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Queen Fisher

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Opposite Attracts indeed... But this attraction can be expensive, not everyone can afford it. This was the case with Matthew Jordan, Matteo for short. He is a Young fisherman who fell in love with Alexa, the billionaire heiress. The gap in the status is huge, can this love survive? Especially at the hands of April, Alexa's friend who couldn't wait to have Matteo's d*ck in her. What happens when east meets west....? Against all odds, Matthew was determined to keep Alexa by his side, Can he make this happens? Was Matthew just an ordinary fisherman or is there more to his identity? There's only one way to find out.

Chapter 1

The day dawned crisp and clear with the sun sending its bright light shining upon the earth, beautifully adorning the sea with its golden ray, and upon the blue-blushing of the ocean waves the fishing boat is ready to sail.

The fishermen set sail into the rise of the sun, they went into the new gold light of the day, upon the bonny tides.

A man was seen running towards the boat as it sailed. His golden eyes twinkled beautifully in the bright sun rays.

He was wearing short baggy Jeans and a white round-neck polo. His long hair was flying gracefully with him as he ran. His feet held a blue flat sailor sandal.

"Hey, Mateo! You're late! An elderly man called out to the running man.

Mateo jumped into the leaving boat and stood right before the mast.

"Hello, good people." He greeted as he got inside the boat.

"Here comes Mateo," One of the men on board announced.

"Good morning, Allen." Mateo bumped his shoulder with him.

"We thought you won't be coming along today." Another man added.

"Why won't I? Mateo replied with his usual signature smile. His side dimple graced his cheeks.

Mateo walked away from the men praising him and he stopped before the ocean. His golden hair floating behind him like the prince of the sea.

He clapped his hand together and lifted them above his head as he worshipped the sun. This was his usual routine, whenever he leaves to went fishing in the middle of the ocean or sea.

Mateo bowed and closed his eyes.

"Hail thee, sun god!"

"Hail the sea goddess!"

"Thank you both for the sky above and sea below." Mateo bowed again

"Will you ever stop doing this?" One of the other fishermen asked.

Mateo didn't respond to the question. Instead, he turned to the sea and looked down.


Mateo yelled as he noticed something underneath the ocean. His ability to spot even the tiniest underwater creature from his boat made everyone always refer to him as Mateo Hawk.

He threw the hook into the ocean and let it sink completely as someone else brought the boat to a halt.


The net was passed to him and he spread it across the sea like a knitted blanket. He threw it in.

Everyone stood by the boat, looking expectantly at the net.

Mateo was checking the watch around his wrist and his hand tapped his head as he counted the number of seconds the net will stay inside the sea.

"Now!" Mateo exclaimed and they rolled up the ropes holding the net.

"Wow! We got so many Salmon and Cod here!"

"Throw! Mateo ignored their proud comment and Instead his hawk eyes remained fixated on the sea.

He threw the net Into the sea again and be ordered them to pull it over and over. Bringing out more fish as he did.

He sailed further into the sea and he threw his net to fish and this time he got more Tuna and Mackerel.

"Great catch Mateo," An older man came close to him to see all he had caught.

Mateo also checked the time on his wrist and he could see that the sun was about to set.

"Is everyone done?" Mateo called out.

"Yes!" The men chorused.

"Let's go back!" Mateo announced.

They returned home and Mateo shared the fish. His sister was already waiting at the market.

"This is my share." Mateo handed two baskets of fish to her.

"Why do we have less fish today? Mateo's sister, Amanda asked in surprise as she checked out the basket of fish.

"I'll get more tomorrow."

"But, you promised to get enough fish to pay for my tuition."

"Trust me, Amanda, I'll pay your tuition." Mateo patted her cheek. He joined her and lifted the fishes into the cart to go join their mother at the fish market.

"I have to go to work from here." Mateo again checked the time on his wristwatch.

"I'm running late, already."

"Won't you come along? Amanda asked in surprise because Mateo usually can't stay a moment without his mother.

"I won't be coming along because my boss has sent me an important errand."

"Oh... But.....

"Don't worry Amanda, I'll get you your tuition fee today."

"Promise? Amanda put forth her index finger.

"Pinky Promise."


"Hello guys, this is Alexa Rowell, and I'm reporting from the biggest fish market in Alaska."

A lady approached the market women with a Mike and camera as she interviewed them.

"How do you get these fishes?

"Our husbands go fishing in the ocean and seas, While we sell them here in the market." One of the women replied.

Alexa studied all the women and she frowned. Something didn't seem to be adding up.

The women before her looked old, definitely, their husbands will be older, how will they be able to fish in the sea?

"Does your husbands do the fishing themselves or...

"It's Mateo."

"Who? Alexa frowned.

"Mateo." The women repeated in unison.

"Who is this Mateo?

"He is the backbone of every woman in this market.

"Is he a young man or an adult?

"Mateo is completely different from today's youngsters." Commented one of the women in the market.

"Why do you say so?

"Yes," The women concurred. "He is one in a million. We all get to eat twice daily because of him."

Other women testified to Mateo's kind-heartedness.

"Really? Alexa nodded as she listened to the women. "Is this Mateo a fisherman too?

"He is a fisherman, but I've heard that he is a graduate."

"What? Mateo is a graduate? Alexa asked with disbelief.

"Of course he is. He singlehandedly sponsored himself to school with his hard work."

"Wow, really? Alexa became interested in the topic.

"Have you heard of the youngest fisherman in the history of Sitka? The women explained further.

"Who is it?

"It's Mateo." The women chorused again. "He became a fisherman at the age of ten."

"What? Alexa exclaimed.

"Yes. Mateo became a fisherman at the tender age of ten, following the premature death of his father, twenty years ago."

"Wow, really? This Mateo must be an exceptional human?"

"He is a gem." The women explained again.

"His mother must be proud to have a son like him."

"She sure is, because we all are."

The women in the market proudly listed Mateo's heroic acts to Alexa.

"Impressive, Huh...? Alexa muttered. "I would really like to meet this Mateo."

Chapter 2

"Who is this?" Why are you at my house? Mr. Rowell barked as he noticed a strange-looking lady walk into his house.

"Dad, it's Alexa."

"What Alexa?" Mr. Rowell adjusted his glasses. "My daughter would never dress this way."

"It's me, Dad," Alexa took off the dirty and cheap wig she has on her head.

"Alexa?" Mr. Rowell exclaimed in complete astonishment.

"Yes Dad, it's me."

"Why are you looking so tattered?

"Honey, have you.....Oh my god! Mrs. Rowell exclaimed. "Who is this?"

"Mom, you don't recognize me?" Alexa scoffed with disbelief.

"This can't be my daughter!"

"Well," Alexa removed the fake eyelashes and wiped the dirt on her face and her snow-white skin came into view.

"Mom, it really is me." Alexa opened her arms and smiled widely.

"Alexa? Why


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