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One Night Stand with My Ex's Uncle

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After discovering her future husband's affair with her stepsister, the heartbroken Lucie Wayne sought solace in the arms of a stranger she met at a bar. Little did Lucie know that this one night stand would turn her life upside down - the stranger was none other than her ex-fiancé's uncle, Ruslan Score! As if that weren't shocking enough, Lucie was then proposed to by Ruslan in front of her ex-fiancé-- "Uncle Ruslan...?" Ruslan's unexpected proposal left Axel, Lucie's ex-fiancé, utterly bewildered. He gazed at Lucie, who stood by Ruslan's side, with a mixture of surprise and confusion. Lucie, however, greeted Axel with a warm smile and introduced herself, saying, "Hello, I'm Lucie, your uncle's fiancée." Axel could only stammer in response, "What?"

CHAPTER 1 The Betrayal

"My beauty, you don't look too good."

"Because I just found out that my supposed fiancé was sleeping with my one and only stepsister," Lucie sighed as she said this casually.

"That is really unfortunate."

As Ruslan spoke, his gentle fingers traveled over Lucie's body, like he was trying to memorise every inch of Lucie. Every touch sent electric shocks through her and making her body tingle in excitement.

Thinking about what was to come with this stranger, Lucie felt quite excited and her heart raced, the excitement bubbling up like a flute of freshly poured champagne.

Lucie smiled, "There's nothing unfortunate about it. I'll dump that man and make sure they both live to regret it."

Ruslan laughed at Lucies smile and responded,"It seems like you are definitely not a woman to be messed with."

As their fingers explored each others bodies their clothes were thrown onto the floor.

The man in front of Lucie was perfect in looks and physique, just the sight of him made her blood boil for him. His hands explored every inch of her body from her cheeks to her chest, stomach, and legs.

Lucie had never felt anything like this before. Her fiancé Axel had never been very sexual towards her, he was always ending things between them quickly. She had even thought he didn't have a high s*x drive until yesterday when she caught him with her stepsister Carolina, lost in passion on the bed. Carolina moaned loudly, her face lit up with her lust and pleasure.

Meanwhile, her fiancé thrust hard, their bodies slapping together as Carolina's legs wrapped around Axel's waist. She asked, "Axel, who's better in bed between me and Lucie?"

"Of course it's you, my little sweetheart." He caressed her face and kissed her. "That b*tch is boring and doesn't moan as nicely as you do."

"It must have been tough dating someone as stupid as her for a year." Carolina pouted.

"Although it was difficult, it doesn't matter in the end, Babe. You've always been there for me. As long as I have you, I can keep going, keep pretending." Axel smirked as he thrust into her making Carolina gasp.

"So who do you prefer between me and Lucie? I want you to say it!" Carolina demanded as she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him close to her face.

"Of course it's you! I never had any feelings for her at all. I can't even get hard looking at her face. You are the one I truely love with all of my heart." Axel declared before pressing his lips against her lips.

The memory of them making love flashed through Lucie's mind, making her feel sick with anger.

She wouldn't let them get away with it.

So Lucie sneered, "It's true, I'm not a woman to be messed with and I will do whatever it takes to prove it!"

"Is that so?" Ruslan smiled.

He suddenly lowered his head and kissed lucie's right breast, his soft tongue swirling around her soft nipple that gradually hardened as his fingers slid over her outer labia and entered inside her body with ease thanks to how wet Lucie was due to his teasing.

The stimulation from both sides made her whole body tremble uncontrollably, letting out a shy moan. Lucie's body grew hotter and hotter, and the man's hard d*ck pressed against her thigh and he began to move back and forth over her skin.

The man laughed, "Your reaction is so cute. But I have to ask, did you come to the bar to drink because you were upset?"

"Upset? God no, I'm just angry about their deception. I would have rather they told me outright rather than drag it on."

Lucie hadn't even noticed their relationship for an entire year.

Before that, she had foolishly thought that although she and Axel were only in a business marriage, Axel really loved her and would always treat her well.

The man's tongue swept over her lips and she opened her mouth, letting out a loud moan. His other hand gripped her waist as their bodies came together. Lucie's legs pressed tightly against his stomach and she could even feel the shape of his abs under his clothes. This strange sensation somehow made her inexplicably excited.

Her body began to heat up, making her crave his touch and wanting more of him.

Their breaths intertwined as the man reached out and loosened his tie, unbuttoning a few buttons on his shirt. Lucie couldn't help but reach out and touch his s*xy Adam's apple and firm chest. His muscular lines were clear, like a perfect carving created by the loving hand of an artist, each detail better than the next.

Lucie obediently indulged in her nagging desire, slipping her hand under his clothes and feeling the chiseled abs that made her excited.

Ruslan smiled, stood up and kissed her hard, and at the same time, he skillfully plucked off her bra.

The man looked at Lucie's graceful figure and fair, smooth skin, unable to take his eyes off her.

Her body was so beautiful and delicate, like a work of art, that no one could help but be drawn too. It was like the positive and negative poles of a magnet, and the magnetic pull between them was like what pulled him towards Lucie with force.

He held her waist with one hand and caressed her body with the other, kneading her breasts into different shapes. Her lower body became wet from his touch as his hand slowly drifted down to her legs.

He laughed, "You're wet."

Ruslan's voice became hoarse with desire, making him sound even sexier. His two fingers entered Lucie's body, causing her to moan uncontrollably. He used his thumb to rub her cliterous while his fingers inside her began to move, making her body tremble involuntarily. At the same time, his lips left her lips and fell on her ears, neck, breasts...

Her breathing became ragged, and she reached out to his crotch. His manhood was already hard, and she could feel its warmth. She couldn't help but swallow her saliva in anticipation, his hot touch making her want him more.

The next moment, his strong muscular arms pressed Lucie down and he thrust into her fiercely.

"Ah!" She gasped, feeling sore and swollen inside her vagina. Even a slight movement would bring an electric shock-like feeling.

She breathed heavily and watched the veins bulged in his arms as he pressed against her. Lucie tilted her head back while her nails dug into his back. "It's amazing, ah... faster."

The pleasure made all the muscles in her body tense up, her abdomen twitching incessantly, and fireworks seemed to explode before her eyes.

She hugged this handsome man close and tightly, and his breathing became heavier too. She wanted him more and more. She needed all of him.... Hot air blew over her earlobes, his breath, and soon they both reached climax together.

Lucie's legs were wet with sweat, and the muscles on her legs trembled slightly. The man's fingers touched her cl*t, sending something like an electric current shooting through her brain.

He bent down again, kissing her cheeks, lips, neck, and waist at the same time slowly moving forward with force.

Lucie could feel herself gradually being filled up by him, which was a strange but wonderful sensation.

"Faster, please don't stop." Lucie begged him.

Suddenly a strong feeling of pleasure spread throughout her body, and Lucie's mind went blank. All thoughts forgotton in an instant.

Right before her body began to uncontrollably arch backward, squeezing out a simple word with a higher pitch from her throat. "Yes!" All the muscles in her body convulsed again as she reached climax once more.

The intense s*x ended, and Lucie fell asleep soundly with closed eyes.

The next morning when Lucie woke up, there was only her laidon the bed, and a note was left on the table beside the bed that read, "Wait for me to come back."

CHAPTER 2 Substitution

Wait for him to come back? He was just a one-night stand. But Lucie really did enjoy last night, so...

Lucie picked up her bag from the ground, but only found a few cents inside, which made her face flush with embarrassed.

But a few cents were better than nothing, so she threw the few coins she had onto the bed and got dressed before leaving.

Lucie relaxed her body as she left the hotel not wanting to seem tense.

The man from last night was handsome, tall, and skilled. Most importantly, he used protection. Lucie didn't want to think too much about their one-night stand.

The most important thing now was dealing with those two bastards that betrayed her.

When Lucie discovered them having sex, she wanted to push the door open and curse at them to vent her bubbling rage. But Lucie knew she couldn't do that. Her father didn't like her, Carolina was his beloved golden child, and even if she went to her father and explained everything, it wouldn't benefi

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