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One Night Only

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Everything will change in just one night, Lillie Watson will spend her quiet life in a stormy and dangerous world, when she meets a gangster who calls him "Devil." He becomes obsessed and will want to have her at any cost, dragging her into his dangerous world, to his hell, where at some point she will have the option to flee, or maybe decide to stay by his side? The story tells the life of Lillie, a normal girl who has financial problems because her mother is sick, and must study and help at home. Her life is complicated when she meets Diablo, the most dangerous mobster in the country.

Chapter 1 PREFACE


What can happen when a young girl's life is crossed by a man who could be the devil himself.

Lillie Watson is a humble girl with a strong character, she has managed to excel in any way in life. At 19 years old, she is studying in medical school, a university that she has had a hard time getting into, since she is low-income and does not have enough money to pay for a university specializing in medicine.

She lives with her mother, older sister and niece. Mrs. Elena Watson is a single mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother of a beautiful six-year-old daughter.

Lillie's mother had to raise her two daughters when Lilli was just a baby, she worked and worked, to the point of getting sick and relapsing, but she never let herself fall until the day came when she was diagnosed with cancer because of a bad stroke she suffered at her last job, a disease she did not detect in time.

Lillie and her sister found themselves in the need to work, Alexa left her studies at the university and went to work in a cafeteria as a cashier, only that her life became more complicated when she became a mother for the first time in her twenties, her world fell further down when her boyfriend, the father of her daughter left her after learning she was pregnant, leaving her for a time devastated and depressed.

Instead, life for Lilli was somewhat different, she hated men, as she saw how her sister had fared in love. She had a goal, to become a great doctor, because she wanted to cure her mother of cancer. She knew it was difficult, but she did not lose hope.

She was in her second year of medical school and since her career was very expensive, it was difficult for her to get a good job to pay for it and help her sister with household expenses. She had to choose a job that went against her principles.

After looking in many places and seeing what they offered her in pay, she did not accept it. For a while she worked as a waitress at the café where her sister worked, but she only stayed for a few months, because there she met a girl who offered her a better job, it was not the right one; however, it was enough to earn just enough to pay all her expenses.

At first he thought about it for a month, until he accepted. She wasn't going to do anything wrong, but it wasn't very decent either. It was a nightclub where young girls danced, it was not a sleazy place, it was an elegant place, where only wealthy men went.

So she knew that in that club she was going to see very good tips, since she was going to be a waitress. At the beginning she was working waiting tables and waiting at the bar. Until the owner asked her as a favor to replace a dancer who had fallen ill, Lillie did not want to do it, because if her mother found out about it and went on that stage to dance, she would be disappointed.

But she had no choice but to accept. "It would only be a week" she thought, and of course, if she didn't say anything to her mother, she would never find out. What she didn't imagine, however, was that the public would become infatuated with her and cheer for her.

Her boss had to ask her to be a dancer at the club, she refused, but her employer offered her a better paycheck, one that Lilli didn't want to let go of, since that money would be enough to complete her mother's expensive medications and pay for the next semesters of medical school.

After thinking about it for a few days, she accepted and from there began what would be called her ordeal. She never imagined the consequences it would eventually bring. Dancing scantily clad was embarrassing for her, but her dignity was always preserved.

However, she never assumed that by dancing in that place she would meet that dark and dangerous man, who would drag her into his hell.

That man has the seven deadly sins, greed, gluttony, pride, envy, anger, lust and the worst of all... pride. With that you can describe the kind of person he is, or how she will see him. He will be her torment and hell, a very hot one that Lillie Watson will fall into.

Dante Mancini, known in the mob as the Devil, since by his works in the organization where he is the leader, is the most cruel and ruthless in taking revenge.

The Devil, as many know him, inherited the business empire and mafia territories from his father, Mr. Demetrio Mancini. After his death, Dante had to take complete charge of everything, remaining in charge as the head of the entire Italian territory and a large part of the European and American continent.

His father also inherited the entrepreneurial businesses and several of them are in the United States, but the largest are in New York City, where he goes most often, whenever he travels to the American country. Much of his business and life is in Italy, however, as he owns many businesses in many countries.

He has many people working for him, but few of them are trustworthy. One of them is his best friend Ivan Rizzo, he is his right hand man, whom he sometimes leaves in charge in Italy when he leaves the country for important matters. And when he needs his services, since Ivan is a great hitman. He also has the confidence to leave in charge his other two friends, Leo and Enzo. The others are simple employees that he would not risk putting his hands in the fire for them.

And as in all mafias there are always enemies, but none have been strong enough to defeat him, starting with the family itself, his uncle and cousin. They hate him because he and his father took all the territory of Italy. They want to get him out of the way to get what they have wanted so much, the position of the leader of the Italian Mafia.

But he is tough as nails, he won't be defeated. For him it doesn't matter that they have the same blood, they are treacherous, envious, they play dirty with their own people, for that reason they have to pay like all the enemies of the Devil.

He has been in charge as head of the Italian Mafia for eight years and in those years he has built up more empire, much more than his father. Many doubted him, they thought he was not going to be like the great Demetrio, but he silenced many mouths when they realized that he was much better than his dad, in all the shady business.

His life was not only about business and money, but also about fun, women, cars, fights and alcohol. That's how he liked to live his life. And also is that he had no one to whom to give account, and the truth is that he did not want to do it someday, he liked his bachelorhood and loneliness, he did not believe in love, he had never felt it, except for his parents. He used to say that those were cheesy and b*llsh*t that did not go with him. For him in his life there was only business, money, pleasure with different women, vices, such as alcohol and also the adrenaline he felt when he beat someone to death. That's why he was called the Devil of Italy.

That man who exudes danger, he will be the downfall of Lillie Watson.

Chapter 2 My life


I had always been very punctual, I was used to arriving early to class and leaving at the exact time. I also planned my life. I tried to keep control of everything around me and I didn't like improvisation. However, as I was about to turn 20 and going to medical school in two years, I became a little more responsible and demanding of my time. I always was, but now I was more so.

Every night I arrived at work on time, since I never liked to be in a hurry and to be pressured by deadlines. That's why wherever I went I arrived early.

My life was ordinary. Every day I went to college and in the evenings five times a week I worked in a club. I had been there for a year already. When I first went there, I was a waitress, but my boss and the audience when they saw me dancing on stage cheered for me every night. The truth was that I already had experience in dancing. I had practiced ballet since I was a little girl, but when my mother relapsed from her ill


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