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Married To Mr. Nightmare

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The plot revolves around a psychologist named Mayra and a billionaire Rehan Malhotra. They both were tied in the knot of marriage for their own sake. Rehan was forced into it while Mayra agreed to step into this lifeless wedding because she wanted to help him and make his life better. Life for Mayra was never bubbled up with happiness, after growing in a orphanage she knew that 'even saving a single life is worth every sacrifice'. She realised that behind the facade of arrogant and cold hearted Rehan there was a lot more which was waiting to be discovered. And when she saw the real him, she couldn't stop herself from falling for him. She was determined to solve the mystery of her husband and help him to stop relaying on drugs and alcohol for escaping his pain. But will she ever be able to do so? Even after all the heartache and suffering which was Rehan putting her through. Because when it's come to Rehan, he can easily be titled as NIGHTMARE.

Chapter 1


"We'll all miss you, Dr Mayra," Receptionist Samantha said, passing me few documents. I took them from her and offered her a weak smile. I am also going to miss everyone here.

" Call me anytime, Sam, we will be just one call away."

" Okay, Mayra. Here you go." She added and placed my transfer letter on the desk.

"All the best for your new journey."

I nodded and automatically, the corner of my lips twitched as I glanced over my name mentioned in the documents.

Sometimes it feels strange to watch my name written without any family name. But I couldn't help it. I don't even know who my family was? Whether they are alive or not? All I know is that someone from my orphanage had told me years back that I had been there since the day I was born.

All my childhood and teenage years had passed in craving for the love of family. I had seen many of my friends back in the orphanage getting adopted. I always felt envious of them because no one ever spared me a single look to thought about adopting me. But now it doesn't matter to me. Being alone for whole my life of twenty-four years, taught me that love is not always about expecting, but it's all about offering.

"Dr Mayra, are you okay? You seemed zoned out."

I laughed nervously at Sam's word and wrapped my arms around her, reassuring her that I was fine. After bidding my goodbye to everyone, I made my way to the airport.

From today I am going to have a new start of my journey, starting from the place where it all began. After six years, I am returning back to the country where I had grown up.

I still remember the day when I turned eighteen and all ready to leave the orphanage. It was great luck of mine that I got a scholarship for a medical college in abroad. Then after completing my studies, I got an internship as a psychiatrist. And after a few years later, I ended up with the name 'Dr. Mayra.'


As I reached my destination, I sighed. Everything is going to change. New country, new city, new hospital, new people, new life. Let's just hope that this new journey will bring some new chapters in my life.

"Barbie doll."

A huge smile formed over my cheeks as I heard a very familiar voice.

Tilting my head a little, I arched up my eyebrows in surprise and walked to the person standing in front of me. After adjusting my backpack on the right shoulder and pulling the suitcase along with me.

" Hey," I whispered softly and wrapped my arms around him.

" Welcome back to India."

" How are you, Vishal?" I asked, ignoring the smirk which constantly appeared across his face.

He was definitely planning something.

" Well, since now you are going to be a part of the hospital where I work, then I'd say I'm good." I shook my head at his cheeky tone.

Vishal is like my good friend. We both had met a few years back in one of a medical conference and since then, we share the bond of friendship.

He is a well- known surgeon but he can be quite childish.

" Look, doll, in this hot weather also, I came to pick you up from the airport. Now, please don't just stand here like a statue. Come on, let's go. After dropping you off to your new house, I have an important thing to do."

I nodded and quickly sat inside his car.

Biting the corner of my lip, I mentally debated whether I should ask him or not? The question that had been bothering me from so long.

To my periphery, I looked at him, only to find him with a giant smile on his face.

Why does he seem so happy with my arrival?

" Why, Vishal?"

" Huh?"

" Why did you wanted me to come here?" I asked hesitantly.

He looked into my eyes then said, " You'll see."

Okay, so he is not going to give me the real reason.

" Look, Mayra, there's something in which I need your help. I can't tell you what exactly, but now you seem to like my only hope."

He sounded calm, but the hint of little seriousness in his tone didn't go unnoticed by me.

" You know, Vishal, I am already here so there is no chance that I will return back after knowing the reason. Trust me, you can tell me. I promise I'll try to help you with whatever you need."

He averted his eyes from me and fixed them on the windshield.

" Do you know Rehan Malhotra?"

I had a sudden urge to laugh at his question.

" Come on, who doesn't know him?" I replied and that's when the corner of his mouth broke into his signature smirk.

" Well, he's going to be your next patient."

He announced with a casual shrug. I blinked twice to register his words.

Rehan Malhotra? The billionaire Rehan Malhotra?

" Relax, okay? He's also a human."

" Do you know him?" I asked him in a surprised tone and he chuckled.

"Yes, Barbie doll. I know him. He is my best friend."

" You never told me about this," I whispered.

"You never asked."

" B-But why me? He can hire any best Psychiatrist then why me?"

How am I going to treat him? He's such a big personality. I had never seen him, but the stories I've heard about him were enough for me to have my heart fill with pure respect. He had worked really hard to build a huge empire in the business world at such a small age. I can imagine the number of the sleepless night he might have spent for achieving all the success. But why does he need a psychiatrist?

" Because you are the best I can ever find for him."

I flushed.

" Can I ask you something?"

" Sure, doll."

" Why does he need a psychiatrist?"

His face became hard at my question and the second later, I regretted asking him that.

" He doesn't, but I need you for him."

I knitted my eyebrows in confusion.


He exhaled a deep blow of air and his hold on the steering wheel tightened a bit.

"I will give you his medical files tomorrow."

" Okay."

" We are here. Go and take proper rest, you might be tired from the journey. If you need anything,  just drop a message, okay? Otherwise, we'll meet tomorrow. Take care."

He said before placing a kiss on my temple.

" My life is strange, isn't it?" I asked myself once when I reached on the balcony. Grabbing the seat on the couch, my eyes wandered over the sky. The sun was settling down and the slow breeze was passing through my skin.

I don't know why it feels like Vishal was hiding something from me. Like there was some other reason besides treating Rehan Malhotra.

Chapter 2


"Get the fuck out of my office," I spoke calmly, spinning the paperweight.

"S-Sir...I need this job." He again repeated the same sentence.

I blew out a small amount of air and tilted my head in his direction. His face was all restless in fear and sweat. My eyes went over his trembling fingers which tried hard to grip some documents.

"You want this job? THEN WHY THE HELL YOU TOOK LEAVE WITHOUT INFORMING ME?" I asked still trying to calm my temper as much as possible but all he did was to bend his head low.

Fuck this shit.


"Sir, my wife was sick, I-I...."

My lips broke into a faint chuckle. So he gave priority to his wife's health over this job? Well done, you just gave me another reason to remove you from my company.

"Now you have two choices either get the fuck out of here or wait and watch how I make sure that no-one will ever hire


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