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Married for Revenge

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Upon discovering her fiance cheating on her and her company being snatched right under her nose. Veena was thrown and imprisoned into a mental hospital due to being 'unstable'. Finally freed from three years of imprisonment and coming back with anger and hatred towards her family. Veena swears to destroy the people who ruined her life. She seeks support from the wealthiest and strongest man of Geneva City, Lois Rossenov. A man who doesn't like women and always wants something in return. He agrees to her offer but in exchange for a marriage arrangement. Not only that, this deal also involves intimacy.

Chapter 1: Back for Revenge

Spraying the sweet strawberry scented perfume, she was ready to go. Tonight she wanted to surprise her fiancé and ready to be taken. The love of her life is currently resting in their room and he didn't know that she's coming home tonight. The fashion show in France was pretty hectic and she missed him so much that she couldn't wait to get home.

Wearing a s*xy, red nightdress. She prepared herself to satisfy her fiancé. They haven't really gone far from their love making, only limited to few kisses. Now, she will offer herself to him willingly and take the innocence of her body.

Silently walking up to their room she could hear few sounds from behind the door. Is he awake? Opening the door she gasped upon seeing her sister on top of him. There her heart shattered as they were pleasuring each other. How could they!

"Stephen..." she whispered. Her fiancé looked up and was shocked that he pushed her sister to the ground.

"B-Baby it's not what you think it is. I-I can explain!" he stuttered, trying to reason out.

"Quit it already, Stephen. Veena already caught us; there is no need for you to explain yourself. You only proposed her for the money anyway." her sister smirked at her.

"How can you do this to me, Ashley? You're sleeping with your sister's fiancé, my fiancé! I can't believe both of you!" Veena cried out.

"Your tears are useless, sister. You were so busy with that clothing line of yours that I replaced your spot on the bed. A virgin woman like you can never satisfy a sexually hungry man. I was the one who took care of Stephen's needs." Ashley said.

The sound of arriving car can be heard from outside. Veena smiled at her sister. Let's see what will happen once her parent’s finds out about this. "We've been together for three years now, Stephen. I can't believe that you're just throwing away our relationship just to cheat with my sister."

"V-Veena, I'm sorry." he apologized then kneeled down to the floor. He took her hand in his while repeating an apology. But it was too late, the deed has been done.

"I'll tell mom about this." she barged out of the room to tell her parents.

Cedric and Helen Harrison just came back from a trip. They did not expect to see Veena coming home early.

" Stephen cheated on me and slept with Ashley!" she cried out loud.

Veena expected her parents to be angry but there was no reaction at all! Her mother, Helen, just shrugged not caring of the situation. Ashley leaned on the frame of the door with a victorious smile.

"No need to say anything else, Veena. We already know about this ever since you left for the fashion show. We believe that Ashley fits Stephen better than you." says her father, Cedric.

They knew all this time? She couldn't understand what was going on. Her parents actually supported the relationship between Stephen and Ashley? No...this is wrong.

"Why? Dad, Stephen is my fiancé! Shouldn't you be angry or anything against Ashley? They cheated behind my back d*mn it!"

"Shut your mouth, young lady! Ashley deserves to be treated well whereas you are not fitted to be married to Stephen. He is the son of Sullivan Group and will marry Ashley. Forget about your engagement with him. I have no daughter like you and you don't deserve to have anything." Helen said.

"How could you? All of you! How dare you betray me? I'm your daughter and I won't be treated like this." she was so confused right now. Ashley has always been the favorite in her family. Everything that Ashley wants they will give it to her. Most of the things Veena owned were given to Ashley. Now, they were giving Stephen to her. She hated this, the favoritism clearly running within the family.

Helen slapped her and she was shocked that her mother would do that to her.

"You are a very bad girl. From now on you're sleeping in the basement. All rooms in this mansion are off limits."

Ashley approached Veena then patted her head. "Thank you for the wonderful gift, sister. Don't worry I'll do my best to take care of Stephen." she said, her voice dripping with poison.

Veena was becoming too angry. She grabbed Ashley's hair and both women attacked each other. She slapped her sister and even punched her fake Botox face. Stephen stood in between them immediately holding on to Ashley.

Cedric pushed Veena to the floor and she can see the hatred in her family's eyes.

"How dare you hurt your sister? That's it; you don't deserve to stay in this mansion. You have gone mentally insane, Veena! Rhea make sure you lock up Veena in the basement. I'll be calling the nearby mental hospital and take her away from here. This kind of action is not allowed in the Harrison family." Cedric commanded the head maid, Rhea.

"No! Dad you can't do this to me. Don't send me to the mental hospital please!" Veena cried out to her father. But the man completely ignored his own daughter and roughly pulled her hands off.

Two security guards grabbed her arms, pulling her to the basement. Veena struggled under their hold; she doesn't want to stay in there. The darkness scared her and she hated it. She has always experienced being locked up by Ashley when they were kids. This created a trauma within her heart.

The guards threw her inside the basement room and the sound of clicking locks can be heard right after. Veena cried to let her out, while slamming the door. It was useless...they no longer cared for her. She even left her bag on the couch. She couldn't call her assistant.

The smell of antiseptic will always leave her disgusted. For three years she's been imprisoned in this mental hospital. If it wasn't for what happened in the past she wouldn't be here right now. Her name was Veena Harrison, a woman who used to sit at the top and now fell down from her seat.

Left with a cold heart all she could think throughout the years was revenge. Today is the day of her release in this horrid place. Once she gets out she’ll formulate a plan to take back what belongs to her.

“Miss Harrison, you’re good to go.” The nurse said. Thankfully none of her things were touched and still working well. She took her bag and checked the contents. Few important files, phone and cards are still there and she sighed in relief.

She changed out of the hospital clothes and wore a black turtleneck sweater, brown pants and brown long coat. After signing the release papers she slammed it on the desk, the receptionist jumped in surprise. She stood outside waiting for a cab to pass by.

A sleek, black car stopped in front of the hospital. Veena ignored her surroundings and continued fumbling on her phone. There were a lot of messages that popped up on the screen.

A man with cold and powerful aura was seated inside the car. He watched the woman tapping aggressively on her phone.

The hospital’s director stood on the sidewalk. The window shield rolled down and the director’s breathing paused. This man is really scary.

“Mr. Bennet, we meet again. I hope that you haven’t forgotten your debts. If you can’t pay it today then I’ll have to force your hospital for closure.” The director gulped in fear. This hospital is really important to him and he was having a hard time paying all of his debts. Not even a loan can save him from this cruel man.

“I-I’m sorry! I don’t have the money right now. Please don’t make my hospital close down.” The director begged.

He faced ahead and the woman is still there, talking angrily on the phone. “Do you know her?” he asked.

“That's Veena Harrison. Don't mind her she's currently recovering from being mentally unstable. What a waste for such beautiful woman to stay here in this kind of a facility for three years.” The director replied.

“What happened to her? She looks mentally healthy to me.”

"I don't know that much about it, but the Harrison's already cut off their ties with her. We don't know what to do with her, the payment for the treatment stopped coming. The woman is full of debts and we’re planning to demand for payment.”

From what he had heard the Harrison's are greedy and very competitive when it comes to business. But why is there another Harrison in a mental hospital? Interesting.

“How much?”

“S-Sir?” Mr. Bennet asked.

“How much is the woman’s debts?” The director was taken aback from the question. “I’ll pay for it. Think of it as a charity case from me.” Even the man’s assistant was shocked too.

Chapter 2: Humiliation

Veena finally arrived at the Harrison family’s residence. It’s been three years since she last set foot in this place. She’s no longer the weak woman from the past, she came back to take back what belongs to her.

The whole family was waiting for her at the living room; they were giving her disgusted looks. The moment the Harrison family created a place in Geneva city’s social circle. Was the time they took advantage of her.

She held on to their wicked tricks for years and successfully defended herself. But the more she took the damage the more her defenses fell. Everyone betrayed her and she vowed to take back everything and destroy it in one sweep.

“Congratulations on your release, sister.” Ashley said. Veena glared at her evil sister. This is the woman whom she no longer called family. She stole Stephen from her and they cheated behind her back. Her parents didn’t even care and were happy of her fall.

“If you didn’t know yet, I’m the new CEO of your company


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