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Married At Seventeen

Married At Seventeen

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"You pathetic mistake of a man! What's more disgusting o fucking your brother's wife for revenge?" She spat. * "You will surely beg me. It doesn't matter if you're begging for sex or begging for your life but you will beg me. I will break you, it's a promise" He growled. Rape. The one thing Riley never thought would happen to her yet the one thing that was able to ruin her life and enrich her parents. After lots of emotional and psychological torture, she got sold off to the very person that stole her innocence. Her heart laced with hatred as she swore to make them all pay. Even if she had to kill him and keep the baby. Then his brother, Roman Shaw showed up and she realized wasn't dealing with just one devil. She's stuck in the midst of a family rivalry. One where everyone uses her as a toy.

Chapter 1


“Are you sure we should be attending this party?” I ask, frowning at my dress. It's way too short and tight. I don't get what's so cool about this party Diane keeps whining about.

“Trust me. You are going to love it. For Christ's sake, Riley, You're not a nun. Stop acting like one” She groans and steps out of the dressing room looking so hot and slutty.

“Did you tell Dad about this?” I ask, feeling damn uncomfortable in the stupid dress.

“Are you fricking nine? We're sneaking out” She rolls her eyes. Are we sneaking out? I cringe at the thought. I am not the party type, and I'm not sure that I can do this either.

“What did you say is happening at this party again?” I ask, weighing my options. I can stay back and have a good night's sleep, or sneak out with my crazy stepsister and get into a lot of trouble.

Usually, Diane doesn't notice me or even try to be friendly. She ignores me and hangs out with her friends. Although this is absurd, I like that she wants to do something with me.

“You're going to meet a lot of cool, loaded guys. Pick one, get wasted, have fun, and probably fuck him,” She says, strapping her heels. I have a bad feeling about this. She touches up my makeup and smiles at me.

“Honestly, I never thought you could be so fucking hot. There is no need to be nervous, okay? It is safe, you don't want to look gullible before some of the richest men in San Francisco. Wear a seductive smile and let's get out of here,” She says.

Sometimes I wish I could be as confident as she is. I mean, she's badass, and I'm just plain Riley. I follow her downstairs, and we meet a car outside. One of Diane's friends sticks out her head and waves at us. I followed her timidly to the car. There are two guys in the car already, and I hate the way they stare at me.

“Little bitch, you didn't tell us Riley was this pretty,” One of them says.

“Fuck off, she has got a date,” Diane snaps. I have a what? I stare at Diane, and she winks. I guess she said it, so he would back off.

“Am I supposed to believe that? Riley is like the holy fucking Mary. I'm sure she's never been on a date before. I bet she's still a virgin” He says, and my cheeks burn in embarrassment. Dianne chuckles, adding to my embarrassment. She glances at me, and I glare. Soon, music blazes through the speakers, deafening me as the car comes to a stop. I step out nervously. I see girls dressed worse than Diane and a long line of flashy cars.

I gulp as my eyes take in more appearances. What the hell am I doing here? This is no place for me. I don't fit in. Before I can decide to leave, Diane takes my hand and walks me into the party. There are so many people. Too many people. We get to the bar, and she orders a drink for me. She asks me to wait and squeezes through the dancing bodies.

That was how I lost Diane. She never came back. I started feeling lonely and scared as many men approached me. I decided to search for her, only to be stopped by guards.

“Our boss wants to see you,” He says coldly, and I feel my toes curl.

“What boss?” I ask.

“Dean Shaw. Now move”, He orders, and I follow him. Who's Dean Shaw? Why does that name sound so familiar? We get to a reserved part of the club, and I see numerous strippers and one man.

“She's here, boss,” He says. The man stands and walks over to me. I stared at my feet in fear.

“You're just as beautiful as they described. How much for a night, honey?” He asks, trailing his hands up my thighs. I slap it off and glare at his handsome face. He's got a beautiful set of dark eyes and messy black hair. Clean shaved and hot enough to make ladies fall at his feet, but not me.

“I'm not one of your sluts”.

“Do you know who you're talking to?” He smirks, pulling me to himself. My heart pounds in fear as I push him off. He whispers something to his guards and walks away. They grab me suddenly and follow him. I scream and kick, but their grip is still firm. Where's Diane? Oh God, I'm doomed! Why the hell did I agree to come here? They enter a room along with him and toss me on the bed.

“Let me go, please,” I beg, but he doesn't pay attention.

“Strip her,” He orders, taking off his shirt. I struggle and scream as they rip the dress off my body.

“Hold her hands,” He orders again, and my worst fear is confirmed. The beast is going to rape me.

“Please let me go…I'm sorry for anything I've done wrong, but, please. …" I plead, but he mounts the bed. I swing my legs, kicking him as hard as I can. It doesn't affect him as he grabs both legs and spreads them. He rips off my panties and thrusts a finger into me. I groan in pain as he doubles it. A smile curves on his lips.

“Virgin, huh? I would love to see you in pain. Fortunately, I have a meeting in an hour, so there is no time for foreplay,” He says, and I don't even find the words to beg him as he pulls off his briefs. He mounts me and thrusts in forcefully. I scream and struggle, but he doesn't stop. He continues thrusting deeper and faster while I scream and scream until I pass out.

Chapter 2


I wake up feeling incredibly sore. Tears build up in my eyes as I realize it wasn't a dream. I just lost my virginity to a man I know almost nothing about.

I sob on the bed, unable to move.
What do I tell Mom? How do I face Dad? What will I tell them? I snuck to a party and got raped? My phone rings on the bed and I reach for it immediately.

“Where the fuck are you, Riley? I know I said fuck... ...”

“I was raped, Diane," I blurt out. She remains quiet for a while before bursting into a laugh. A cruel laugh.

“Okay, you got me there.....”

“I'm not kidding. You abandoned me. You made me come and you left me. You left me, Diane. Alone in a dangerous club and I got raped” I yell over the phone with tears streaming down my cheeks. I throw away the phone and sob. I feel so worthless.

Will I ever be able to get over this? Can I live with this scar? I roll off the bed and crawl to the ba


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