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She was not the one I wanted but I married her anyways

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This isn't your typical Cinderella or damsel in distress tale. Briella served as the CEO of Star Airlines. Beautiful, successful, and badass. Despite her wealth, her parents never loved her as much as they did Sage, her step-sister. Sage wasn't particularly bright. She spent her parents' money and manipulated them to get what she wanted, but she was still the most loved. Sage was engaged to be married to a business tycoon with operations all over the world. A day before the wedding, she changed her mind. Why? She didn't want to marry him because she had found someone better. Briella had to step in and be the bride because their parents and Kendrick's parents refused to cancel the wedding. Was she willing to spend her life with someone she'd never met? When Kendrick's wife loses her memories of him, the tables are turned. Will his efforts be fruitful?

Chapter 1

" You're kidding me right?" Briella glared at her father. She was supposed to come to her sister's wedding and take the next available flight back to Los Angeles. End of story. So why the hell was her father telling her a different story at 2 am in the morning and threatening to disown her and collapse her business?

" So because Princess Sage doesn't want her man again, I am expected to have her sloppy seconds else I get disowned, lose my inheritance, that's if I have any by the way, and have my business collapse? Why? Why can't I make my own choices?! What the hell did I ever do to you?!" she yelled.

" My word is final. You'd better go get ready." Mr. Scott-Roberts said walking out. Briella sat on her bed feeling dizzy at once. This wasn't what she bargained for.

Why did the wicked witch of the West want to ruin her life? Hadn't she done enough?

" What do I have to lose anyway? We could get married for a while and if it's not working out we go our separate ways. That way I got nothing to lose and I get what I am entitled to." she thought aloud.

" In my next life, I'm being the spoilt brat. Maybe they would like me." she sighed entering the bathroom to take her bath. Everything was set for her and all she needed was to just become the bride.

The maid of honor knocked on her door at exactly 10 am.

" Come on in," she answered in a bored tone. She had already updated her friends back in LA on what was happening. Some of them were on their way coming while others said it was impromptu which she understood because she was just told this morning.

How convenient!

" How may I be of help to you miss?" she asked the lady.

" Well, the makeup artist and the hairstylist have arrived. You need to get ready for them." The lady announced.

" Can they come here to do it please?" she politely asked.

" Of course, I'd send them in shortly." the lady said walking out. Briella had already taken her shower for the second time. She wore the robe and sat in the chair waiting for whosoever was going to do her hair and makeup. For a minute all she wanted to do was to pack her bags and jump down the window, drive to the airport, and run away. But she needed that inheritance, it was her birth rite after all.

"Oh, hi." the makeup artist said as she got to work immediately. An hour later, she was done and it was time for her hair styling. She didn't opt for something too extravagant since this wedding was a sham. After another 45 minutes, her hair was done. In 1h45minutes, she was done with her hair and makeup. Her maid of honor helped her with the dress. It was a gorgeous wedding. Sage was a fashion freak so she wasn't surprised she chose such a beautiful yet expensive gown.

In no time, everything was set and she was inside the car being driven to where the wedding was taking place. The more they neared the venue, the more she became nervous.

What if he disgraces her at the altar?

What if he wasn't as good as how he was portrayed to be that's why Sage left? She couldn't help but think. Just as she was about to speak, the car parked in front of a magnanimous building. It was splendid and a wonderful sight to behold. Everything about that house screamed money.

The maid of honor helped her out of the car as they walked toward her parents. Sage of course was nowhere to be found. Her dad took her hand unwillingly and walked her down the aisle.

Her husband-to-be Kendrick stood at 6'7 ft He was well built, light-skinned, and the sexiest man alive at that moment. His white suit looked gorgeous on him and his shoes sparkled when the light fell on them. Her daydreaming was short-lived when they got to the altar. She could feel Kendrick's gaze all over her but ignored it as they proceeded. Vows were exchanged and they were pronounced man and wife. His kiss sent sparks down her spine. It was the best kiss she had ever had from any man. It wasn't too rough or demanding. It was just a sweet quick one that was doing things to her at the moment.

They walked towards the reception which wasn't far from where the ceremony was held. " Come on Brie, you don't want people thinking my breath stinks do we?" he said staring at her face. She had a frown on her face that began drawing attention to her. She couldn't help but burst into laughter at his comment.

" That was a good joke. Thanks for making me laugh," she said earning a smile from him.

" My pleasure, I see you're the prodigal's daughter. I'm sure your step-mom threatened your dad with a shoe to talk you into this. While her spoilt brat gets to be with the love of her bodyguard." he said as Briella laughed louder this time.

"Is she serious? She dumped you for your guard? Just cause he fucks better than you do?" she tried her best not to laugh again. " Did she say he fucks better than I do?" he asked surprised.

" Umm no, but why would she dump you if not for that? You're rich so it's definitely not money," she answered.

" And it definitely not s*x, we hardly had s*x though but if we did it was mind-blowing." he bragged.

" Oh, it's still about s*x, you gave it to her occasionally while Mr bodyguard gave it to her every day. She couldn't marry a man who f*ck*d her occasionally and that's why she bailed." she finished as her parents approached her.

" Oh f*ck my life," she murmured making Kendrick chuckle.

" I can see you both are getting along quite well." Anika, the evil witch said.

" Of course, we are getting to know each other since I was practically forced into this, by yours truly wicked witch of the west and father dearest." she jabbed.

" We wish you all the best in your marriage and you will hear from me soon." her dad added walking away with Anika in tow.

" That was pretty harsh," Kendrick said as they walked toward his parents.

" They deserve it and more," she whispered to him.

" So what do you do? Or you're also specialized in spending money?" Kendrick's mom asked.

" No Mrs. Adams, I own an airline... Star Airlines to be precise," she announced shocking the three of them.

Chapter 2

Kendrick's mansion was much bigger and more luxurious from the inside. She fell in love with the interior decor as soon as she entered the house. Their wedding and reception were over and so everyone had left for their homes and she had no idea where her “husband" was at the moment. Her luggage was being sent to her room and she decided to give herself a tour of the house though she didn't have a clue of where she was going.

About a few minutes later, she noticed she was lost in the mansion with no one to help since they were busily preparing her room and unpacking her stuff. She had gotten a new wardrobe since all her things were back in Los Angeles, California while she was currently in Las Vegas, NV.

Briella was a music lover so as soon as she spotted a piano, she immediately sat down to play one of her favorites. She was engrossed in the music that she didn't recognize footsteps not feel that someone stood behind her.

Ah, the power and b


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