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What was supposed to be a punishment for captain Ysabelle Gum soon turns into a romantic getaway when she catches the attention of a celeb musician in her team. Ysabelle has no interest in men, especially celebrities, she just wants to shoot and kill to her heart’s content. However she is forced to reconsider when she is tasked with being his bodyguard, Ysabelle wants no part of it, not when the singer is hell-bent on making her love him. Actor and singer Jordan Bell was used to being faun over, by fans and family. But he realizes he needs something else, something deeper. When he is cast for a military drama, Jordan and his team goes to stations to shoot, he met with Ysabelle who against all odds saved his life during a shooting mistake, Jordan is sure she is the one for him and he vows to make her his body guard, but the thing is, Ysabelle has no interest in him, but no amount of broken bones will keep him away.


Jordan Bells was the country's beautiful face, a handsome actor and model famous for his good looks; several female models are after him, and several producers and elite personalities are attempting to get him to marry their children. But he refuses. A universal playboy who enchants every female in his path. Getting a girl was not Jordan’s headache.

He is a person who, despite his good looks, wants to be acknowledged without being judged by them. He wants a woman who will love him not just because of his good looks, but someone who will love him sincerely. But he is far from realizing that. His actions and agency speak well against his needs.

After the film shoot is done, Jordan is escorted back to his van by his personal assistant, Mark, who carries Jordan’s food pack, his coat, his personal makeup tool kit, and an exchange of clothes.

Mark hurried to catch up with a very angry Jordan, who was muttering vents as he walked.

"I do not get why he will get me signed for a film like that. He can't just think I will do a film without my consent. My signature is needed on that document and not Bells Entertainment Agency. "

Mark felt sweat stream down his back, making him extremely uncomfortable. " I tried my best. But he is your father. He said he could do as he wished. And he threatened to sack me if I made a noise about it, "Mark rapped in his defense as Jordan suddenly stopped in front of the van. Mark rushed to open the door for him, being extra careful so the items he carried didn't fall off. But Jordan pushed him back and opened the van door himself.

Mark was shocked, but Jordan’s sweet expression soon explained itself. Some female fans were standing a few feet away from them. They shouted and squealed as Jordan winked at them, which made them erupt into more giggles. What a great actor! He had switched moods so easily. Mark went into the van, it was all an act.

Jordan entered the van, shutting it furiously. " That film is not my style. I only act in romance films. Strictly romance. I am not interested in war movies. I do not care about broken bones and spinal cord injuries. I love my body too much. "

"Can you just calm down for a minute?" Mark pleaded. But Jordan shut him off, grabbing a bottle of water. He drowned it in one gulp.

"This is insane," he cursed out again.

His phone begins to ring. Mark picks it up in a hurry, "Yes...... Ohhhh... Miss Jessica Hawkins."

Mark looked up at Jordan for the next move. Jessica was also a leading actor. She was in a different agency, but Jordan’s charms have never been known to be restricted. His lovers were across countries and cultures, not excluding agencies.

Jessica had been pinning after Jordan for months now, and this was no secret to the media, who sold several copies whenever they were photographed together. Mark, however, has no love lost for Jessica, not after she made him run to and fro just to get her a cup of coffee filled with ice. He had been so enraged, but Jordan had just laughed it over.

Jordan shook his head. " I am in no mood for her tantrums. She is too whiny. I need to see my father. " He said it not too gently. His voice was loud enough for the other receiver to hear it. But Jessica was not one to flinch. She had been rejected several times.

"Hello, Miss Jessica. Jordan is currently indisposed. He won't be able to attend the phone call, but he promises to have a dinner date with you next Saturday. " Mark smiled. Jordan would be on his way to the new film location by that time for filming. She would be so bombed.

Jordan signalled for him to cut the call. As the bus arrived at the agency, he got off the bus, put on his sunglasses, as ignored the journalists asking for an interview about his switching genres of movies. He, however, threw a smile at the girls behind the journalists who were calling his name. Mark came forward as a body shield, helping Jordan into the building unscathed.

Jordan entered the production room, where his father was speaking with a group of managers. The meeting split up immediately after his presence was known. The managers all filed out one after the other, some hitting him on the shoulder reassuringly. They knew him, they understood the hell he was coming into.

"You can't just do things like this?" He challenged his father. He stood pacing up and down, his fair skin gradually becoming red. He was angry.

Jonathan Bell twirled around in his chair. " Why not? It is a good investment. You will even be the lead actor. It was a good deal. The investors love the script, which is a mixture of romance and war. The next best sensational movie is coming; my son should be at the center of that. What do you think? " He asked, smiling at a frowning Jordan.

" Calm down, son. The internet will love it. Our agency has over a million followers across all of our social media platforms, and our website traffic has increased significantly. Even the traditional media is interested in knowing how you will fare in this. I promise you, this will be the movie that wins awards. "

Jordan felt all the steam blow out of him. Jonathan Bell was only interested in the fame and prestige the movie would bring. He had no concern for his son’s welfare, no concern for his dreams, what he wanted, and what his capabilities lay in.

"What if I can’t do it? For goodness' sake, this is an action movie. I am not that strong to do all that. I am a lover boy. You can't have me kicking and screaming. "

'Who says you will do all that? There will be a stuntman to do all that. You can even get a different person who has your build to do some scenes if you want. Only the essential places where your face needs to show is what you are needed for. "

"That is basically cheating. Do you want me to lie to my fans? " Jordan asked incredulously. His father was getting crazier by the second.

He drew a microphone closer, plugging it into the socket. He said harshly into the microphone, "You either do the job willingly or forcefully." What I am trying to tell you is that you are shooting this movie whether you like it or not. You might be my son, but you signed a contract with the company, and you, Jordan Bells, will stick to that contract. If you are done ranting before me, get the hell out of my sight. "His father screamed at him, the sound blazing into the walls of the room. Jordan thanked his stars for the soundproof walls. His father was behaving like a sadist.

"Am I sure you are even my father?" Jordan asked, deflated. His voice was filled with emotion.

"No, I am not. I picked you up off the street,"was the sarcastic reply.

Jordan matched out after that, banging the door hard after him. The sound echoes down the halls. He bumped into Mark in the hallway, with his ears strained against the wall.

"Call Jessica. Tell her I am coming over to her place," Jordan commanded.

"Yes, sir," Mark said humbly. He knew better than to irritate Jordan. He dialled the number quickly, talking into the phone. His legs carried him hurriedly ahead of Jordan to Jordan’s car.

He had to sit in the driver’s seat. But Jordan stopped him.

"I would like to be alone, thanks," Jordan said and waited for Mark to get off. Jordan took his seat and turned on the ignition.

"Jordan," Mark called as Jordan pressed the accelerator though the car was still in the park.

"It might be best you just take the job. Who knows, you might actually like the script. I have read the script and I think it is amazing, and if you still don’t feel up to it, at least write a song while in this mood. It might be a hit. " Mark encouraged He could feel Jordan's scorching glare as he sped off.

Jordan drove to Jessica’s apartment; she welcomed him with open arms, and soon the both of them were locked in a lovers' embrace with clothes off. Taking and not giving back. He unleashed all of his anger on her body, not that she minded. She would get her retribution with her morning Instagram posts with his face clearly showing in the background. The media would go crazy with her likes and followers skyrocketing, and media firms would go after her and cast her for films. He only hoped she was not in the cast of the movie he would shoot next.

Hours later, with Jessica asleep, Jordan walked to her balcony and stared into the late-night sky. Perhaps he was too much of a b*st*rd to be allowed, true love. Not even his father loved him. The sick hollow feeling of loneliness filled him. He was too weak to protect himself. How could he protect a loved one? In times like this, when he faced difficult work duties, he wanted to run back into the arms of his loved one, back into a home, not in his empty apartment. He needed true love, and he needed to find it fast. Maybe that was the sense of purpose he was lacking. If he ever had to stand up against his father’s bullying, he needed a strong partner, and that was the hardest task of the century for a celebrity such as him to do.

All day, he was surrounded by cowering females and those who wanted to use him to rise to fame and fortune. He wondered if his definition of such a woman existed on earth. If she does, he needs to find her soon and fast.


With sweat streaming down her back, Captain Ysabelle Gum punched the punching bag for the hundredth time. Her hair, tied in a band at the back of her head, bounced just as energetically as she hit the bag. Her appearance is murderous. Her beautiful face twisted into a frown, her brown, blazing eyes pointing as they locked on their target. Dark thoughts swirled in her mind. She was furious.

The conniving bitch, the sly fox, had the guts to seduce James, her brother. She hit the punching bag again, harder this time. The hands were blistered red. Her face was determined, and each muscle on her back was strained as she hit the bag.

It was difficult for her to be the last child in her family of two brothers after her parents died. Her brothers were brigadier generals in Yusama, their home country. Just recently, James got married to Ysabelle’s longtime enemy, Rina. Since their falling out in high school, the slimy bitch has never bothered to get along with Ysabelle.



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