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Sweet Seduction

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After her painful break-up with the love of her life manuel. Daphne relocated back to her mother's home in search for a job to keep body and soul together. Until she met the most popular self-made billionaire bachelor Alexander Foster who had strings of women at his beck and call which he uses and dump for his carnal benefits. One thing Daphne didn't know about the s*xy stranger she had a one night stand with was that not only was he a billionaire, he also was the unknown popular host of the top radio show in NYC named " The S*x Doctor Show"

Chapter 1

I would agree that every human on this planet has a moment they can pinpoint in their lives as the unforgettable something.

This unforgettable something has to be so memorable that no one can instinctively know from the second when it starts happening that who we really are when this great events starts will be irrevocably redesigned, wether for the better or for worse.

Standing exactly as she was in the bedroom, Daphne knew this moment was her unforgettable something, her greatest era.

"I don't think I can do this anymore"

Daphne stomach clenched, nervous pin pricks travelled across every inch of her body, her limbs felt like they were literally vibrating with electricity, her heart dropped to the floor when the only man she had ever loved made that statement, the atmosphere around them was very tense to the extent that she could feel her instant increasing body temperature.

"Wwhat do you mean?"

Manuel sat on the edge of their bed, hands folded into one another, he let out a shaky breath of remorse, " Daphne I think we need a break from each other"

"Break? What break? Is it break like having a breakfast or going for a break dance class?" Daphne laugh but quickly realized how dry her humor was when the man in question didn't respond, neither did he laugh or smile.

"I will be staying with a friend tonight, and then tomorrow I will be leaving for Spain for two weeks"

"What?" Shock twisted Daphne's stomach into uncomfortable knots, " when did all that happen?"

Daphne knew Manuel always tell her of his intending plans either for work, for himself or for them both, she watched him, her feet growing numb the longer she stood there as he went over to their closet and pull out a suitcase.

"I booked it few weeks ago?"


"I need to go on a break, on a vacation" Manuel said in a cold time, tossing the pillow that was arranged on his side of the bed.

Daphne nodded, " So, are you going by yourself?"

Manuel paused for just the slight second and Daphne felt everything inside of her collapse within that silent beat.

"No, iam going with Liam"

Relief swept in swift and hard, surprising Daphne by how worried she had actually been that he might be going to this impromptu vacation with another companion in mind, yes! It's cool if he is going to Spain with Liam, after all they have been childhood friends. Daphne knew Manuel wasn't perfect, she believed no one is and over the last years of their relationship he had developed some less than pleasant qualities to be around, he might have been the corky type but he has never for once be unfaithful to her, that was the promise he made four years ago and Daphne trust him with all her heart, that no matter how Rocky things gets between them they will always overcome it no matter what.

"Okay..." She let out the breath she was holding, different thoughts kept coming to her brain, each one trying to make sense of what exactly was happening, ".... Well, uh that is good....yeah, every couple needs space every now and then to miss each other and remember the promises they made to each other, so yeah it's a good idea"

Manuel looked at her, his Bright eyes telling the thought his lip were too weak to speak out.


His silence combined with his hardened expression that brewed up an uneasy terror inside her, " Ii don't think you get it Daphne, I...."

"No Manuel, I do...." she pushed her determination harder past the terror inducing word he had just said. Daphne felt bolts of adrenaline pulse through her vein, "....We have been in a rough patch before, remember? And anytime we take some break it makes us reflect on our last and help us become stronger and better for each other, so when your vacation is over you can come home for us to start to get back on track"

Manuel shook his head slowly, " I think I need more than two weeks"

"Okay, how long?"

He kept a sealed lip, uncertainty showing in his stare which refused to meet hers, " I don't know, I can't put a time limit"

The need to reach out and touch him was desperate, so Daphne did not fight it, touching Manuel had always calmed her down even in their worst days, well that is how they fell in love after all. Her heartbeat erratically inside her chest that the constant vibration was painful, but she hoped Manuel could hear it, Daphne hoped Manuel could hear how loudly and profound her heart beats for him and him alone. Sliding her hand up his fabrics, revealing his defined pecs, Daphne was pleased to find that his heart was just out of control as hers.

"Baby, all that matter right now is how much I love you and your love for me too, we will get through this together okay?"

Every couple had their scary moments no doubt, the thought of losing a baby, a partner, divorce, cheating is no doubt the scary moments of every couple, statically it take more than one or two years for any couple to seek for a divorce, Daphne and Manuel no doubt was having their scary moments earlier than expected and no doubt she was very sure they will overcome it.

Manuel face was just above hers, now holding back the tears that shine through the thick lashes Daphne always gets jealous of, his tears gave her the courage to reach up to his face, his eyes automatically shut as she touched his face, but not a single tear slipped through.

"I don't think I love you thesame way anymore"

Shock travelled up from her heart to her hand making her jump, an immediate wash of humiliation drained the blood from her face.

Daphne has never being humiliated in her entire life, " Yyou always tell me you love me!"

Manuel let out a smile she had never seen before, he had this curel but unintentional smile on his face, " I have tried Daphne, you have no idea how long I have been forcing myself to say those words to you just to make you feel happy"

"Excuse me?....."

Chapter 2

Twenty one years of her life, Daphne has never been punched in the stomach before but now she imagine this is exactly what it feels like. She backed away from him like his body was fire and she was gasoline, if they were to touch.....

", you are saying you have been lying about loving me?"

"Daphne, I thought about my life, and about how people have made me see life the way it really is, and even what you've said to me most times when we have few misunderstandings, wether that decision of me wanting to be out of any entanglements or wanting not to live just a simple boring life makes me an awful boyfriend or an amazing human, I don't know but you are right and I will do anything to achieve such, I could go out of the way for anyone except you, I don't think I can"

The realization of what was really happening began to sink with an emerged panic, it crawled up to Daphne's throat, it's nail punching through her soft fl


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