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Kelly unintentionally switches cellphones with the standout quarterback of a rival high school. Unable to switch it back until a week later, she has to communicate with the haughty boy by sending SMS and voicemails. She discovers there's more to him than smug remarks and sexual innuendos as she gets to know him better. Will Kelly's feelings endure, though, when identities are disclosed and secrets are made public?

Chapter 1

Kelly, hurry up! Mark yelled to her best buddy, "I want to ride the Ferris wheel, you know it's my favorite." The county fair was closing for the final time that night before it was packed up and moved to a new location. Mark knew there would be a long line to ride the Ferris wheel as it got closer to closing time.

"Avoid getting tangled in your underwear. "We'll take a ride on the Ferris wheel," Kelly casually remarked as fumbling in her purse for her phone. "I know it's here somewhere," she whispered to herself. Her hands went through all the pockets and hidden spaces, but they found nothing. "Goddamn it. "Where is it?" she asked in a frustrated tone.

Mark sat down next to her, bored with waiting, and glanced over Kelly's shoulder. "You've already given me a headache from eating those chili cheese fries. She thought Kelly was looking for gum, so she quipped, "You don't need to freshen up for me."

Kelly was too focused on her work to notice her friend's jokes. "That's right. French fries. Yes," she repeated incoherently. She took another look at her purse and her heart raced. She sensed the panic beginning to build.

When Mark saw Kelly acting hysterical, he started to worry. "What's the hold up?"

"I can't find my phone," Kelly said in a nervous tone.

Mark scowled. "You had it when we were enjoying the deep-fried Oreos and fries. I recall this because Eric texted you repeatedly."

Recalling her quarrel with her twin brother, Kelly winced. He was giving Bella Campbell a lift home from the fair, so he urged she find another way. Kelly snorted in her head at the idea. She was fully aware of the kind of "ride" Eric was going to give her. She wouldn't sit in the backseat of his automobile for precisely that kind of ride.

"Maybe you left it on the table?" Mark recommended. After taking a quick glimpse at her watch, she craned her neck to obtain a clear view of the Ferris wheel line.

After they had eaten, Kelly struggled to recall if she had brought her phone with her. Her countenance turned pallid. "Sh*t, I think I left it there." Mark's expression fell in despair the moment she stated those words. Her closest companion was aware that the fair will close in ten minutes, and they wouldn't be able to cross the carnival in time to retrieve the phone.

Kelly sensed her friend's unhappiness right away and decided on a course of action. "Arrive in line. She called over her shoulder, "I'll see you there," and started racing in the other direction.

She moved as swiftly as she could through the crowds. As she got closer to the dining area, her heart raced, hoping her phone would still be there. With a deep sense of disappointment, Kelly hurried over to the table where they had previously sat and saw it was empty. Even though she was aware of the slim chance, it still ached to realize it was gone. She kicked the chair because she was angry and frustrated with herself for being so reckless. The folks around her stopped and stared as the chair fell down.

She mumbled a brief apology, embarrassed at her juvenile actions, and leaned down to pick it up. She saw a phone among the dirt and grass as she straightened the chair. She snatched it, hope bursting in her chest. It was, indeed, her phone! She sighed deeply, relieved to have it back in her possession. With a hurried shove into her handbag, Kelly dashed to the Ferris wheel, hoping that Mark was still waiting in line.

"Did you find it?" As soon as she spotted Kelly coming, Mark inquired.

An uncontrollable smile stretched across Kelly's face. She exclaimed with joy, "Got it!" To have a better idea of how long they would have to wait, she leaned around the pair in front of them. Kelly saw that Mark would grant her request after counting six people.

"So have you talked to Brent recently?" Mark asked, curious to find out how Kelly's relationship with the college boy she was crushing on was going.

Kelly had received tutoring from Brent during her first year of high school. Her teacher suggested Brent, a senior, to assist her since she had been having trouble with trigonometry. They discussed the topic every Tuesday and Thursday when they got together at a nearby café.

Brent had been hilarious, considerate, and kind. When Kelly didn't grasp a certain principle or issue, he never became angry or upset. They had become close over the semester and would stay together for a few hours after their tutoring sessions. He had become Kelly's major crush, so when he went off to college, Kelly was devastated. They continued to correspond via emails and texts, but their exchanges were typically brief and infrequent.

Kelly gave a disappointed shake of her head. "No," she glumly answered. "He's been busy with his internship." She was aware that having a crush on her instructor was ridiculous and cliche, yet she was powerless to resist. Her heart would beat faster every time she saw a message from him.

"I'm sure he'll write soon," Mark reassured her slightly. She detested seeing her so depressed because she knew how much her closest friend loves him. "You may send him a text to let him know you're thinking of him. He'll appreciate it, I'm sure."

Kelly gave a shoulder shrug. "I've considered it, but I don't want to come out as needy or impatient. Besides, it's not like anything will ever come of it. I'm a senior in high school, and he's a junior in college."

"Quit being so negative. One can never predict what may occur. I think you could text him to wish him a happy day or something. That wouldn't come out as needy," Mark said. As the line advanced, Mark began to jump with excitement.

Kelly chuckled at the enthusiasm of her buddy. Mark was a true fan of the Ferris wheel. "I seriously don't understand your obsession with this ride."

Mark appeared horrified. How are you unable to adore it? From there, the entire city is visible! It's also really romantic to be outside under the stars." Mark's eyes widened as she imagined herself cuddling up to a cute male in the distant.

Kelly rolled her eyes in her head at her friend's remarks. Mark was an ardent romantic who thought happily ever afters and fairy tales existed. Kelly was more grounded than that; she understood that love came with just as many challenges as joys. Her tone was dry as she asked, "You know you are going on this ride with me right?"

Kelly felt an elbow to the ribs from Mark, who narrowed her gaze. She commanded, "Stop ruining my fantasy!"

After hearing their conversation, a boy in the queue behind them moved forward. He scowled at Mark and said, "You can always ride with me, pretty thang." As he spoke, the air was heavy with the stench of cigarettes. Leaning forward, he swung his arm arrogantly over her shoulder.

Mark noted that guy was about their age and gave him a disgusted look. With her pinky up in the air, she caught his hand between her thumb and forefinger and flung it off her body."In your dreams, buddy."

The youngster seemed oblivious to the slight. Yes, you'll undoubtedly be in my dreams this evening. nude." Behind him, his pals chuckled as he grinned.

With a sneer, Mark moved away from their jeers and whistles. With a tone full of contempt, she told Kelly, "High school boys are disgusting."

Kelly chuckled. "I am aware. Remember that I live with Eric? Why do you believe I'm crushing on a man in college?" Eric and his pals used to argue all the time over which girls were the prettiest or the easiest to swindle. They even boasted a rating system that was far superior to

The attendant at the Ferris wheel opened the gate and gestured for them to come on. He had a frown on his face as they took their seats. The sour man produced a false smile and growled, "Enjoy your ride."

The females couldn't help but chuckle at the ironic contrast between the two. Kelly remarked, "Obviously, someone isn't content with his job."

"He should have been an actor. He could have played Grumpy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves," Mark said.

A boisterous voice burst through the speakers. "At all times, please keep your hands and feet within the ride. When getting out of the carriage, wait until the trip has stopped completely." The voice paused for a moment before continuing. "And keep ALL unnecessary comments to yourself," the obviously enraged voice hissed.

The females, realizing the man had heard them, exchanged wide-eyed looks and started laughing. The ride gave way abruptly and began to spin slowly. As they climbed in the sky, the wind whipped past them.

She was gazing down at the glittering city below them when Mark sighed a bit. "There is just one week left before classes begin. How gloomy."

Kelly swung the seat back and forth as she crossed her legs. "I'm not sure. Our senior year excites me. Now at last, we are at the top of the hierarchy."

"So what? We don't really have somebody to give orders to. Mark countered, "At least your brother will have access to all the freshmen football players."

Freshman football players at their school were paired with a senior teammate as per tradition. The football players transformed it into something entirely different, while the coaches utilized it as a kind of mentorship program. The first-years were their personal slaves. The freshman were expected to fetch lunches, clean their uniforms, and do anything else the players requested. Eric had priority over everyone else because he would be the starting quarterback for the varsity team.

Kelly drewled, "And god help us when it starts." "As it is, Eric's ego barely fits in his skull. I detest to witness what transpires when he needs to subjugate freshmen." Kelly sighed inwardly at the prospect.

"Perhaps he won't be as horrible," Mark hopeful said.

Kelly gave her best pal a shoulder pat and shook her head. "Mark, the eternal optimist. When are you going to get that knowledge?"

"Aw, please. Mark nudged, "You have to give your brother a little credit."

Kelly raised her hands in submission. "I truly do adore my twin. Eric, though, is a pampered brat. Everything has been given to him with a golden spoon. He barely works at school or in athletics, but he does well in both! He receives recognition for the accomplishments that come easily to him. "How is the fair doing?" Kelly became enraged.

In reply, Mark arched an eyebrow. "It seems like jealousy between siblings," she remarked.

It's more of a frustration than an envy. He gets by on his attractiveness and endearing nature. If he bothered to put in the effort, he could be so much more." Kelly gave a headshake. However, he doesn't. He has so much unrealized talent, but he won't use it.

As they began their journey to the ground, Mark shrugged. It's his existence. "Let him live his life as he pleases," she said.

Kelly sighed. "The way he's going, he'll get a girl pregnant before he leaves high school," she said. She detested her brother's practice of having s*x with girls. Too many girls have left their house crying after he was done with them, she's witnessed.

The churlish man stepped forward to allow them out as the Ferris wheel stopped. Kelly avoided looking at Mark or the employee, fearing that she would burst out laughing. Before the females quickly left, Mark turned around and shouted, "Have a great night, Grumpy!" over her shoulder. Happy that their day at the fair had ended well, the girls trotted to the parking lot.

"I'm guessing Eric bailed on you again?" She saw Eric's car was missing from the parking lot, and Mark saw it. For their birthday, Kelly's parents had given the twins a silver BMW to share, but Eric ended up driving it most of the time due to football practice. Kelly didn't mind most of the time because she didn't go anyplace but home and school, but on occasions like tonight, it troubled her a lot.

"Big surprise," Kelly remarked mockingly. "I know it's out of your way but do you mind?" She offered her best pal big puppy eyes and protruded her bottom lip.

"You idiot, of course. Should you even inquire? She motioned to her black Civic and said, "Get in the car."

Before leaving for home, the girls rolled down the windows and turned on the radio. "So, are we on for the beach tomorrow?" Mark said as the car pulled up near to Kelly's house.

Kelly gave a nod. Yes. When I wake up, I'll text you, and we can talk further." She retrieved her belongings after exiting the vehicle.

"That sounds fine. "See ya later," Mark said, waving before leaving.

Kelly noticed that Eric still hadn't come home as she proceeded up the lengthy road to her residence. He probably took Bella to a party before they performed the horizontal dance because he knew him. She estimated that he would be inebriated when he called her at one or two in the morning, requesting a sober transport home.

Her dog Tucker greeted her as soon as she walked through the front door. He was a brown Labrador Retriever, five years old. Kelly thought of him as hers even though he was supposed to be the family dog. Every day, she fed and walked him, and at night, he slept in her bed.

She spent some time playing with Tucker before going up to her room to get ready for bed. When she got in, Tucker was already curled up on her comforter. She took a book out from under the pillow and curled up under the covers to read.

Kelly has always enjoyed reading as a pastime. She enjoyed spending a few hours losing herself in a book and allowing her imagination to run wild. Every book's characters and atmosphere would come to life for her, acting out like a movie in her head. She was an avid reader of romantic novels, science fiction, and autobiographies. She spent the next few hours reading, after which she turned out the light and went to sleep.


Chapter 2

Her phone rang at three in the morning, startling her out of sleep. She responded grumpily, believing it to be her brother's request for a designated driver: "The sex better have been worth waking me up."

A husky voice replied, "Now that sounds like something I'd like to hear more about," after a little silence.

Knowing the voice did not belong to her brother, Kelly shot to her feet. This person's voice was deeper and more sensual than her brother's. Her eyes lingered on the screen. 'Unknown Caller' was displayed. She pressed the phone back to her ear quickly. She yelled, "Who is this?" When Tucker realized how upset she was, he got to his feet and prepared to defend his owner.

The deep voice said, "The owner of the phone you are holding."

"What?" Kelly enquired incoherently. She hadn't understood what he was saying because she had become engrossed in listening to his voice.


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