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Surrogate Women

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Arabella replaces Abigail as Mr. Eshar's slave to repay her uncle and aunt. However, the kindness of the heart actually resulted in long-term disaster. Arabella not only became Master Eshar's slave, but she also had to serve him in bed. Until without realizing it, the seeds of love began to grow. However, the love story that grows between Arabella and Tuan Eshar is not the beginning of happiness, but rather a prolonged disaster.

Chapter 1. Debt Repayment

The creak of the door opening, followed by the sound of loafers clashing against the hard marble floor, disheartened Arabella Burke. The twenty-five-year-old young girl had been locked up in a luxurious room for the past two days. Round eyes with pale skin, and yellow hair glistening like butter in the morning sun, made her look weak and easy to control.

"Miss Abigail White, it is quite unexpected that you would dare to come here."

A man's heavy voice in a very low tone of voice, broke the silence of the luxurious room. Forcing Arabella to turn to look at him.

"Are you Abigail White?"

The man frowned, staring at the pale face in front of him in amazement. He had not expected that the woman he was going to meet this afternoon, and would serve him for the rest of the day, would turn out to be such a young girl. Even the girl's face was quite different from the picture Fuller Bentley had given her.

Arabella froze, then lifted her chin. Pretending to stare haughtily at the man in front of her, just like her cousin used to do. Abigail White was beautiful and rich, but so arrogant. Always looking at people with a contemptuous gaze, as if she owned the universe.

"Who are you? Why lock me up in this room? I came here to meet with Mr. Asher, not to be a prisoner of an unknown man like you."

Arabella took a deep breath, then looked back at the window glass that was wet with raindrops. Settling her racing heart, having to deal with a figure that was so handsome, yet so cold at the same time.

The man's laughter echoed. "Have you forgotten what you came here for?

Woody's scent pierced Arabella's nostrils, as the man stood right behind her while taking off his coat, and dumping it unceremoniously on the bed.

"I thought Mr. Fuller had told you what your duties are here,"

The man pulled Arabella's hand. Forcing her to turn round so that the two of them could look at each other at very close range.

"Look this way, Miss Abigail, and listen carefully." Asher gripped Arabella's chin. "Your father has many debts that cannot be paid with money, which is why he sent you here to serve me. Your father's debts will be cleared if, within this one week, I am satisfied with your service."

Both of Arabella's hands were suddenly drenched in a cold sweat. The words of that handsome man brought her world to a halt for a few seconds. She moved backward slowly, releasing herself from Asher's grip, while her eyes blinked softly.

"I-I'm the debt payer?"

Arabella's steps came to a halt, as her body hit the wall. Unable to say more after hearing that she was sent to this luxurious mansion, apparently to pay off her uncle's debt.

"What's on your mind, Miss Abigail? Hoping Mr. Fuller White would send you here to marry us off?"

Asher smiled faintly. Plopped himself on the edge of the bed while unbuttoning his shirt. Revealing a flat stomach and ample chest that would make any woman not blink. However, the young girl in front of him, unfortunately, looked away. It was completely beyond the expectations of Asher who thought that Abigail White would be wild and ferocious, as Bobby had said.

"I-I thought ... I honestly thought so too. You and Abby are getting married."

Arabella's voice weakened, then laughed softly. She was a fool to be used by her aunt. The woman who had nurtured her from childhood had forgotten the already fading blood relationship by selling her to an unknown man, just to settle a debt she never knew about.

Agnes White was the sister of Arabella's birth mother. That is, Alicia Burke. When they were young, the two were very close, until they got married and changed their surnames, following their husband's surname. However, unfortunately, the closeness of the two sisters faded, when there was a business rivalry in their small family.

Fuller White committed stock fraud in Alicia Burke's name, then threw her in jail to save his skin. Foolishly, Agnes agreed to her husband's crimes for the sake of their biological daughter. That is, seven-year-old Abigail White.

Agnes White had forgotten her sisterly bond with Alicia Burke. She had no compassion for her sister's situation in prison. Even worse, they were also reluctant to become guardians of Arabella, who at that time was just born into the world, but already had to lose her parents. Because the day the poor girl was born, Alicia and her husband decided to commit suicide, unable to bear the insults and abuse directed at them both.

"You expect me and Abigail to get married too? You're very funny, Miss. Isn't Abigail your person?"

Eshar looked at Arabella intently. The thin pink lips trembled in front of her as if demanding to be kissed. Looking innocent and so afraid to be touched, like a good woman. In stark contrast to the rumors circulating out there, Abigail was not as good as a virgin who sacrificed her chastity for love.

Yes... Abigail White is known as a woman of the night who likes to change partners. Until when Mr. Fuller White offered her an arranged marriage to cover debts due to embezzled company money, Asher intended to make her his plaything.

"I-I... I want marriage. If Mr. Fuller sells my body to you as compensation for the company's debt, I want us to get married."

I don't know what possessed Arabella to request that Asher could not possibly agree to. Almost telling the truth to a conglomerate man in their notoriously cold city and a believer in the free-living, no-marriage movement.

"No negotiations with me, Miss. It's enough that your father squandered my money, and this body of yours is still at least worthy enough to repay the debt."Without another word, Asher advanced to Arabella's front. Grabbed the young girl's chin again and began to do indecent things to her.

Meanwhile, Arabella could only remain silent, despite desperately wanting to put up a fight. She didn't have much courage to stand up to Fuller and Agnes, so she couldn't fight back. After all, Agnes had sent her to Asher's mansion in the first place, to replace Abigail as the debt payer. Let's just say that she was currently repaying her debt to her aunt's family as well.

My entire life has been completed in one day. Thank you, Uncle and Auntie, With this my debt to you has been paid off. What you raised half-heartedly, there is now no more left.

Arabella's eyes turned to the window. She looked at the raindrops that created dew trails on the clear glass in front of her. Obscuring the view outside where the blossoms had fallen to the earth, due to the heavy rain. Just as she had withered away protecting the honor of others.

Chapter 2. Seductress

The soft light of the morning sun, filtered through the windowpane that had not been covered by the curtains since last night. It woke up Arabella who was still sleeping from exhaustion. She sat in the center of the bed with both hands resting on her knees, feeling aches and pains all over. Her round eyes blinked a few times, then scanned the entire room that had gone unnoticed last night.

A large wardrobe, made of ebony, stood firmly against the concrete wall. Two landscape paintings were hung close together on the right wall of the room, while a standing hanger was placed beside the decorative table.

Arabella took a deep breath as she gazed sadly at the bloodstains on the sheets, then moved on to the handsome man sleeping beside her. Last night he had brutally taken away her chastity, without giving her a chance to catch her breath. Despite her cries and pleas to stop for just a moment, Eshar had senselessly ravaged her all night.

God, I'm so


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