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Mafia's Sweet Addiction

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Abeer Malhotra, a billionaire, and the leader of the Mafia world having a dashing personality, elegant and the hottest bachelor of New York. He got betrayed by his own loved ones. His dictionary doesn't include words like "love". Khushi, a kind-hearted, drop-dead gorgeous and innocent soul from India has its own unique style of cherishing every moment of life. But destiny played its cruel game with both of them, getting two different people with different perspectives, different habits, different thoughts and different dreams together. What will happen when their entirely different world will collide? Will they compromise until they both get satisfied with those two lives turning into one or will become stranger once again? Will destiny let them be together forever or parted their ways forever? Join the roller coaster ride, and get ready to enjoy the beautiful love story, where you can feel every emotion of love, anger, mystery, lust, jealously, hatred, thriller and romance. Find me on Insta "author_anjali" to stay connected for the latest updates of my stories.

Chapter 1. Prologue

You can wish me "Happy Birthday" as it is my birthday today. Well, Nevermind, because maybe it's my death day too. As all I can see around me is a pool of blood, after that life-threatening accident of mine.

"How are you feeling now?", the doctor asked me as I slowly opened my eyes. "It's paining everywhere, in my body," I replied, groaning in pain.

"You should thanks to God and that girl", who brought you here, at the right time otherwise, it would be really difficult for you to survive. The doctor said, after checking my reports. Now you should take proper rest and take care of yourself as you have regained consciousness after whole seven days.

"I was lying unconscious for the last seven days", I thought getting shocked and surprised too in my mind as I did not remember anything that happened after my accident. "And who was that stranger?" the doctor was talking about, who saved my life.

Suddenly, I remembered that voice message sent by my secretary, where she told that " I had to stay away from my loved ones." That thought ached my heart that I was betrayed by my near ones.

I thought that that day was the end of my life. But, then again destiny started playing its own game, like always and some stranger girl saved me. Nevertheless, I know very well that people nowadays worked only for money. Money is everything, a person wants in his life. So chances were high that, the stranger girl saved me for some money or maybe she was sent by some of my rivals or someone who was really closed to me.

"But who was she?", I thought closing my eyes and resting my head on the pillow to take some rest as it was hurting me badly.


Chapter 2. Hide My Identity

I, Abeer Malhotra , a billionaire and the leader of the Mafia world, feeling so helpless today. I was betrayed by my loved ones and saved by some stranger. Wow! I think destiny is in the mood of playing hide and seek with me like always.

"But, right now, I have to hide my identity from everyone as revealing my identity right now can prove a threat to my life. "

And I can't take that risk because my life belongs to someone else too. All these thoughts made my eyes opened as anxiety did not let me sleep.

After opening my eyes, " I found that the nurse was checking my wounds."

" So Sir how are you feeling now?", the nurse asked, with a slight smile on her face.

"It's still paining badly", I replied.

By the way, " Could you please tell me where is that girl who saved my life ", I asked hesitantly.

" Oh!", that girl, she was such an innocent soul, people like her are rarely s


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