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The Dominant Billionaire's Woman

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Four years ago, Annabelle got framed by her cruel stepmother and sisters. As a result of that, her father sent her out of the house. She flew out of City L after working as a waitress for some months. Life took a toll on her, but she survive with hardwork, and determination. Years later, she returned to City L, and started a furniture company with her identity hidden. Six months into the business, she reveal herself as the CEO of the furniture company. A week after she was interviewed by the paparazzi, she encountered a crisis. The worst of all came when she agreed to be business partner with the renowned and cold-hearted son of Salvador (Christian Salvador) Will she be able to fight what's yet to come? What if Annabelle agree to be his business partner, and he wants more, will the devil allow him have her? Let's find out Picture/ book cover not mine, credit to the rightful owner.

Chapter 1

Waking up like always, Anna sluggishly step down from her bed, she stretch her hands out and hurried into the washroom.

She freshened up, stride out, and dressed up for work. She tied her hair into a ponytail, wore a blue office suit, black heels, and picked up her channel black bag, which complimented her outfits.

Furthermore, she head out to her parking, got into her car and drove off.

After an hour drive, she arrived at her company, parked her car in her reserve slot, and strode Inside. As she strides into the lobby all gaze landed on her, and the crowd erupted with murmurs. Not that she cares, this is like a routine for them to murmur whenever she walks into the company.

Anna is stiff and doesn't smile at her employees, to her is strictly business. She just walked pass them and got into the elevator to her floor.

Immediately she walked into her office, her eyes landed on a figure seated on her chair while he twirls around.

"Good morning." He greeted and wink at her. She stood there in a daze with her mouth wide open.

This is becoming a routine for them to come to the office before her and sit on her chair. She dropped her bag on the floor, walk up to him and grabbed his ear.

"How many times have I warned you and Khalifa to stop sitting on my chair? How dare you sit on the CEOs chair?" she asked, her voice echoed in the room.

He cried out in pain and fight for his release, but she didn't let go.

"I'm sorry, can you please let go, you're hurting me." She chuckled, and shove his *ss before letting go of his ear.

She picked up her bag from the floor and took a seat on the couch.

"Why are you always this cruel? When is it a crime to sit on my sister's chair? Can't you be nice for once?" He whined and pouted.

She chortles and relax on the couch, spread her hands wide and entangle her legs, her gaze on him.

"Romeo you don't have to act all cute, I'm not one of those girls that squeal in excitement when you talk to them."

"This isn't fair, sis, you should at least have some respect for…" He didn't finish his sentence.

"You, out of my office, go get me my secretary." She cut him off. He knitted his brow's, and stood there, his gaze on her with his pinkish lips slightly opened.

She stood up and start to walk to him, before she could get to him, he scurried out of the office and slam the door so hard. "Jerk." She mumbled.

Anna strides back to her chair and plopped on it, put on her laptop and start to type on it. Minutes later, her secretary walk into the office with her pad.

"Good morning Miss Lee." She greeted with a shaky voice.

Anna looked up at her and back to her laptop.

"Morning, please get me my coffee." She responded.

Her secretary bobbed her head in response and strode out the office to do as instructed. She came back with a cup of coffee and drop it on her desk.

"Thank you. What's my schedule for today?" she asked, taking a sip from her coffee.

"You have a meeting with the employees by 10am, you're meeting Mr Andre at 12pm." She replied.

"Okay, please inform everyone to come to the boardroom." She nodded and strode out of her office.

An hour later, the meeting was over, she walked back to her office and plopped on the couch. Minutes later the door flew open a figure walk in smiling sheepishly.

"Hey sis." Khalifa said, and walk up to her.

"Why are you just coming to work? Do you want to drop in your resignation letter?" She asked with a straight face, making him chortle.

"I have been around, I was with Romeo at the lobby."

"The both of you need to get fired..... " She was cut off by a knock on her door.

"Come in" she answered.

"It's almost time for your meeting." Her secretary informed her. She bobbed her head in response and signaled her to leave.

"Get ready and meet me in the parking i will drop you off." Khalifa said.

"Who will be in charge when you're not around? Don't worry, I will head there myself."

"No I will, Romeo will take over." She wanted to protest but said nothing. She picked up some documents and her bag before they exited the office.

Forty minutes later they arrived at the restaurant.

"Go inside, call me when you're done." Khalifa said. She beamed at him and nod her head in response before walking into the restaurant.

"Welcome to Emjay's restaurant." A male attendant greeted immediately she walks in. She smiled at him and stride to the VIP reserved room.

She walks in expecting to meet Mr Andre, but to her surprise he wasn't there. She dropped her bag and sat on the wooden chair, to wait for him.

She closed her eyes, lift her legs up and place it on the table, her mouth slightly parted as she sings a song and wiggle her hair to it.

Mr Christ walk into the restaurant, he was greeted by an attendant. He nodded and walk to the reserved room alongside his PA.

He got there and opened the door. He fidgeted by the figure he just saw, her slender legs on the desk, her brownish long curly hair wiggling as she sang a song, her fair skin radiate the whole room.

A smile tugged his lips, but he quickly masked it up. His gaze fixated on her. He cleared his voice, and walk into the room.

"Hello." He said, assuming she would shudder but got the opposite.

She slowly opened her eyes, dropped her legs and stood up from the chair, with her hands In her pocket.

"Hey, how can I help you?" She asked with a raised brow. He gazes at her getting more fascinated.

'Did she just call him hey? She doesn't know who I'm? A lady asking me how she can help me? Something i have always asked others, this will be fascinating' He thought.

He strides more into the room and stood a bit close to her.

"You're in the wrong room, I booked this room, and as you can see, it's a VIP room, go back to the receptionist and make inquiries." He said.

She turns around and back to him, her hands on her mouth with her gaze on him, locked together.

"Did you just say I'm in the wrong room, huh? Shush Where's your manners? You walk into someone else room and claim you booked it before me, goodness, things are happening."

His mouth gasped open, but he quickly masked it up with a slight smile. This lady is fascinating, he's loving every bit of this, where's his manner's? Who the hell is she? She got nerves and audacity to talk back at him. His PA wanted to make a move, but he quickly makes him halt.

"I'm sure your secretary made the reservation, why not call and confirm from her, maybe you're the one without manner's." She clenches her fist in anger and picked up her phone, putting it on speaker.

A smile curved his face as he watches her dail a contact and placed it on her ear.

"Hello, what's the room number you reserved for me?" She asked in an angry tone, making her secretary cringe.

"It's room 406." Her secretary responded, and she hung up and turn to the figure standing in front of her with his crystal blue eyes fixated on her.

"You heard it, so I will appreciate if you take your leave now."

He gulped and turn to his PA who has been standing watching the two exchange words.

"Go get me the receptionist." He ordered.His secretary dash out of the room and came back with the receptionist. "Sir, you sent for me." She said immediately she got there.

He turned to her, "What's my room number?"

"It's 405 sir." He felt embarrassed. They have always reserved room 406, why was today different? He thought.

She looked at him with a raised brow.

"You can go now." She said, and the receptionist walk out of the room.

"Since you heard her, kindly take your leave, before I call in the security." She threatened.

A smile grace his face, is she trying to threaten him? It doesn't end here, he needs to find out about her.

"I hope to see you soon." He muttered to her.

"We won't cross path again, even in your next life." She blurted out. They turned on their heels and walk out of the room.

"Find out who she is, where she works, her background and everything." He ordered. His PA bobbed his head in response, and quietly followed behind.

After the meeting with her client, she called Khalifa to come pick her up. Minutes later, he drove her back to the company.

"Do you need anything? Should I get you lunch?' Khalifa asked.

"No, I don't need anything, I want to rest now." He nods his head in response before striding out of her office. She plopped on the sofa and took a nap. After the long nap, she stood up and got back to work.

She sat on her chair and start to review some documents until it was time to go home. Khalifa walk back into the office.

"Sis, it's time to go home." He informed her.

She stood up, pick some documents and her bag before striding out of the office. They hopped into the car and drove home.

An hour later, they arrived at the mansion and parked at the parking lots. She walks into the house alongside Khalifa, they were greeted by the scent of food.

"Billie is at it again, doing what she knows how to do best." Khalifa said, and she nodded in agreement.

He walks to his room while she strides to the kitchen. "You there." She said with a smile etched on her face, leaning on the door.

"Welcome back home sis, how was work today?" Billie asked, her focus on what she was doing.

"It was fine. What are you making for dinner?"

"Go and freshen up, dinner will be ready soon." She said, ignoring her question.

Anna shrug and walk to her room to freshen up. She strips off her clothes and walk into the shower. A few minutes later she walks out and dry her hair, change into a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants.

She walks back to the dinning and took a seat beside romeo. "When did you get home?" She asked, and nudge him.

A sigh slips through his lips. "Not long after you came home." Romeo responded.

"Let's eat." Billie announced. They ate quietly, minutes later they were done, the guys helped wash the dishes while the Ladies walk to the living room to watch an evening show.

Khalifa and Romeo quickly do the dishes and walk back to join the Ladies. They were engrossed in the movie they were seeing when Anna's phone chirped. She checked the caller ID, and got a bit perplexed. Why was he calling at this time of the night?

"Hello." She said immediately she picked up.

"The.. House.. on fire." He stuttered.

"What?" She yelled. The phone slip from her hands and fell on the floor making the others turn to look at her.

Chapter 2

Christ was in his office, busy going through some documents When his door crept open. He lifted his head up to see the figure, he's gaze landed on his PA holding some files with a sad expression.

"Boss, these are the information you asked for." He said, and handed it over to his boss.

"Everything about her is in there. Her name is Anna Lee, she's the CEO of Simon furniture company, she started the company six months ago, and already doing well in business." "A little of her background is hidden, there's no information about her family." He said, and continued.

"Something bad happened to her last night." Christ lifted his head up from the document, and gave him a look of go on.

"Her store house was set on fire." He finished. Christ clenched his fist at the mentioned of her store house set ablaze. He wanted to rip the document he was holding, but had to quickly controlled himself and look up to hi


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