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Mafia's Little Pearl

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"You're one interesting girl my princess," he said. At the same time, his eyes peered into mine as his hands slipped into my dress tracing my legs up to my upper thigh. My bare back pressed against the wall feeling the touch of his palm on my skin which sent tingling shivers down my spine and for some reason, I felt a smile creep up on my lips. "And you aren't a Saint either". __ Jade Flores, a student who works part-time at the infamous Red bar. She appears and pretends to be tough meanwhile she's the most softest and innocent girl one would ever meet. Saint Gennaro Guerra, the city's infamous Mafia lord. He's Stoic, stern, dominant and of course, handsome. No one who has ever crossed him made it out of the 'dead hole'. The two cross paths when one of Saint's men who betrayed him happens to be Jade's cousin, Marcel popularly known as 'Tequila'. Saint rescues her from his archenemy, Matrix who is also in search of Tequila. Saint then holds Jade as his property when he cannot find Tequila. Jade starts to fall hard for him and in as much as he pushes her away each time and keeps his walls high, she doesn't stop trying to break his walls. What happens when the city's infamous man keeps facing different situations with the girl who works at the infamous bar? Will they have themselves to fall back to? Will Saint reciprocate her feelings?

One: An unexpected event

Jade's POV:

I glanced around before crossing over to the other side of the road where the bar I was working at was. I knew he was looking for me, I just knew it. Only the thought of him disgusted me and I hoped silently that none of his men had found me yet. If there was anything I knew about my uncle, it was that he was never going to give up.. not until he found me.

The three weeks I had been away from the house was really healthy for me and as soon as I got the job I wanted, I was going to leave the country and never come back again.

I walked into the bar, the 'closed' sign still hanging by the window. Everyone looked busier than usual as they went about their activities.

I went to change into my work clothes and saw Betty inside.

"The red one is here!" Betty shouted making me giggle. "You came just in time."

" What's going on?" I asked inquisitive, dropping my bag on the bench and proceeding to remove my top.

"Well, they say the owner is in town and he's coming to the bar today." She replied tying the end pieces of her shirts together to form a crop top revealing her navel piercing.

"The owner? I don't think I've seen him before." I told her which she shrugged at.

"You've not worked here long enough. The man is scaryyy and handsome...but scary." She said stressing out the word 'scary' as she did her makeup.

I wore my red shirt and black skort uniform hastily and did my makeup before someone came in to tell us to hurry up.

"Nice boobs red one," Betty said out of nowhere throwing a gum into her mouth and smirking slying.

I rolled my eyes at her smiling at the compliment, "Shut up",

Soon enough we opened up and got busy with customers and I didn't forget to scan the area and be on an alert for when the 'scary owner' walked in.

I was standing at the counter waiting for the next set of drinks when I looked over to see Betty signaling me that she'd be going out through the back door for a smoke which I nodded to.

"Okayy!" I said grabbing the tray and turning to go head towards the table.

Suddenly the door flew open and men who were dressed in all black bounced in, each with a gun screaming at everyone to remain where they were.

What in the world was going on?

The tray I was carrying fell from my hand in shock as I looked around confused.

One of the men shot their gun in the air making everyone scream and soon enough, everyone was running recklessly out of the bar trying to save their own head or hiding in one place or the other.

I hid behind a table knowing fully well that if I joined in the commotion and stampede that was starting to occur, I might lose my life.

More shots in the air followed and I saw a man drop to the floor face down. The armed men spread out grabbing each hostess and checking their faces asking each other if they've 'found her'.

From where I was, I saw a man walk into the bar, dressed in a leather jacket and black jeans. He had his hands in his pockets and looked angry as hell.

"Where is she?" He asked looking around and I suspected he was with the other guys that came in earlier.

"We haven't found her yet boss," one of the men replied.

He slapped the man across the face. "cafone!" He spat out. "Find her now!"

The man apologised to him then walked away.

He looked towards my direction and locked eyes with me, then started to walk to the table I was at.

My heart started to pound faster and I was really saying my last prayers.

He stood in front of me and tilted his head to a side, his frown getting deeper. "Flores?" He asked.

I nodded slowly wondering if my uncle had finally caught me.

"Little bitch." He said as he grabbed my head pulling me up from my hiding place.

I winced at the pain as he pulled me with him while we went to another table which was close to the door, then threw me onto one of the seats there.

The boss pulled out a gun and cocked it to my head.

I gasped silently, my hands shaking, knowing the last thing on my mind today wasn't even a gun to my head.

"Where's Tequila?" He asked staring into my eyes. I noticed the scar that ran down his forehead move with every muscle there.

"Who's Tequila?" I asked a bit more confused and at this point, I didn't know if I was to be grateful it wasn't my uncle even though I was at the verge of losing my life.

He pushed the gun into my temple and screamed angrily asking me where he was for a second time.

I shook my head unable to talk again.

The door flew open once again and another group of men trouped inside. They outnumbered the others and had their guns pointed out at the others. I was guessing they weren't on the same team.

One of the new guys who had his hair packed in a man bun came forward pointing a gun at the guy who had his gun to my temple.

"oh Saint oh Saint. My amico! Look who we have here," The guy with the gun to my temple said letting out a dry laughter.

The guy called Saint frowned at him. "Shut the fuck up! I want the girl right now."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," The man replied rather sarcastically. His tone yielding amusement. "That'll be a no."

At this point, I couldn't even wrap my head around what was going on any longer. The two guys seemed like they knew each other but weren't friends at all.

I could see the other guy, Saint growing impatient.

"I asked first." Saint said finally before sending a signal to his men with a quick head tilt in our direction.

With that, a fight broke out between the two groups; Saint's men and the other men.

I saw Saint shoot a bullet to the man's hand making the gun that was pointed to my temple fall out his hand. I heard the man wince in pain as he staggered backwards.

I took a huge breathe watching everything unfold and started thinking of an opportunity to run away. I knew I had to leave here and I had to leave fast, I'd had enough for the night and I was very much overwhelmed.

I waited for some few seconds, seeing the scar guy hadn't gotten up from the ground and Saint was busy fighting off the guy that suddenly attacked him, I took the opportunity that had opened up before me and ran towards the door.

I had only taken a few steps forward before I felt someone hit my head from behind.

Next thing I knew, I saw black.

Two: Taken by the boss

Saint's POV:

*The day before*

The airport was crowded, each person going about their daily activities while the only thing on my mind at the moment was finding where the fuck Tequila was and making sure I made him regret ever crossing me.

"Do you see them?" I asked one of my men who walked beside me.

"Yes boss, over there," he replied signalling to where CJ and the rest of the gang stood.

"Anything yet?" I asked CJ as we got into the car.

"Nothing. We're still trying to track him".

I puffed out some smoke before putting off the cigarette and throwing it out the window.

"Let's head to the red bar then."

We drove through the back of the bar into the garage leading to the bar basement, somewhere we used as our hideout most times.

Getting there, CJ gave me a briefing on the business and how Tequila had ruined things. The more I looked at my shattered hardwo


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