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My husband, CEO at Heart

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Zahra, a 22 year old woman who has just finished her studies, entered the world of work with strong determination. Even though her father was a rich businessman, Zahra chose to work at Haidar's company to help her family financially. He refused to be a burden on his parents, even though he was aware that his father had abundant wealth.

Chapter 1

Zahra is 22 years old, she has just graduated from college, she works at Haidar's company, works to help her family financially, yes, she knows her father is also rich, but she doesn't want to burden her parents.

With her Shar'i clothes she is so beautiful to look at, her morals are good and friendly, she never wears make-up because she doesn't know what make-up is, she only wears a little baby powder with pink lip balm on her lips without lipstick.

Alvino Daffa Haidar, who owns the richest company in Indonesia number 1, his father also works with Zahra's father. He prays he will be cool with other women.

His father has matched Vino with his best friend's son. Come on, who is his best friend's son?

Zahra entered the office of a company called Haidar and discussed the receptionist to ask whether there were any job vacancies or not!

"Sorry, I wanted to ask if there are still job vacancies here," Zahra asked nicely while holding his application letter.

"Yes," answered the recipe briefly and then looked at Zahra's clothes from bottom to top.

"Thank God. Hmm... I want to apply for a job here," said Zahra, the receptionist was still looking at the clothes Zahra was wearing.

"Are you sure you work here because you are not allowed to wear the hijab here?" said the receptionist.

"I'm just trying to apply, who knows, maybe it will be accepted."

"Okay, just a moment, I'll call Mr. Vino first," said the receptionist.

"Hello, good morning, sir," while the receptionist called his boss, Mr. Vino, yes, he is the son who owns this company. Vino replaced his father, working in his office.

"Yes, what's wrong?" Vino said coldly.

"There is a woman who wants to apply for a job here, sir."

"Just go straight to my room," Vino said then turned off the phone from the receptionist.

"What's wrong, Vin?" asked Raka.

"The receptionist on the phone has an application..." Vino answered, he said.

"Huh, Vin proposed to you, finally my best friend isn't single anymore," Raka mocked.

"Isn't it really clear, don't interrupt me yet?"

"Yeah yeah sorry"

"Earlier the receptionist called, someone was applying for a job here, didn't he say he was applying for me, yes, the woman is proposing to me, it's just weird," explained Vino, who was continuing his unfinished work.

"Assalamu'alaikum," said Zahra, who entered Vino's room, was escorted by the receptionist and went back to continuing her work.

"Wa'alaikumussalam Masya Allah, your creation is truly beautiful," praised Raka, stunned, he felt like he was dreaming of seeing an angel here.

"God, you're beautiful, what are you doing, why are you thinking about women, remember that women are just taking advantage of your wealth," Vino muttered.

"Watch your eyes," Vino threw his file at Raka's face, he woke up and scolded him.

"What are you bothering me about?" Raka said angrily, putting his files on Vino's table.

"Sorry sir, I'm here to apply for a job." Zahra gave her application file and Vino became friendly.

"Hi Beauty," said Raka, teasing her a little.

"Yes," answered Zahra briefly.

"Until you forget hehe, please sit down pretty" Raka got up from his seat and invited Zahra to sit in front of Vino while Raka stood there while Vino was examining Zahra's application file carefully.

"Thank you," Zahra said thank you as she sat down and Raka invited her to smile.

"Okay, you accept the job here," Vino said coldly as he closed Zahra's application file.

"Excuse me sir, can I work here wearing a robe and hijab?" asked Zahra who was already in front of Vino.

"You are not allowed to wear the hijab here and only wear short skirts," Vino answered flatly.

"Hmm... I'd rather lose my job than disobey Allah's orders and I'm sorry I won't be able to work here," Zahra said goodbye.

"Why are you like that, Vin, why are you wasting that beautiful girl?" scolded Raka.

"I'm not interested," Vino said coldly.

"I don't want to know that you have to accept him working here."

"How come I asked who was the boss here?" Vino quipped, documenting his sharpness.

"Well, I know you're the boss, you really don't think about the fate of women who look for work to help other people, Vin, don't you feel how they feel, huh?" Raka scolded Vino because if the girl didn't work here, he would have lost the girl even though he wanted to approach her. you know you're soul mate.

"Why did you tell me to accept him to work here? I know there must be a preference" Vino looked at Raka suspiciously, he's not usually like this.

"Because I want to get close to that girl. Please, Vin, help me get close to her," asked Raka, holding her arm.

Vino said flatly, "Ok for your sake," he was also interested in Zahra with her morals. This was the first time he saw a woman in sharia clothing.

"Well, I'll chase you first." Raka immediately ran out of the room and chased the woman who was waiting for the elevator to go down.

"Hey beautiful," called Raka, the woman looked behind her and the man approached her.

"Yes, what's wrong, sir?" asked Zahra, who was called by Raka.

"You are accepted to work here and you can wear sharia clothes," answered Raka, looking at the girl who was lowering her head because she didn't want to see a man who was not her mahram in front of the girl.

"That's true, sir," Zahra couldn't believe that she was accepted to work here.

"Thank God," Zahra said gratefully, covering her mouth, not believing in God's will.

"Come on, let's go to the room," said Raka, the girl followed the man behind him until Raka was inside the room talking to his best friend, Vino.

"So how can he work here when?" asked Raka to Vino who was leaning back in his big chair.

"Tomorrow he can work here," Vino answered coldly and focused again on his work.

"Try not to be so cold with women anymore, Vin, not all women are just taking advantage of your wealth, how long will it take for you to be single and what will happen until you die?" Raka teased.

"You swear I'm dead" Vino was offended by Raka's words earlier, maybe he should open his heart to another woman?

"Just kidding bro, it's not like you're dead, no one knows, who knows, maybe you'll die tomorrow, aren't you beautiful?" Raka asked the girl about death, then she nodded and smiled faintly.

"Oh yeah, by the way, we haven't met yet, let me introduce myself, Raka Mahendra." Raka introduced his name. He wanted to shake hands with the girl but the girl instead cupped her hands on his chest.

"Zahra Aiza Naadhira" cupped her hands on her chest with a smile. Vano just laughed at his friend's behavior.

Chapter 2

Today Zahra is working at Haidar's company, working as a secretary, where her desk is in front of the door to Vino's room, her boss came to her office and he greeted her but.

"Good morning sir" Zahra greeted with a smile, Vino didn't respond, he just acted flat, indifferent and cold. Then he went straight into his room.

"You ice cube, God forbid, why are you holding him back?" muttered Zahra then continued her activities again.

"Hey beautiful," said Raka with a smile who had just come and talked to Zahra who was suddenly in front of him.

"Oh my gosh, sir, I'm just shocked." Zahra just apologized, she was shocked to see Raka in front of her.

"Sorry, hehe, are you busy tonight?" asked Raka, cupping his hands on the secretary's desk.

"No reason, sir," answered Zahra.

"Let's go," said Raka, smiling,


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