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My Beautiful Forty

My Beautiful Forty

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If someone asked me that I, Fernanda de Freitas, would be separating myself from the man I had sworn to love, respect in joy and sadness, I would have laughed a lot. My marriage for me I thought was perfect, well I thought until one day everything collapsed. Now I'm about to turn 40 I wouldn't have known that I would finally find the great love of my life! Would it be comical that the man I would come to like was 10 years younger than me? Bruno Mendes Since I saw her standing there talking to a friend the only thing that came to my mind was "This woman is perfect for me" It was as if I had died and gone to heaven for me I was an angel in perfection. If someone had told me that I would be chasing a woman I would have laughed for sure. I had told my best friend that I was running from women, it was enough that my crazy ex had done it. Upon discovering that this same woman who fascinates me is a woman older than me, I was very surprised because for her I was new it would work and would do anything to get closer to my beautiful forty-year-old or my name is not Bruno Mendes your new boss!

Chapter 1


Today is not my day, honestly not really! First my job sucked. I'm about to resign and it's not long. Everything going wrong I think I shouldn't have left the house today.

Now I'm here in front of my husband's office, calling him so we can have lunch together and he doesn't answer.

"Damn it, Otávio, do you answer that fucking phone?" - I grumble already getting possessed with him.

I call his cell again and nothing. What was he doing that he couldn't take a fucking call, after all I was his wife.

I get really pissed off at him and I put my cell phone in my bag and look at my watch and amazed at Otávio's delay and he was never one to be late.

I hear the cell phone ring and before I even pick it up I smile and when I pick it up I give a sigh of frustration to see that it was not my husband but one of my daughters and not that I get along with them I just thought it was he.

"Hi Kathy, what's up?" – I ask.

— Mom, I can take your car out. — Ask my daughter.

"Kathy, I haven't even gotten home yet!" - I answer still frustrated.

— Mom, is dad there, close? – She asks me curiously.

“No, Kathy! I sigh and continue, “Where's Kam?

"Oh, she's in the room!" — She answers me and stays silent is when I hear my other daughter's voice and I'm about to ask what's going on, when she continues: — Mom and Kam, she's here next to me saying that she tried to talk to Dad and that he didn't answer.

"Did she try to call him too?" – I ask apprehensively.

- Yes mom! She just told me I didn't even know. Kathy says and I hear Kam saying she wanted to talk to me.

- Hi Mom! - Kam says worriedly.

— Hi daughter, did your sister say that you are not able to talk to your father today either? — I ask curiously, trying to know why Otávio wasn't attending to anyone today.

- I was not able to! I was supposed to ask him if he could lend me some money so we could go to the mall. — She talks to me and keeps saying, — And I was worried when he didn't answer. — Kam is silent and then continues saying: — Mom, why didn't Dad answer my call?

— Daughter, I don't know, since this is the first time this has happened! I take a long breath and keep saying, "He's not even listening to me."

“And now, I'm worried, or rather, we're worried. - Kam speaks.

- You and your sister calm down and don't worry I'm here in front of your father's office and as soon as I find out what happened I'll call you, ok!

"Okay, Mom, send him a kiss!" - She asks me.

- You can leave and you and your sister behave, huh. “I wish I knew what two teenage girls could drive me almost crazy, let me tell you.

“Okay, Kathy and I are not going to fight! “She jokes and I know she doesn't.

I say goodbye to them laughing and hang up. My daughters are what I love most in this world. Thank God we are well connected. The twins took almost nothing from me, but from their father.

Ah Otávio was my love as a teenager, with him I lost my virginity and soon we decided to get married and that was wonderful. Our families knew each other and were so happy that we got married and soon I got pregnant, so my marriage was perfect.

I decide to get out of the car and enter the accounting office, greeting everyone I see. I hadn't been here for a long time. I take the elevator and go up to the floor of Otávio's office.

When I get there I find the hallway empty and I think it's strange and I look again at the clock and realize that must be everyone should be having lunch.

And I hear moans and I get curious and I go towards where the sounds were coming from and I come face to face with a leaning door and I push it I end up getting the biggest shock of my life.

And then a thought occurs to me and he was saying "Do you believe the story of happily ever after?".

Because the scene I'm witnessing there ended up making me so proud to say that I lived a fairy tale.

And here I am! At the office door understanding why my motherfucker husband couldn't be taking any calls he was too busy fucking his new secretary. Because the old one had retired and I should have imagined something like this would happen when he kept praising her, a lot.

The shock I got was so great that I practically froze that when I woke up from the shock I ended up dropping my bag on the floor and the noise made.

That's when he sees me standing there and quickly takes the woman off him and I stand there watching him zip up her pants and I just say:

“Oh, now I understand, why you couldn't answer your family's calls. Were you too busy with the piranha here? - I say pointing to her who was fixing her clothes.

"Love isn't that what you're thinking?" He says quickly.

- Are you sure? — I make fun of him and look at the tramp and say ironically: — I hope you had fun!

— Madam Fernanda, that's not what you're thinking! “She repeats the same thing my husband said, or rather my ex. Because I can definitely say that I am a separate woman.

"I just need to know one thing!" Ah how long have you been cheating on me Otávio? — I say even too calm I think.

"It was the first time and the last time!" He says as if that would make a difference.

- I do not believe you! — And it was the truth, the trust I had in him had just died at that moment.

— My love is the purest truth, you have to trust me! - He says all fervent.

— Otávio, please don't call me love! — I practically scream and look at his lover and say: — I would like to be alone with my ex-husband! - I say looking at him who looks at me shocked.

"I am your husband!" - He says practically screaming and came fast wanting to touch me and I just let go of his disgusting hands.

"Get your hands off me!" — I ask almost screaming.

— Listen to me, I love you! - He asks.

"No, you don't!" If you love me like you said, you wouldn't have betrayed me! — I answer.

"We've been married for nearly twenty years, it happened!" “He defends himself like it's normal.

“You yourself just said that we've been married for almost twenty years and from now on we're not. — I answer.

- What are you trying to say? He says in a panicked voice.

"For God's sake, you understood what I said!" “I wanted to slap him.”

- No! You don't understand Fe I need you! He says desperately.

“Didn't need me until five minutes ago when I was over there fucking in your chair with your whore. - I say shrugging my shoulders.

“I told you it was just a slipup. - He goes back to defending and I look up asking for patience I didn't have anymore.

— As I said before and I say it again, I want a divorce! — Otávio looks at me like I'm crazy.

- No, no! I don't want to divorce you! he protests and places his disgusting hands on me and grips my arms tightly.

— You have nothing to want, Otávio. — I say firmly and continue to say: — Let go of me, Otávio, you're hurting me!

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you!" - He tells me taking his hands off me.

— Otávio, I want a divorce! — I ask again with patience running out.

Chapter 2


I could see in his eyes how shocked he was to hear the word divorce and knew I had to prepare for a long battle.

— I love you! - He says.

"Nice way of demonstrating, don't you think?" - I replied sarcastically. I didn't have cockroach blood.

— Fernanda won't happen again! - He says.

— Otávio, I'm tired of hearing your lamentations and I just say one thing, I want you to pack your things and leave my house today.

"You mean our house!" — Otávio questions me and I glare at him.

— No, now it's my daughters' house and mine. - I talk.

— Fernanda listens to me… — He asks once more.

— You hear me, who can guarantee that you haven't betrayed me before? — I speak looking at him and there seeing that man who swore to love me and ended up betraying me ended up with me.

"I swear to you it was just this once." - He says desperate already.

“As I said, I don&#x


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