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Marry My Enemy's Son!

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Cynthia Anderson lives with her paternal aunt ever since she lost her parents at the tender age of 5. She finished schooling in Jygane town. After many tests, she's finally able to work in the place of her dreams- Jewel's Empire. However, she accidentally caused an important item of the arrogant Alexander Woods to be ruined. Angered, he threatens to cease co-operations with Jewel's Empire. She has to resign and return home to deal with her aunt and Jessica, her little cousin who has temper issues. Some weeks later, Cynthia saves Alex from being killed and the guilty Alex promises to reinstate her at her place of work. A day later, he begins attempts to woo her despite having a fiancee, Kathleen Jones. Eventually, he falls for Cynthia and intensifies his efforts. Cynthia has also fallen for him but doesn't want to accept his love because he has a fiance. Alex against his father's wish breaks off his engagement to Kathleen. The angered father casts him out of the family. He adjusts to life as a peasant in Cynthia's neighbourhood and eventually becomes a waiter in a small restaurant. Months later, due to some issues that could only be solved by Alex, David Woods is forced to seek out his son's help. Alex agrees to return on one condition- that he marries Cynthia. His father agrees and Alex helps the company get over the crisis. He then proposes to Cynthia who happily accepts his proposal. The embittered Kathleen devices a plot and kidnaps Cynthia. She personally tortures Cynthia herself. Alex after being tricked by his ex-fiance several times finally gets the whereabouts of Cynthia and rescues her, although she is in a bad state. The p*ss*d Alex puts up a bounty. Whoever finds Kathleen Jones will get a huge reward. Surprisingly, her own father turns her in and gets the reward. Kathleen is put behind bars. The upcoming marriage between Alex and Cynthia becomes the talk of the town and Cynthia's colleagues at Jewel's Empire throw her a bachelorette party a day before her wedding. In the restroom of the venue, Cynthia meets up with a strange woman who hands her a package. Reaching home she unwraps it and sees it's a USB drive. She inserts it into her computer and find out the shocking truth. Her husband-to-be is the son of her enemy- David Woods is the one who murdered her parents with a truck and escaped. She weeps for a while and decides to show up at the wedding. The confused Alex chases after her after she rejects him at the altar. Cynthia's love has turned into burning hatred and she joins hands with whoever hates the Woods family to wipe them out.

Abandon at the Altar

“Do you, Cynthia Anderson, take Alexander Woods as your wedded husband to love and cherish him in good times and bad?”

You could have heard a pin drop in the hall until the congregation broke the silence, gasping and rising from their seats in reaction to the beautiful bride's shocking reply.

“I do not!”

Alexander’s eyes widened as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Sweetheart ...,” he stuttered. “Why...?”

“I won’t marry you, Alex.” Cynthia spat out, throwing her bouquet to the ground.

She raced down the aisle tearing the veil from her head.

Alex gave chase, and catching her at the entrance, gently touched her shoulders. “Why? What have I done?”

Pushing him away, she snapped.

“I should never have agreed to marry you, Alex. I count my lucky stars that I realised that before it was too late.”

"Cynthia, what exactly is going on? Please tell me...” he implored.

"Go and ask your father. I'm already doing you a favour by not killing you right here."

"Sweetheart..." he couldn't continue speaking as she suddenly raised her right hand and gifted him a harsh slap. Those who were standing at the entry to the hall gasped. The bride hit her groom? Had the hatred reached that level?

"Don't you ever call me that, Alex! We are strangers from now on. No, we're lifetime enemies. I loathe you and your cursed family. I wish you all be crushed by trucks." she spat before taking off her shoes and the wedding gown to reveal a white silk knee-length gown underneath. She then ran away from the wedding venue, taking off the accessories in her hair as she ran.

Alexander just stood there stunned, unable to believe what had just occurred. His family members rushed to him.

"You see! I told you not to marry that girl, didn't I? Now see what a joke she's made out of you." his mom, Mrs Elena Woods, said with a frown.

"How dare that gold digger hit my brother? She'll pay for this." his sister spat with quivering clenched fists.

His father simply patted his back. "Don't worry, son. You'll find a better woman. She's just not meant for you."

Alexander pushed his Dad away in ire. "Dad, it's your fault."

"My fault?" his dad asked in disbelief. "How is it my fault?"

Alexander walked up to his dad and grabbed him by the collar.

His dad asked worriedly amidst the gasps of others. "You... What are you doing, Alex?"

"Son, stop it." his mother entreated.

"Big brother, what are you doing?" his sister questioned with teary eyes. “You guys stop videoing or I’ll make your life a living hell!” she yelled at those who were recording with their phones and all those who turned out to be reporters.

"Tell me, Dad. What did you do to her? She rejected me because of you." he hollered while still holding his father by the collar.

"Me? Impossible! Even though I don't like her much, I'll never do something to hurt her. How can you say she left because of me?" his father asked in perplexity and Alex let go of his collar. His father lost his footing and fell to the ground.

“Alex!” his enraged mother hit him across his right cheek. “How could you do such a thing to your own father? Do you not have any shame? Is this how we raised you? What’s wrong with you?” his mother chastised.

Alexander walked to his father who was still on the floor. "Dad, if I can't marry Cynthia, then I'd rather remain unmarried for life. Without her, my life is meaningless." Alex whispered as a tear slid down his right eyelid. He turned to walk away but suddenly collapsed to the ground.



"Help the groom, he's fainted!"

One of Alexander's groom's men quickly rushed over and carried him over his shoulder.

"Take him to the hospital." his father yelled.

"Alex, my son, you must hold on." his mother cried, her right hand placed on her heaving chest. Her daughter Tina Woods helped her father to stand up. Both of them then hurried after their family members who were ahead of them.

The grand wedding that had been the talk of the town for months ended up like this. What caused the bride to do this?






Cynthia, a black-haired lady aged 24 and possessing green eyes, rushed out of the bathroom clad in a pink bathrobe. Her hair was covered with a black shower cap. She quickly headed to the closet to make a choice of her outfit for today. Today was the day of the interview. She had applied to be a salesgirl at a famous jewellery company in this city. If she was admitted, her financial standards would improve. So at any cost, she must get this job!

The interview was at 9:30 am. She slept late last night and woke up at 8:30 am. She had just an hour left to get ready. Cynthia selected her outfit for the interview and changed into it. Then she headed to the vanity mirror.

A few minutes later, she was done styling her black hair and putting on some light makeup. All that was needed was the get her CV and a few documents that might be needed at the venue.

As she stepped out of her room, she bumped into a girl around 17 years of age. It was Jessica Anderson, her cousin. Cynthia lived with her and her widowed aunt. The girl had headphones on, nodding her head to the music while mopping the floor.

"Why are you still at home, young lady?" Cynthia asked with creased eyebrows. "Aren't you supposed to be in school?"

"I am not going today,” the lass responded rudely.

"Okay.” Cynthia nodded and sighed. “What’s with that attitude? Why aren't you going?"

"No reason! Now, can you please let me continue my chores?" the girl asked impatiently, referring to the floor she was mopping before.

Cynthia couldn't help grinning at her the girl's words. "And since when did my little sister take her chores so seriously? Oh yeah, I remember. She takes it seriously only when she wants something." she snapped her fingers. "So what do you want?"

The girl, who was Cynthia's cousin rolled her eyeballs. "I don't want anything, I just want to avoid anything school-related for now."

Cynthia's facial expression changed, to that of puzzlement. " Okay. Then, at least, you can tell me what the matter is. I am your cousin and I have told you times without number to come to me if you are facing any challenges but you never did. And now, you are still refusing to talk."

The red-haired girl nodded. “I’ve heard you.” she then took the mop with the bucket she was using and left.

As she left, Cynthia thought about what was wrong with her cousin. What happened in school that made her so unwilling to even go to school?

"Oh no!" she gasped upon checking the time. "Great! I am going to be really late if I don't leave now." Without wasting any more time, she left for the interview.

Chapter 2 Seek a Job

Jewel's Empire.

9:33 am.

Cynthia arrived outside the venue. It was just the way she imagined it to be - Grand! Cynthia had not only planned to work here to improve her financial standards but as well, it was her dream to work here.

The arrival of this empire has brought the sales of many other jewel-making industries down to the bottom. No one has ever been able to rival them. Except for one- Luther’s Fancy.

It was solely for the rich to invest in; women from pompous families were willing to spend half their fortunes on its products with no regrets. Cynthia looked forward to acing this interview but wondered if she would get the job or who knows, she might just screw up.

Nothing was sure. Little droplets could be seen on her face. She dried her face with her handkerchief and put it back in her handbag before walking up to the receptionist's counter.

Reaching there, she rested her hands on the counter while wearing a friendly look. "


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