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Slave To Sensation

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Sonia was raised up by a popular chef after the miserable death of her sister. She gets offered a job as a maid in a popular multi billionaire woman house to earn money in order to go back to school but everything becomes a nightmare when she came across the woman son whose name was Keith a typical billionaire playboy, the usual arrogant and rude and a pinch of heartlessness who believes money can solve anything. It was hatred at first sight and he will do everything to make Sonia life miserable, Sonia wanted to give up but not until she discovers the unbelievable insidious danger and dark truth in Keith's house .

Chapter 1

"Suzanne open this d*mn f*ck*ng door" Mr Will shouted

"Oh he's back am scared" Sonia mumbled while shivering terribly

"Don't worry I will always be right here for you so just go to your room"Suzanne said to her 8 year old sister who ran to her room,she quickly went inside unlock the door and the first thing she receive was a hot slap

"Are you mad?? What took you so long to open the door? Mr Will her step father shouted at her

"Am sorry sir am really sorry"Suzanne pleaded in tears but her step father turn deaf ears to her plea and torn off her cloth into shread,he pushed her on the couch and brutally r*p*d her

Sonia was in the room,she was sweating profusely,the moment she heard her sister loud cry,she also burst out crying,she knew her step father was doing his bad act again

After some minute,he left her alone and went to his room,sonia quickly went to her sister who was crying bitterly and she joined her in crying too

"Sonia pls stop crying,am fine and I strongly believe that God is gonna save us from all this problems" suzanne said in pain

"God?? Sonia looked up "where is he?? Tell me where was he when mom left us?tell me where was he when our step father is maltreating us this way?tell me where was he when......

"Sonia stop saying that, no matter what always believe that God will always be there for us"

"Suzannnnnnne......."Her step father called and Sonia quickly hide behind the curtain

"Yes"she said but was unable to stand up due to the pain and the next thing she felt was a iron rod that was knack on her back

"Arrrrrrrrrrgh"she screamed in terror

"So tell me who ate my food that I left before going to work"her step-father yelled

Suzanne couldn't speak,the pain was too much

"Can't you talk?? Her step father father kicked her on her face which make her scream

"We haven't eaten since two days ago and I can't stand my sister crying all night so I gave her the food pls forgive me"Suzanne wept sorrowfully

Sonia grip the curtain tightly as tears rolled down her eyes, her throat hurt badly cos she was trying not to cry out loud

"So what you're trying to say is that Sonia ate the food"

"Pls don't do anything to her,it was my fault so punish me instead"Suzanne pleaded and her step father helped her stand on his feet,she was half naked,so he went inside and Suzanne wonder what he's up to this time

Her step father finally came out with a hot iron,upon seeing that Suzanne almost lost,her step father instructed her to lie down but she was not willing,

He kicked her and put a cloth in her mouth then placed the iron on her back but she couldn't scream cos of the cloth in her mouth but she was in great pain

"That is for your stupid sister eating my food"her step father said

Sonia couldn't take it anymore,she carry the stool and wanted to hit it on her step father but she missed and her step father caught her

"So you're trying to harm me?? He barked at her and she was already sweating profusely

"Wait for me while I get you your size"he said and went inside

"Sonia hide,hide, hide"Suzanne whisperred and Sonia was scared,she quickly hide under the dining table

"Where's that your d*mn f*ck*ng sister? He yelled at Suzanne who couldn't say anthing

"I said where is she? He asked again with a knife in his hand

He pulled suzanne hair "where is she? He asked but she didn't say anything and he angrily hit her head on the wall and the next thing was blood all over the place

Suzanne looked at Sonia direction and smile slightly then shut her eyes

"Tell me where is she?? He said and kicked her,to his surprise she didn't flinch and that's when he realised that she was dead

"Ohh she's dead"he said lowly and sonia couldn't believe her ears,"it can't be true"she thought as tears begin to fill her eyes

Mr Will carried her and went outside the backyard,everywhere was dark and quiet,Sonia secretly followed her and what she saw was the greatest shock in her life

Her step father pour some petrol on her and lit Suzanne body on fire which started blazing fiercely

She screamed out loud and her step father looked back and was shocked

"Hey its your turn"he said devilishly and Sonia started running

Mr Will ran after her, he wanted to her,because he didn't want his secret to be relieved

Sonia started running,her little legs was aching badly so she hit her leg on a rock and stumbled,she looked up and see her step father smiling fiercely

"Now its your turn" he said

Chapter 2

Sonia started shivering and was moving backward while her step father was moving close to her

"Baby girl there's no way out"her step father said

Sonia got to the edge of the cliff and panicked,but suddenly she stood up with courage and looked down from the cliff and wonder where the river lead to

Mr Will looked at her and didn't know what she's planning to do

"Hey Will" Sonia called him by his name and her step father was shocked

"What....what did you just call me?? He said angrily

"Does that matter? I just want you to know that by the time I come back,I will make sure you pay dearly for what you've done to both I and my sister" she cried out

"What are you planning to do??

"I promise you so be prepared" she said and jumped down from the cliff

Mr Will was scared,he looked down the cliff but couldn't see anything because everwhere was dark but he knew there


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