" Well, No... I didn't get much time."  I said though it sounded a bit rude to even me.

" But I missed you.. when are you coming back?? I would love to spend some time alone with you... Just the two us... You know what I mean. Right? "

" Hmm ... Ok bye. I am feeling very sleepy... Will talk later. " I said and hang up the phone. She was irritating me.

I never believed in love or serious relationships. My twin Sagar was in love with Damini for the last 11 years and he was so crazy about her that he never even looked at any other girl.

But he suffered a lot... I had seen him getting suffered. I must have dated at least 200 girls but never felt that stupid thing called love.

I was a free bird and I intended to remain like that. I believed in just flirting, dating and one night stands. I was not going to settle any time soon.

No matter what the situation would be I am sure, I would come out of it. I came out of such a situation with the help of my best friend Samar who was a lawyer.

My dad got me in a very difficult situation but thankfully I found the solution. Nobody would ever be able to bind me. I was thinking about all that and slept.


I went to do my work but they needed a few more certificates and another document. It would take at least 2 more days. 

But my mom was over excited to meet Damini. So I asked Samar to take them to Chandigarh and fax all the certificates and documents.

Mom and Swati went with him. I didn't want to go home as no one was there.. so I called Sujoy and another friend of mine to come to a new club.

We enjoyed a lot, doing endless flirting, dancing and a bit of drinking. I came back home very late. I met one of the girls, I dated once. So she clung to me. We had a pretty good time together.

Samar faxed all the documents the next day and I submitted all of them and finished some more office work and then went to Chandigarh as Sagar was going to have his roka on the next day.

I reached the guest house, I saw Sagar and hugged him.  I was happy to see him after all these days. He also hugged me tightly. We were very close to each other, as we were twins.

" Where are mom and Swati? " I asked

" In the room next to Damini's. "

" So you are ready to get married brother... " I teased him.

" Well yes.. of course... What about you?? What do you think about getting married??  Everyone has to settle down someday... "  He asked me.

Me?? He knows what I think about this.. why did he even bother to ask?

" Oh please keep me away... I want to live like a free bird... "

" Hmmm... But... "

" No buts... You concentrate on your wedding... I am happy like this. I am going to meet mom and Swati. I didn't spend much time with Swati since she came back to India. " I said and went to mom's room.

Chapter 2

Sahil's POV

The moment I stepped in mom's room, I saw that she was talking to Swati whose back was towards the door. I picked up Swati from the backside to startle her to swirling her in air,  I usually do pick and turn her around, twirling her in the air.

Just when I turned towards the door, I  saw Sagar standing there. He was shocked. But why?? I was not doing it for the first time. Swati shrieked and I placed her back on the floor.

She turned and slapped me hard and I froze at my place. Oh shit!!!  It was not my sister Swati. It was another girl with the almost same height and body structure.

She looked angry and shocked. But she was looking very pretty with that red tint on her cheeks.

" Oh.. oh...  I am sorry... I thought .... that you were Swati... My sister. " I said still holding my cheek.

" Yeah.. ok.. fine... I am sorry.." she said and ran away from the room. I was confused and still shocked as if I was rooted there.

" Who was


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