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Partner In Crime

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Amabella Soriano is a famous detective in the Homicide Department of a police station. She is a one of a kind detective that solve each cases she handled, not until she met Christopher Ramirez. Christopher Ramirez is the primary suspect of the new case that Amabella will handle. All the evidence located in the crime scene are all pointing to him, but he denies that he is the one who killed the victim. Amabella will be too curious about this case because of the strong plead of the suspect that he is not the one who killed the victim. As Amabella go back to the crime scene, she will discover something that will surely change the complexion of the case. Because of that, she will be partner with Christopher, and they will try to resolve the mystery of the said case. The real question is Christopher innocent or for the first time in Amabella’s career, she will be wronged. Above all, is there a chance that they will be partner in life in the future, if they are currently PARTNER IN CRIME? Read until the end to find out the mystery of this case and how it will affect Amabella and Christopher’s ending.



I am quickly running toward the airport's departure area because I am pursuing a murder suspect. According to my investigation, that suspect is really guilty of the crime. My team and I hurriedly went to his residence, but only the caregivers were there. Based on them, Mr. Ching is rushing to leave the mansion. It is a relief that the caregivers help our team to know where Mr. Ching is going.

“ Mr. Ching, stay right there! “ I loudly exclaimed when I saw Mr. Ching.

Many people were surprised because of my loud voice. Additionally, they allow me to go because they understand that I am a police officer. Mr. Ching looked at me while shaking. I approach him, reach out, and take both of his hands, placing them on his back.

“ Mr. Ching, you are under arrest for the murder of Mr. Han. You have a right to remain silent. Whatever you say may be used in court against you. “ I seriously told him after I put the handcuffs. I then force him to board the police cruiser after escorting him out of the airport.

Whoo! I was almost mistaken in the process of checking shreds of evidence. It is a relief that I doubled check the DNA record and Mr. Ching’s alibi, or else he will freely left the country. Criminals really, do the crime then they will leave as if nothing happened. They will leave freely and happy while there are families that are grieving because of the crime they committed.

“ Nice catch, Detective Soriano! “ I heard someone tell it behind me, then she tapped my shoulder.

“ Nice catch to our team. “ I answered her while putting a big smile on my face.

“ You are too humble, Bella. This case was solved because of you. “ Riri explained while she was holding in her waist. Riri is my workmate and best friend at the same time.

“ Each of us helps one another to solve this case. “ I explained back to Riri.

“ Hep! Stop it already. Let us go back to the station. “ I added to cut our conversation.

Riri stopped talking and stayed quiet, so I rode into my mobile and waited for her to hop in before I drove back to the headquarters. We eventually arrived at the headquarter after a short while. The mobile that Mr. Ching on arrived as soon as I got out of the car. Mr. Ching gets off the mobile, and pass by my direction, then stops.

“ Detective Amabella Soriano, you should be careful. I am sure that this is not the last time we will see each other. “ Mr. Ching told me with a smirk on his face and with a threat in his voice.

“ You are right, Mr. Ching. This will not be the last time we will see each other. We will see each other again in court because I will make sure that I am there when you will be convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. “ I told him courageously.

Mr. Ching burst into creepy laughter then he gave me a different scary look. “ You are brave, Detective. That will be the reason for your early death. “

I will admit that there is something strange about the way he looks at me which gave me chills. Mr. Ching’s look also seemed familiar to me, but I cannot remember when I first saw it.

“ Bring him already inside! He did a lot of talking, even with the handcuffs in his hands. “ Riri commanded/.

Mr. Ching gave me one final look before moving on to the entrance of the headquarters.

“ Are you okay, Bella? “ I think Riri asked me because she saw that I had been quiet for a while.

“ Ah, yes. I am just thinking about where I saw the similar look that Mr. Ching did to me. “ I admitted to Riri.

“ Do not tell me you are scared of his threat? “ Riri asked while giving me a mischievous smile on her lips.

“ I am Amabella Soriano. My father, Ryver Soriano, was a well-known investigator who has since passed away. There is nothing to fear for me. “ I answered Riri with confidence.

“ That is the Bella I knew. Let’s go and sip some coffee in the headquarters before we go home. “ Riri insisted to me and then started grabbing me.

I let Riri grab me until we reached the door of our department because I am busy thinking about where I saw the similar gaze that Mr. Ching gave me. When we opened the door, our department was filled with the sound of people clapping and cheering. Because of that, I came back to my senses.

“ What do we have here? “ I asked them while laughing after I entered our office.

“ Very impressive, Detective Soriano. “ Detective Santiago praised me.

“ 50/50 is your score for all the cases you handled. You never missed anything. “ Detective Ocampo added.

“ Everyone, it is a group effort. It is not only my doing. But, thank you for the appreciation. “ I said to show my gratitude to them.

“ Ahem! “ I heard someone cough in my back, so I looked back to know who he was.

“ You are really one of a kind, Bella. “ Detective Ced said while smiling at me widely.

“ Ayiee! “ I heard my fellow detectives teasing us, so I shook my head.

“ This is not dating sites, detectives. “ Our Senior Detective told in an authoritative manner. He is also the Head of our Department.

After Detective Gutierrez stopped us, my co-detectives went back to the things they were doing. Riri and Ced did the same way.

“ In my office. “ Detective Gutierrez instructed me seriously.

I nodded to him as my response, so he started walking towards his office. I am following him quietly. After I closed the door of his office, he suddenly started talking.

“ Great job, Bella. I know that your father is so proud of you. “ Detective Gutierrez praised me.

“ Thank you, Uncle. “ I told him with gratitude.

Detective Gutierrez is a former co-detective of my father before he died. They continued to be true friends even though they were both running to be the succeeding Senior Detective in their time. When my father passed away, Uncle Ryan welcomed my brother and me into his family. He became our father figure. So, I grew up having a deep appreciation for him.

“ Are you going home after you leave this office? “ Uncle Ryan asked me out of the blue.

"Yes, I did consider taking a nap after I completed handling this significant case. “ I answered Uncle Ryan politely.

“ That is good to know. I thought you would answer me that you will be working. If that were the case, I would be the one applying for your forced leave. “ Uncle Ryan said jokingly.

“ I also wanna spend time with Ryle. It has been a while since we saw each other, even if we were living under the same roof. “ I explained to Uncle Ryan.

“ Ryle is exploring many places, I see. Anyway, you should go home now, so that you will have plenty of time to rest. “ Uncle Ryan permitted me.

“ Sure, thank you, sir. “ I thanked Uncle Ryan, then I left his office.

When I went outside Detective Gutierrez’s office, Riri was standing near and waiting for me.

“ What did Senior Detective say? “ Riri asked with curiosity and concern.

“ He said that we can go home. “ I answered her with a smile to erase her worries about me.

“ Really? So, let’s go already before you change your mind. “ Riri said jokingly.

“ What? Why me? “ I asked her full of confusion.

“ Well, maybe you will decide at the last minute to get a case right now, so let’s go already. I wanna have my beauty rest. “ Riri explained while begging using her tender eyes.

“ Fine, let’s go, “ I told her while laughing.

She just smiled at me, then grab me outward our department. It is not really obvious that she is excited to go home already. We are almost near the station’s exit when someone called me.

“ Bella! “

Riri and I simultaneously look in the direction of the voice. We saw Ced standing gasping for air.

“ Oh, why you called me, Ced? “ After he drew near to Riri and I, I asked him.

“ I will leave you guys alone. “ Riri said, so I widened my eyes to signal her that she should not leave us. But she paid no attention to it and simply walked away from Ced and me.

“Bella, about what I told you before? “ he asked.

“ What? What happened before? “ I asked him even if I still remembered what he is talking about.

“ It is about the invitation for us to eat together, then you told me that you will think about it. “ he said trying to remind me.

“ Ahh, maybe next time, Ced. I am too tired right now, and I think Ryle is waiting for me in our home. “ I explained to him.

The frustration is all over the face of Ced after I answered. It has been a long time since he is asking me out to it, but I refused him for different reasons multiple times. It is not as if I did not know what his invitation meant. But, for now, it is not really in my mind.

“ It is okay. Your rest is more important. I will just wait until the timing is right. “ Ced answered me smiling, but his eyes said otherwise.

“ I will let you know if my schedule permits me for that invitation. “ I told Ced to erase his sadness.

“ All right, you both take care. “ he said.

“ I will go ahead. “ I bid goodbye to Ced.

Ced just nodded and waved to me. I started walking towards the parking lot to follow Riri. On the other hand, Ced goes back to the station. When I arrived at the parking lot, I gave Riri a heavy hit in her arms.

“ Ouch, what is wrong with you, Bella? “ Riri angrily asked me.

“ You really have the nerve to leave me with Ced. “ I expressed my disgust to her.

“ I know if it is quality time. “ Riri answered back.

“ He is not my boyfriend. “ I told her still disgusted.

“ Soon to be. “ Riri answered with a smirk on her face.

“ I have no time for that. Let’s go before you mess my entire night. “ I told Riri to change our topic.

Riri just burst into laughter, then entered my car. I walked towards the driver’s seat. I was ready to hop in my car when someone called my phone. I scowled as I realized the caller's number was not registered. Even though I was a bit confused, I still answered the call.

“ Hello, this is Amabella Soriano. How may I help you? “ I asked the caller. His response made my eyes widen.

“ What? What happened to my brother? “ I nervously asked the caller.




           I am currently at the bar and waiting for my friends. When I finished my work, I went straight here because my mighty father destroyed my good mood. Aside from that, we will have gotten together in my circle of friends before one of us prepares for his wedding and married life. When I drank directly from the bottle in front of me, I was not in the mood. Argh! I was terribly annoyed by my old man.


           When my colleagues and I were done with our meeting, I immediately returned to my office. The company where I am working is owned by our family. I was astonished to see my mother enjoying herself in my receiving chair as I walked into my office.

“ Mom! “ I called her even if I am still shocked.

           Mom looked in my direction, then she gave me a wide smile.

“ Hello, son! “ Mom greeted me.

           I went near in her direction to give her a kiss on her cheeks.

“ What brought you here? “ I a


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