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My Secret Husband [R18+]

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Anastacia found herself in a whirlwind of change when she woke up beside a stranger naked after they shared a one-steamy-night. She thought they only shared a forbidden night, but she was in for a surprise when the man told her that they were already married. Is her secret husband's capability enough to ruin her planned marriage to her wealthy fiancé?


I found myself drifting between sleep and wakefulness, suddenly struck by a stomachache. The pain and urge to vomit jolted me wide awake. Hastily rising, I was immediately disoriented upon realizing I wasn't in my own quarters.

"This isn't my room! Where am I?!" I murmured in disbelief.

As I glanced downward, I was stunned to discover I was draped in nothing but a blanket. "Ugh..."

My world ground to a halt as I heard a faint growl, and a surge of fear and anxiety enveloped me. I desperately hoped it was Ares, yet my hopes were shattered when I beheld the man next to me. His broad, muscular frame was adorned with tattoos, starkly different from Ares.

"What have you done, Ana? Who is this man?" I questioned myself, bewildered.

Preparing to rise, I noticed something on my finger. A closer look revealed a wedding ring. "What's going on..." I whispered, scrutinizing the ring while my heart raced.

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks as I recognized the type of ring. Scanning the room, I found a piece of paper on the nearby table. Reading it, I was overwhelmed.

"D*mn..." I trembled, holding the paper. "A marriage contract?"

Questions flooded my mind. What transpired last night? Why this document? Why the wedding ring and this unfamiliar setting? Where was Elena? What had happened?

Fighting back tears, I placed the paper down. My mind raced, torn between leaving and confronting the sleeping man for answers.


The voice pierced the air, breaking the silence. It was rough and full. My gaze shifted to the man sitting on the bed, his physique matching the breadth of his back.

I chided myself inwardly, "What's wrong with you, Ana?!"

"W-who are you? What did you do to me?" I fired questions, wiping away tears.

He responded with a smirk, shaking his head. "Don't make me laugh, lady. Don't you remember anything?"

"Answer me! Who are you? Why... Why is there a marriage contract here? Why am I wearing a wedding ring? Why are we both undressed?" I cut him off, the nervousness consuming me.

His smirk persisted. Instead of addressing my inquiries, he rose, unclothed. Flustered, I averted my gaze, my heart pounding. What sort of man was he? Was this his norm?

"I see. Seems like you've forgotten everything. That's unfortunate. You can't even recall what transpired between us last night," he remarked in an arrogant tone.

My anger surged. I longed to face him but hesitated, unsure if he was covered.

His mention of the previous night seized my attention. Something had occurred between us. At first, I denied it, until my denial shattered upon noticing the bloodstain on the sheets.

Seating myself with my back to him, I wept quietly, a surge of frustration and anger overwhelming me. I was uncertain about my next move. What lay ahead?

"I can't believe it... you took advantage of me—"

"Not really. You were the one who approached me, Miss. If only you remembered it all. We had a blast last night. We were both heavily intoxicated. I believe you enjoyed it too," he interjected, leaving me even more disheartened.

I knew it. It was my first experience with hard liquor. I couldn't fathom why I couldn't recall anything from that night. But one thought occupied my mind now: How do I explain this to Ares?

"The ring you mentioned earlier is our wedding ring. We got married last night. Something happened between us; it was a honeymoon. I guess you're not that foolish for not knowing that," he said casually. I turned to him abruptly.

He was already dressed, adjusting his hair.

"I don't believe you! Didn't you stop me from doing anything and agree to marry me just because we were both drunk?" I shouted, but he simply chuckled.

I felt his gaze lingering on my body, so I dashed into the bathroom with my things. Once inside, I sat and wept, consumed by deep regret.

I was utterly confused. I didn't know what to trust. What if what that man said was true? What if I had done that last night? How could Ares and I be married? It was meant to be my bachelorette party. Elena had organized it for me after Ares proposed.

And now, here I am.

Married to a stranger.

And something happened between us.

How could I believe that when I can't remember a thing?

After I finished bathing and dressing, I hastily packed my things. Suddenly, I grabbed my bag, searching for my cell phone. Seeing it had a low battery made my heart race even more.

"You can relax. You should be grateful you married me. Don't worry, I'll be a good husband—"

"If this is really true, I'll file for an annulment immediately," I cut in.

The man burst into laughter, and I glanced at him. Suddenly, his expression turned serious.

"You can't do that anymore, wife. Our wedding is even more official after what happened between us last night..." he said in a deep voice, closing the gap between us swiftly.

I tried to move away, but he swiftly cornered me against the wall. I instinctively looked up as he was so tall. I noticed his gaze shifting to my lips and then back to my eyes. My heart raced.

"D*mn. I won't regret our marriage because of you. You were amazing last night with those innocent eyes. I was almost mesmerized," he confessed.

And I was certain this would be my worst nightmare. This man would be my gravest mistake.

Chapter One

The magnificence of the building before me overwhelmed me. It brought back memories of my first day working at this company, and now, three years have swiftly passed. It's hard to believe I've been here for so long.


Startled by the call, I turned and saw Elena hurrying toward me.

"Why did you come in? Sir Ares has already left. He didn't leave any work for you," she informed me immediately.

I furrowed my brow and accompanied Elena into the Aragon Estate building.

"What do you mean?" I asked, surprised. She appeared equally puzzled.

"Didn't he tell you? The board has an out-of-town trip today, and he's with Don Damien," she replied, catching me off guard.

I didn't reply because I didn't know what to say. Ares hadn't mentioned this to me. I had just spoken to him on the phone earlier, and he hadn't said a word. It couldn't be true. Was she joking with me?

"Really? Why didn't he tell me?" I asked as we waited for the elevator to op


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