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Seducing His Grandfather's Trophy Wife

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She's his grandfather's young wife, but he can't help but be possessive of her. ~~~ In the lap of luxury, where power and privilege reign supreme, Dallie, a beguiling but innocent wife to a billionaire magnate, finds herself irresistibly drawn to Grégoire, the enigmatic and rebellious scion of the family. Against the backdrop of opulence and ambition, their destinies collide. Can Dallie resist the allure of her husband's grandson, or will their secret love lead to a web of consequences beyond their control? ~~~ A love and desire that dare to challenge the very foundations of morality, wealth, and status...


“You know we can’t do this, Grégoire.” Dallie’s voice shook, and so did her heart. Her chest rose and fell, as Grégoire’s body trapped hers against the wall. The mere closeness of him gave her body a delicious shiver.

She couldn’t and wouldn’t want to admit that she longed for him in every possible way. Yes, this wasn’t right. She and he were over, so this thing couldn’t happen between them. How could she when she was a very married young woman?

If it wasn’t for certain unfortunate circumstances, she would not be in this kind of predicament. She had no idea, but maybe God hated her. Her fate so far was bleak, and there was no getting out of it. For example, her destiny with this man, to whom she had given her heart, body, and soul, was utterly impossible. They could never ever be together. She thought her life was a curse.

Grégoire’s dark blue eyes were hazy with desire. That much she could tell. Oh, how her femininity throbbed at the moment, yearning for him to fill it, to fill her, to take her to where she wanted to be.

On the pinnacle that only he could send her to.

Oh, how Dallie yearned for him. How she wanted to give in to this temptation. To his seduction.

She felt Grégoire’s hardness grind against her abdomen, and she could not suppress a moan to escape from her throat.

“Please… Grégoire…” she begged. She had no idea if she wanted him to stop or to make him go on with his enticement. Because right now, she was starting to crumble.

She mentally shook her head.

‘No, no. I shouldn’t.’

“What is it, magnifique? Why don’t you admit it? You want me, too,” he whispered huskily. His warm breath fanned her cheek.

Dallie’s body shivered when she felt his lips graze her earlobe ever so lightly, like a feather’s touch on her skin. Her hands were splayed on his hard chest, and she could feel the strong beating of his heart. He, too, breathed unevenly.

“Yes!” she hissed, her eyes fiery.

For a moment, he stopped grinding his hips against hers.

“I want you, but we can’t do this, Grégoire. I’m already married to your grandfather for heaven’s sake!” she added.

His desire-filled eyes wavered for a moment. And yet, he shook his head. “I know that, Dallie. But you don’t even love him, do you?”

Dallie’s jaw dropped. “What’s that got to do with this anyway? The mere fact that I’m technically your grandmother⸺”

Grégoire snorted. “Don’t you dare say it to my face, Dallie! You’re not my grandmother! My grandmother is gone a long time ago!” He gritted his teeth. “You… you’re mine, not my grandfather’s! Only I own you. Do you understand? You’re not his!”

Dallie could not believe her ears. He was being unreasonable, but she couldn’t blame him. His intense desire for her was the same as her desire for him. But was it right to feel this way despite her marital status? She knew d*mn well it wasn’t. She should not even question it. What she felt in her heart was not important compared to her promise to his grandfather. She had pledged that she should be his wife. He was so kind to her. She could not just betray him because she felt an intense attraction to his grandson, could she? In all aspects she turned, she knew that this was all wrong.

“Remember that you’re mine first, not his!” Grégoire appended. His lips hovered over hers, and her shaky breath mingled with his. His musky and citrusy scent filled her senses. It drove her crazy, and right now, her sanity was delicately slipping away.

Dallie could only groan when his lips claimed hers passionately. Oh, how she missed those lips, his taste of minty wine that drove her insane. She felt his big hand cup her bottom. The thin fabric of her negligee was not of much help, as she could feel the heat of his hand and body against her skin. He pressed and massaged her round bottom, making her tingle all over, especially in her very center.

“Grégoire…” she whispered, trying to stop him. And yet, when his hand glided toward her delicate femininity, all possible logic just melted away.

“You’re mine, magnifique. Only mine…” he whispered and thrust his tongue inside her warm velvety mouth. With it, his hand touched her moist flesh, and she gasped. “See? Your body can’t deny me. I can possess you anytime I want.”

Dallie moaned when he pressed and stroked her needy bead. Her legs parted of their own accord, wanting more of his touch. She couldn’t do anything else but to cling onto his wide shoulders.

“Grégoire… you jerk! I hate you for making me feel this way.” She cussed between hot kisses.

Chapter 1

“Bye, Dad!” Sixteen-year-old Dallie bade her father goodbye when he dropped her off at school, kissing him on the cheek.

“Be careful, sweetie. Let’s celebrate your birthday later after school, okay?” Gabriel said smilingly.

“Yeah. Thanks, Dad!”

“I’ll pick you and your brother up later, okay?” He turned his head to look at his younger son in the backseat.

Mackie was busy with his iPad, saying absently, “Yeah, Dad.”

Dallie leaned forward on the backseat and smacked her brother in the head. He looked up at her with a scowl.

“Hey! This is child abuse!” he grumbled, scratching the assaulted part. “What did I do wrong?”

“Stop playing! You got addicted to that game, Mackie. You don’t even study. You’re already fourteen, and you still act like a child, you moron!” Dallie gave her brother a withering look, and he looked away.

“Hey, hey. That’s enough. Now, off you go, you two. Do great, all right?” their father said.

“Bye, Dad. Take care!


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