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Super Mommy And Her Godsent Trio

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Caught in a ruthless conspiracy, Diana lost her fidelity to her husband and was mocked and divorced. "You think I'd let you destroy my son's life? You barren chick!" Her mother-in-law who hated her so much because she couldn't give birth to a child mocked. Stabbed in the back by people she called family, Diana was ravished by a gigolo one fateful night and was divorced and got kicked out of the place she called home. Fast forward seven years later, now a four-star general and a senior military medical officer, Diana gets the surprise of her life when she gets entangled with the five star general through a military contract marriage. On the other hand, her ex-husband is desperate to do anything to remarry Diana since he was convinced he fathered the kids! Diana has the looks, power, money and three adorable children. So, what else could she ever ask for? Definitely not a man to mess up things for her! But, how will she explain to the five star general that it's a mere coincidence her kids are carbon copy of him?

Chapter 1

As dawn crept up, the morning sun shone in through the windows, resting upon her tired face. "Ouch" She said as she gradually regained her consciousness, all she could feel was a splitting drug induced-headache and a pounding pain all through her body, especially down her inner thighs and around her vulva. The sun rays poured into her eyes as she opened her eyes wearily forcing her to shut them back quickly. Gradually, she opened her eyes gently and allowed it to adjust to the intensity of light in her surrounding. On top of that, she felt extremely tired and so weak that she couldn't even find any strength to shrug the unease and half dizziness off.Alas, she hauled herself into a sitting position with her right arms on her forehead, trying to remember what happened last night. Suddenly her faced turned pale as flashback's of the night before suddenly came rushing back to her. She initially was convinced it was all a dream! It was not a dream? It was real?Alarmed, she quickly turned side ways, she saw a stranger, a man lying at the other end of the bed, as if it jolted her memory and cleared of her uneasiness in a flash and same time, confirming what happened last night was not a dream, she lifted the blanket she was under and was astonished to find herself completely naked. She gnashed her teeth in extreme shock as the realization dawned upon her.It was not really a dream? She asked herself in the utmost degree of shock."What was she doing here? Oh sh*t!" She jerked up from the bed with every ounce of composure within her, trying to remain calm, careful not to wake the stranger up. She hurriedly started to wear back her clothes from last night,Just then, the sleeping man changed sleeping position, still fast asleep, exposing his broad back and his face covered with a quilt. Diana turned to see the eagle tattoo on his back, but that was not even her concern, she needed to go home right that minute.All Diana remembers clearly from last night was the desperate and helpless voice of her sister-in-law over the phone. Eager to save her, she rushed over the the club house. Room 306, Diana looked up at the number plaque, confirming this was the room her sister-in-law, Anamika got endangered in, Diana barged in without another thought and warning and was greeted with extreme darkness and an handkerchief over her noise.On inhaling, she passed out -Was the handkerchief laced with or sprayed with some stuff? Oh sh*t! Diana raged. She needed to get home immediately and ask Anamika what happened.Diana quickly tidied up and walked over to the door, on opening the door and exiting, she was shocked to see Anamika, her sister-in-law who had cried for help on the phone yesterday, taking a picture of her. With her, was her mother, Eddy. Diana's mother-in-law."Anamika will you stop it. Enough already. We have enough evidences now and for sure when Harvey sees them, he would do the needful and divorce that barren chick!" Eddy asserted with a bright smile across her face.Diana was suddenly evaded by extreme shock and rage. Eddy was referring to her husband, Harvey and her as a barren chick! As if it never occured to Diana, she had been married to Harvey for three years now and have been unable to provide Harvey with an heir, as such she was hashtagged Barren chick! But who would think her beloved mother-in-law would be part of those mocking her fertile condition? "And also, what evidence? Divorce?" Diana was discombobulated that she glowered at them, ashen-faced and she demanded "Anamika, what's happening? Why did you lie to me?"You still have mouth to talk? You shameless barren sl*t!" Eddy's voice rang through, piercing Diana's heart like a dagger. This was happening afterall.Anamika smirked , "is it my fault that you're so so so gullible? Diana?"-"I hope you did have a good time with the gigolo back there?" She added with a sing-song voice, smiling wickedly."Finally, I have provided my son something tangible to hold unto in order to divorce you" Eddy added, It was at this moment Diana realized that both of them had set her up. The promise she made to Harvey and which she had held unto for the past three years of their marriage had been broken and sacrificed to Eddy's and Anamika's despicable hilarity. Presently, Anamika's eyes were devoid of warmth and cordiality, clearly expressive of disdain and unfriendliness as she boiled vigorously, "Did you actually think we would let your ruin Harvey's life by not providing him an heir? Wake up! From your dream you barren woman! Don't even bother coming home, I have already sent this evidences to Harvey's WhatsApp".Eddy, on the other hand, swiftly interjected by mocking, "Atleast my son will believe now, that you have been pimping yourself for money at a club since he denied you access to the families bank account! It won't be long until he divorces and throws you out!" "That's a lie!" Diana heard herself talk back but the word's didn't just came out. She has a job and can pay her bills if this was anything related to monetary benefits. "You two-" she finally spat out, her face contorting to a mask of rage that she swayed. The after effect of the inhaled stuff that the handkerchief got sprayed with and the collective weight of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law betrayal and cruelty nearly knocked her out the second time."Let's go! Anamika. We don't want to be seen with a thrash, do we? " With that said, Eddy led Anamika out.With no much time to waste, Diana left as well with the fleeting headache induced by the drug she had inhaled yesterday's night.Few minutes after they all left, the hotel worker who was taking down the Room number plaques realized that the plaque on room 309 was 306 and not 309."That numbskull!" He cursed, "He couldn't even place ordinary number plaques right!" ******When Diana reached home, she saw her husband Harvey sitting on the sofa cuddling another lady. Diana knew the lady. She was Juliette Jones, Harvey's old time crush and best friend."Oh wow, seemed like she finally returned back to Delta city and already hanging out with an old lover, someone's else husband!" A thought sprang up inside of Diana, breaking her hurt the more. With a calm expression Harvey asked as Diana approached, her face blushing with confusion. "Where did you spend last night?"

Chapter 2

Diana pursed her lips, thinking about the events from last night before finally replying, "I went to save sister-in-law Anamika -" she was not done talking when Harvey's fury crashed into the table in front of her which in turn, startled her."Did she tell you she needed saving?" Harvey suddenly yelled in rage. Startled Diana the more.The next moment, Harvey slammed a picture on the table and roared furiously, "I know that you spent the night with a man in a hotel room! A gigolo for that matter! How dare you open your mouth and make an excuse for that! We were married!" A look of disappointment and anger appeared on Harvey's face as he expressed his disappointment and anger."We're married and yet, I just walked in on you cuddling your old lover?" Diana retorted, she couldn't take it all in as she caught sight of the photos, making the blood drain from her face. It was a picture of a man, she sti


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