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Only Yours

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One alcoholic drink and the wrong room will be more than enough to change the life of withdrawn Anastasia, who until the day of the incident was just the errand girl. Never chosen, always left aside. For the first time in her life, carnality slammed the door, and consumed her in the most lascivious way. Is one night hot enough to d*mn a soul? Anastasia will cross her path with the most coveted man in town who will take her to her limit in the most delicious way possible for unimaginable consequences to come from it. Interested? find out more by reading "Only Yours"

Chapter 1

He was starting to get dizzy.

Too many people chatting at the same time, the long row of tables they formed so that all the staff in attendance could enter and a karaoke screen in the background with two of his completely drunk colleagues singing something he didn't even understand was uncomfortable for him to witness.

" I definitely should have refused. "Anastasia stirred in her seat, she didn't fit in anywhere, she was the only one drinking juice thanks to her null ability to drink, alcohol tasted disgusting to her.

As she continues to think about how out of place she was feeling someone seems to take pity on her soul and approaches her, causing her to pay attention:

"You've been staring at your glass the whole time in complete silence Are you uncomfortable, Ana? " One of her coworkers, probably the only one who spoke to her, Rebecca, with her beautiful figure and angelic face took a seat right next to her. She was inwardly grateful to finally have someone to talk to. "Why don't you join the party with us? Have a taste."

Anastasia looks at the drink with a grim face and puffy cheeks.

"I'm not much of a drinker... "For the moment she just looked at the glass of wine her friend was extending to her, she wanted to refuse, resisted the urge and took it, thinking to discard it when they weren't watching.

She didn't expect that Rebecca would later encourage her by standing there waiting for her to drink it in one gulp, putting her in an extremely uncomfortable situation.

"Come on, Ana, it's just one drink, it's not like it's the end of the world. "Maybe she was right, she was overthinking it, she could never approach her coworkers with a closed mind. She drank the whole thing without a second thought, feeling pleased to hear how the others encouraged her to go all the way. "Awesome! Want some more?"

She shook her head in response, still trying to assimilate the heat that seared her throat as soon as she passed the first gulp. He grunted under his breath in reaction to the burning tha

At ignited those emotions he thought he no longer had.

She also felt the surprised looks from the others, it was normal, the girl they always sent for copies had never drank at a social gathering. 

" Are you all right, Ana? You never drink with us" - She heard another woman, older than her and standing next to her, ask. " How are you feeling?"

"How are you feeling? - She repeated the question quietly."

Well... It feels...''

"This feels awful!" - She kept whimpering into Rebecca's shoulders, by now many of her companions had left but she was still clinging to the glass of alcohol as if it were her own life. "He's having an affair right under my nose, I know he is! I'm not crazy like he makes me think! Why the hell wouldn't he answer my calls or texts if he wasn't! Can you be a bigger jerk! Does that mean he's done with me?"

Rebecca sighed. " You better give me that, you've had more than enough to drink, don't you think?"

She immediately took the alcohol away from him.

"I'm fine, I haven't even had that much to drink."

"You've been singing rancheras all afternoon and complaining about your ex or your boyfriend being unfaithful, you're making everyone else uncomfortable and a little bit me too, you know that?"

Ana bows her head. " I feel it, reb, you're my best friend, you shabesh?"

" Look at you, you're already talking weird, try to coordinate your thoughts with your mouth. " - Rebecca patted her head and back with some tenderness as Anastasia hugged her, looking around. Everyone was looking at them, and not exactly in a good way. " Ana, why don't you go rest for a while?"

" What?"

"You've had too much to drink, you need to get some rest. " - Rebecca mentioned, handing him a credential "I have a reservation in this hotel, you can stay using my name... The room is number... You don't need a key, you just need to lock the door when you enter. "

Ana nodded, she was hearing distorted due to the music and the alcohol in her head. "Yes, thank you very much... I was already starting to feel a little nervous."

She realized how drunk she was when she stood up and for an instant she almost went to stop against the floor, she tried to ignore the burning in her cheeks and move her feet towards the room.

"Are you sure she's going to be all right? Wouldn't it be better to take her to the room?" - a woman asked a few minutes after Anastasia left the room.

" Are you out of your mind? Mr. Erick will be here any minute."

" I was already surprised you had come too."

Rebecca just smiled. " I wouldn't miss seeing that pretty face for the world."

* * *

Why was Anastasia having such a hard time walking?

At the moment she was leaning against the wall, the world was spinning around her and a sultry heat drove her to unbutton part of her shirt with sweat running down her forehead. She fell to her knees as she exited the elevator, crawling with what little strength she had left in her body. He felt as if he was going to die at any minute, his reasoning ability was completely clouded and for a couple of seconds he wanted to vomit.

Surprisingly, when he found the room, the door was already open.

"You are late." - For some reason she heard Felix's voice behind her back, her beloved fiancé, a little deeper and heavier than it usually was, she closed the door behind her as she had been ordered to do.

It was a luxury suite, anyone could tell just by looking at it even if it was dark, as was the situation. Anastasia shed her clothes one by one until she approached her partner's bed, who had his back to her.

" What are you doing here, Felix?"

Her memories go back that far, so she could never hear the answer to her question.

All he remembered was the warmth that embraced his body throughout the night and the little gentleness he received as a bargaining chip.

The next morning, just at the moment when she opened her eyes she looked for Felix glancing over, but next to her there was no one on the immense size bed, which caused her to get up with a start, being careful with the headache and sudden dizziness for doing such a grace. She looked around the brightly lit room with disdain, her own body was covered in bruises and bites on tattered sheets. "F-Felix?"

She hesitated as she called out to him once more, no one answered.

"Oh, my. I see you're awake already. " -Anastasia panicked as the man emerged from the shower, barely wrapped at the hips in a towel. " Did you sleep well?"

Instinctively Anastasia recoiled in fear.

"W-who are you? What are you doing in my room? Where's my boyfriend? Why are you naked? "

He raised an eyebrow as the questions come one by one towards him, his gesture expressing amusement, like even starting to laugh. 

"What are you talking about? It was you who snuck into my room last night Are you going to explain to me who you are already?"

Anastasia didn't believe that, didn't want to believe it, rather.

" It can't be..., a mistake? "- Anastasia shivered on the spot, if he was naked and so was she that meant only one thing: "What room number is this?" You must have made a mistake, this is 216.

That stranger looked at her as if he was seeing a crazy woman out of place in front of his eyes.

"What are you talking about? We are in the imperial suite 236, room 216 is downstairs."

Anastasia froze.

How had she ended up going up one floor too many?

But that wasn't the only detail, she was forced to stop when she noticed another detail: The nibbled body of that unknown man. " Y-you and I didn't... No! Right?"

"Are you talking about having s*x?" - Her face showed no impression, she says things directly, without any cover or beating around the bush. - I just did what you asked me to do, don't try to blame me now " He looked surprised all of a sudden, she never expected that with his big hand he would grab her neck. " Did my father send you? Is that it?!"

Anastasia's whimper was drowned out as well as her plea to let her breathe, she tried to let go of the hand on her neck but the man's strength was unbelievable. " Ugh... No. - She coughed as he released her, throwing her roughly to the bed."

" Then how did you manage to sneak into this room? " His face showed a furious expression, as if he was about to hit her, and nothing guaranteed that he wasn't going to do it. " Pick up your clothes and get lost from my sight."

For some reason Anastasia felt shivers as she heard that. He let go of her suddenly and from the floor she caught her breath, coughing again and again. He didn't need to give her the same command twice, even though her whole body was shaking she continued to dress as she headed for the exit like a frightened lamb. She could still feel the pressure of those huge fingers in her throat, blocking her breathing.

And her world was about to crumble when she confirmed what she feared most as soon as she saw the sign on the door on her way out:

236 written on the door.

The one who had really been in the wrong room was her.

That very time she allowed herself to cry in the corner of the elevator for such a terrifying experience, and inwardly prayed that she would never have to see that terrifying man again.

Chapter 2

That night many of the memories of her past came back to her as she slept.

She saw her mother suffering, she, who had fallen at his feet in a tragic love at first sight, left everything she had to stay by his side, not caring about the humiliations she received nor the mistreatment by the family of her beloved. Why didn't she run away from the clutches of that man to be free? Why put up with so much hatred and rancor just because of her past?

Of course, she did it to give a better life to Anastasia, who is not even that man's legitimate daughter.

Although she always had the same question hovering in her head: was it really necessary?

But no matter how much she asked herself the same question, she would never receive an answer.

With regret she opened her eyes, wishing she could sleep a little longer, her head was killing her and she didn't feel like facing the reality that would hit her as soon as she opened the door of her room


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