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Married At Seventeen

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"You pathetic mistake of a man! What's more disgusting o f*ck*ng your brother's wife for revenge?" She spat. * "You will surely beg me. It doesn't matter if you're begging for s*x or begging for your life but you will beg me. I will break you, it's a promise" He growled. **** Riley never thought she would be forced to share a billionaire's bed yet it was the one thing that was able to ruin her life and enrich her parents. After lots of emotional and psychological torture, she got sold off to the very person that stole her innocence. Her heart laced with hatred as she swore to make them all pay. Even if she had to kill him and keep the baby. Then his brother, Roman Shaw showed up and she realized wasn't dealing with just one devil. She's stuck in the midst of a family rivalry. One where everyone uses her as a toy.

Chapter 1


I wake up feeling incredibly sore. Tears build up in my eyes as I realize it wasn't a dream.

I just lost my virginity to a man I know almost nothing about. I sob on the bed, unable to move.

What do I tell Mom? How do I face Dad? What will I tell them? I snuck to a party and got raped?

My phone rings on the bed and I reach for it immediately.

“Where the fuck are you, Riley? I know I said fuck... ...”

“I was raped, Diane," I blurt out. She remains quiet for a while before bursting into a laugh. A cruel laugh.

“Okay, you got me there.....”

“I'm not kidding. You abandoned me. You made me come and you left me. You left me, Diane. Alone in a dangerous club and I got raped” I yell over the phone with tears streaming down my cheeks.

I throw away the phone and sob. I feel so worthless. Will I ever be able to get over this? Can I live with this scar?

I roll off the bed and crawl to the bathroom. I run a steamy bath and soak myself in.

The memories keep flashing in my head, and I shut my eyes trying to forget, but the pain in my vag reminds me constantly of every single moment.

I cry myself to sleep in the bath. I feel a lot better after waking and stepping carefully out of the bath.

I take careful steps to the room, and the bloody sheets remind me once again of what I tried to forget. Unable to cry anymore, I wrap the bathrobe around my body and step out of the room. I borrow clothes from one of the workers and cash too.

I hailed a cab and got home to meet Mom looking so mad. I fake a smile and walk over to her.

“Where were you last night?” She asks angrily. I open my mouth to talk, but nothing comes out. I've never thought of lying to Mom.

“I'm sorry Mom” I apologize. She slaps me, and I blink rapidly.

“You know I never thought I could raise a whore as a daughter” She yells, and my eyes snap to her.

Did my mom just call me a whore?

“I gave you everything you asked for. I sent you to the best high school in San Francisco. I was ready to...... God! What on earth do those scumbags give you?” She yells.

“What are you talking about, mom?” I sob. She raises her hands to hit me again, but Diane stops her.

“Stop hitting her, Sarah. It won't change anything. The most important thing is you know the real Riley. I tried telling you and Dad severally but as usual, no one listens to Diane. They say Diane is the bad one. Maybe I'm bad, but at least I don't go sleeping around” She says and shock takes over.

“Diane, you….”

“I don't want to hear it. I told you not to go, didn't I? You said no one would find out” She snaps at me.

Tears roll uncontrollably down my cheeks.I should have known there was no way she would just decide to go out with me. I should have known she would never waste so much dolling me up. Mom casts me a disappointed look and walks in. Diane turns to me.

“How's that for a bummer, little whore?” She smirks.

“You planned this? Why would you do this to me? I'm your sister.....”

“You're Sarah's daughter, Riley. What did you think? That you could just walk into my life with your mom and take my dad from me? It ain't happening," She says with a hate-filled voice and walks in.

My head spins.

I never thought Diane could hate me so much. I know she doesn't like me, but did she have to ruin me this way?

Mom won't even hear me out. I walk to my room and shut the door. I sit on the bed, thinking of how quickly my world is crumbling.

I don't even have the strength to cry anymore. My head hurts as well. I open the drawer and search for aspirin, but the screeching of the car stops me. I wave it off and reach for the bottle, but Dad's thunderous voice stops me again.

Did Diane lie to him too?

“I want that dirty little whore out of my house this minute” He thunders.

Chapter 2


“I want that dirty little whore out of my house this minute” Dad yells and the bottle drops from my hand.

“Please, honey, calm down….”

“Don't you dare give me that crap? What'd I tell you 'bout giving her everything she asks for, huh? You said she's just a child, Francis. Let her have whatever she wants......”

“I didn't know it'd come to this, okay? Stop yelling” Mom interrupts.

“She's leaving my house, Sarah. I won't harbor a goddamn hoe” he snaps, and I hear his heavy footsteps on the stairs.

Tears roll down my cheeks as I stay rooted to the spot, shivering. The door kicks open, and I tremble at his fuming figure.

“I believe that you heard me, Riley. Get your bags right now” he orders.

“Please, Dad, listen to me. I was raped. I had nothing to do with that man. He forced himself on me” I sob.

“Oh, I believe you. He broke in and raped you, didn't he?”. His sarcasm is evident, and he was damn right. Dean


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