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Preshy John

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The sirens knew how to do only one thing. Kill. Usually, it was just those who travelled their seas, until the greedy ruler of Greake, the green city of the lake, captured their queen. Determined to find their Queen and wipe off all the cities surrounding the Golden seas, the sirens ventured into the lands at midnight. So many lives were lost from the midnight invasion, as such the humans had a powerful witch, Adora, summon the Pombero to keep the sirens off their lands. King Edwardo got greedy again. With his sword in hand, dripping the blood of their victims, and Adora by his side, he haunted the sirens who were retreating into their seas. The few who survived the slaughter were enslaved by the king and exploited for riches until they died a miserable death. Edwardo didn't stop there. His quest for wealth and power clouded his sense of reasoning. His ambition rose to a level that even Adora was afraid. He had ships positioned all the seas, men buried deep in the water, with nets cast everywhere. No matter how many lives were lost, Edwardo could only be pleased at the sight of a siren. Adora was afraid for his men. The innocent life growing inside of her did not deserve the life Edwardo was forcing them into. The news of her pregnancy excited him no more than the men returning without a siren. He was too power crazed to care for anything else. Especially not after Adora revealed to him that the heart of a siren held the key to immortality. Adora felt used and neglected. Her caramel skin had paled out from casting too many spells. Her vicious emerald eyes had long lost its will. The waist length luscious dark hair, that swayed elegantly with her hips whenever she moved, were now tangled, lustreless and annoying to look at. Many mistook it for pregnancy hormones, unaware that Edwardo was the only hormone that could wreck a woman as beautiful as Adora. Sick of the bloodshed, Adora performed a dark ritual, one that brought a temporary calm to both sides. They say there is a price for everything. The sea takes what it wants in exchange for what it is to give. Adora didn't give much thought to it, until she pushed the hideous child out of her womb. Years later, the throne of the Golden seas remained empty, as none of the sirens were powerful enough to contain the darkness that enveloped the throne. Given that half of their powers were locked away in the other half of their hearts given away by the sea to human mates, whom they were bound to love for the rest of their lives for the sake of peace. Princess Almira was not looking forward to finding love. All she needed was the other half of her heart to take over her mother's throne. Since the mates were immune to their manipulative melodies, Almira decided to go in search of him herself with only one plan. Drive a dagger through his heart and retrieve her property.


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