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Play Boy Trapped

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Veronica leaves the village to the city to find greener pasture, leaving behind her childhood lover, Edu. Weeks after she arrives the big City of Enugu she meets with an old time friend who suddenly introduces her to work in a company owned by a drug lord, Charles. Charles is Edu's older brother who went missing ten years after he was born. He has become a kingpin and widely feared in the city and beyond. Veronica finds herself in-between accepting the dangerous billionaire Charles or facing death. She has to confide in Edu who suddenly realizes that Charles is his long lost older brother. Desperate to live large Edu decides to trade his love for Veronica to get his brother to help him. Charles who has refused to go home to see his sick mother is lured home by Veronica who promises to marry him if he would visit home. Charles's love for Veronica prompts him to lead a new life and this does not go down well for Edu who has decided to become like his older brother. He tries to fight Charles and retake his childhood lover but..

Chapter 1

"Stop touching me please" She begged him, shoving his left hand off her waist but gently.

"I'm sorry" he said with a mischievous smile playing on his lips. He was handsome and she knew it.

"You keep saying sorry yet you keep doing it" she murmured, adjusting the file in her hands.

"You don't like that I do it?" He asked, putting both hands in his pocket, a perfect gentleman posture, dressed in his expensive white suit, with his curled black hair, well carved. She sighed and turned to face him, looking downward.

"Sir, here is the file" she was avoiding his eyes, was it because she could not stand his seductive eyes or she was being progressional? She could not tell, but she wanted to get out of there. He walked closer to her and she could see his left hand get out of his pocket and then came straight to her face. His perfume was so strong. He used his finger to raise her face to look at his.

"Look at me" he commanded and she did, his face too close to hers she almost fainted. She knew what he was trying to do; to kiss her against her wish.

Charles was Veronica's boss, a business guru from the Eastern part of Nigeria; the city of Enugu and he just returned from his long business trip to Dubai and now he needed to have the feedback from his subordinates on how the company had been running. Sensing that Veronica still wanted to play hard he stepped back a bit and sat down. Then he told her to sit.

"Sir I still have alot on my desk that i must take care of "Veronica said while adjusting the files in her hands. To her fear Charles did not say a word after she said that and she stole a glance at him and saw he was staring at her with one of his fingers holding his temple. He was not smiling and Veronica wondered if he was sad or happy.

"You need to know that you work for me or rather you need a reminder that I still have the final say on what you should do and what not to do. You are busy no doubt but I tell you to sit" he insisted while pointing towards the seat before him. Veronica was a beauty and everyone inside the office knew just that. She was polite and gentle in the spirit hence of her male counterparts admired any man that could be responsible for her. She hesitated but knew that if she did not do as she he had commanded she might end up loosing her job. She sat down and adjusted the files in her hands once again.

"Veronica what is wrong with you?" Charles was asking.

"Sir?" Veronica pretended she did not understand where he was driving at with his query. He shook his head and adjusted himself on his seat before he said again, "I want you to be my woman" he said this as if he had not been saying it before. She avoided his gaze and even at that she could still feel the heaviness of his eyes on her.

"I have been trying to get your attention but you ignore me. I am not married and I am a billionaire" he said this with a sense of pride in his tone. She looked up at his face and yes he was not lying when he said that. She knew him and every girl in the city of Enugu knew him to be one of the big boys in town. What always baffled her was never getting to see him in the company of a woman or women as the case should be judging his stature as a billionaire he just refered to himself as. She wouldn't want to have anything to do with a man that ladies spoke of but run away from. He was known to be a drug dealer, a drug addict and a dangerous guy. She knew too that he had top government officials who backed him up in his drug pushing business. He was mostly calm and it would appear that she or the rest in the office hardly knew what was on his mind. She had also been told severally by her late father that most men that hardly talk have a lot going on in their inside and it would appear that it wouldn't be enough to just conclude on someone yet she knew without having to be told that Charles was a dangerous person. She wanted to stand up but knew that would be rude and he might decide to sack her if she went on provoking him. He stood up and put both hands in his pockets and then said, "I want you and I need you. Your duty here will be that of a woman who is in charge if you say yes to my proposal. Yes, I know I haven't been doing this the right way; approaching you rather in a hostile way but that's the language there city girls understand; they don't care about what you feel inside of you as a man; as long as you have what to give they are ready to take"

"Don't you men take from them ladies too when you have to sleep with them?" Veronica asked and was surprised at her own audacity. At this point Charles smiled and said, "You sound as if you have discovered me doing such things with ladies?" He said.

"Why do you want me sir? I mean you are one of the richest in this city, in this nation, you are known to all over Africa and there are millions of women who would gladly want you for themselves; why me of all people?" she wanted to know.

"Because you are the one i want" he said.

"I will suffer" she whispered.

"I beg your pardon?" he asked but she looked up at his face and

Chapter 2

"Im leaving, Edu" Veronica was shedding tears and his boyfriend, Edu, who had finished with his tertiary but wasting in the village held her hand and tried to talk her out of it.

"Baby listen..." he was about to say.

"Listen to what Edu? Your mother is sick, you are sick too. My parents are both gone and...and I'm just going to sit in my father's house, that house my uncles are struggling over and then I will be there waiting for a day you will come for my hand in marriage, knowing quite alright that that day may never come if I don't do something about it"

"What are you saying? I love you and I have my handwork..."

"That isn't enough Edu, I have to leave the village, I have to look for work in the city. I'm a graduate and I can find a well paying job which I can use to make ends meet for both myself and you and your parents. Please don't try to stop me" She was shedding tears. E


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