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Oops: I Married The Wrong Billionaire

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Upon learning about her long-time boyfriend's infidelity with her sister, Irina Hayes plotted an act of revenge to get back on Damian Nevan by marrying his uncle. Thralled in the influence of alcohol she drenched herself in, and with the help of her best friend who was the heir of Nefali Hotel, Irina was handed access to Alonzo's hotel room, but the hotelier in the lobby gave her the suite number of the wrong Alonzo. One thing led to another, not only did she permit Alonzo Waldorf, a business tycoon in disguise as a surgeon, to own her that night, Irina even roped herself into a contract marriage with him. Only after the two signed their marriage contract did she find out that she accidentally married the wrong billionaire, oopsie!

Chapter 1


“I'm waiting for you at the parking lot of the airport. Wait, let me just share my location.” My phone vibrated and there I saw her exact location.

“Have you seen Damian these few days?”

“Why the hell would I've seen your boyfriend, Irina?” Eve asked back.

“I'm just wondering since I couldn't get hold of much of him while I was on my business trip, Damian is busy with something he said.”

“Busy of what? Isn't he unemployed or something?”


“What? That's the truth. Nevans are filthy rich. Damian is a trust fund baby, other than that he's nothing.”

“Damian and his uncle will train becoming their grandfather's protégé. He'll be an heir to Flying 'N Airlines.”

“Speaking of his Uncle, Alonzo has a month-long reservation in my family's hotel. I was informed by our manager since they were taking extra care of someone like him, VIP, I say.”

“Are you sure that it's Damian's uncle, though? There are tons of Alonzo.”

“I know. In fact, we've got two Alonzo checked in on our presidential suite, but one of them is definitely Damian's uncle, Alonzo Nevan. I saw his name.”

“I wonder if Damian knew. And what could he be doing in L.A.?” I asked Eve, who obviously didn't have an answer to that.

“Still can't get a hold of the *ss?” Eve has been stealing glimpses from my phone since I began to try to contact my boyfriend.

“Aren't you going to regret it?”

“Regret what?”

“That you're going to marry Damian. In my opinion, he's so-so in the look department and irresponsible for his age. You deserve better.”

I glared at Eve which she only took lightly.

“Fine. I'll be supportive of your decision to marry that despicable brat since you're so in love with him, and he makes your heart flutter, but…"

Eve stared deadpan, with no hint of fooling around.

“The moment he did something that could possibly raze your marriage, I'll ask you to divorce him right away. I'd never encourage you to give him a second chance or whatnot.”

“Can we not talk about divorce this soon, Eve? Can we? We aren't even married yet. Damian hasn't proposed to me. This is all plans for now.”

“Plan that you initiated yourself, Irina.” She was irked.

“See? You're the one who's making all the effort, which is why I felt like a marriage with Damian would never work. He'll pull you down.”

“Damian used to be a playboy, and you hated him because of that. He's a changed man. Give him a chance to prove himself, at least do it for me, will you, hmm?” Eve whirled her eyes.

“Just one chance, but I'll still keep my eyes on him.” On cloud nine because of that, I hugged Eve, but she broke free from me first.

“You should get inside and rest. Stop stressing yourself over Damian. If I know, he's at the club like he always did, doing I don't know what.”

“Eve! You just said that you'd be nicer to him!”

“This is me being nicer to him. I'm trying, but it's not that easy!” She joked that, which made me shake my head in disbelief.

Eve needed to come back to the hotel for a sudden emergency. On my way to my father's office to tell him the good news, I heard a grumble of pleasure coming from the sliding door inkling to the pool.

“Ah yeah. D*mn yeah.” Esmeray's erotic voice made me frown, but I didn't want to interrupt nor see her doing the deed, so I maneuvered my feet back to our father's office when she moaned a name.

“Do you want me to give you a head, Damian?”

“You'll s*ck my d*ck? R-Right here?” Until the last minute, I held onto a faith that the man Esmeray was with wasn't mine, but those faiths faded into the abyss when I peeked through and saw them.

“F*ck it, Esme. I didn't know that you're great at this. Oh yeah, my balls, play with it.” Damian moaned feverishly.

“You spiteful fair of douche bag!” I blasted. Damian quickly jostled Esmeray away from him. He got up from the sun lounger and walked to me.

“Babe,” he voiced out nervously.

“Don't f*ck*ng call me that! You cheating bastards!”

“Babe, this is.”

“This is not what it looks like, hmm? Is that what are you going to tell me? What am I? What do you take me for? A complete idiot?” I cast an eye at Esmeray who remained unbothered while she dried out her wet hair after she plucked herself out of the pool.

“I always knew that you're a wh*r*, and you love stealing someone's boyfriend because it gave you a f*ck*ng thrill, but it never crossed my mind that you'll do the d*mn thing to me too!” I strike her face with an open hand, but I was instantly stripped away from my wh*r* of a sister.

“Baby, are you ok?” Damian's worriedness to Esmeray set my heart on fire.

“Irina, what was that for? I never thought that you have violent tendencies, and you're capable of hurting your little sister!”

“What?! Are you seriously criticizing me for slapping her like that's more evil than the two of you cheating on me, in my own f*ck*ng house?”

“Your own house? Since when did the mansion have been yours, Irina?”

I finally lost my patience and went feral, pulling Esmeray's hair to drag her around when she was once again taken from me.

“Irina! Why are you beating up my daughter? Why are you being like this to my precious girl? How dare you hurt my child!”

“Because your child deserved it, Mommy! I caught her making out and giving Damian a f*ck*ng blow job!" My inside trembled in anger.

Mommy glanced at Esmeray who looked down on the tiled floor.

“And so?”

“What?” I asked in disbelief.

“Damian and Esmeray have been in a relationship for a year now.”

I went deaf and speechless upon hearing that from my father who had just gotten here too.

“And Damian already asked for my permission to marry Esmeray and I allowed it.”

Chapter 2


My eyelids shut, and I allowed the burning sensation of the whiskey to drown me.

“I'm so fucking sick of them,” I said, gnashing my teeth. I showed my glass to the bartender to ask for another round, unlike earlier. He was only giving me a reluctant peer.

“Can I get another glass? I want something harder than this whiskey. Do you have a drink that has 55 percent alcohol on it?”

The bartender leaned, “Miss Irina, I received an order from Miss Eve not to serve you any drink after your last one.”

My forehead gnarled.

“Miss Eve is almost done with her meeting with Chairman Nefeli. She told me to ask you to wait for her here.”

“I can do that, but I'll get bored waiting for her without a drink, so go on. Whip out something for me in your little station.” I giggled, “I won't tell her that you served me another glass, and oh.” I got a hundred-dollar bill from my wallet to bribe him.

“A tip for your excellent service.”

“One t


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