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Love In Contract

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Valerie Hun, an independent 18-year-old, worked as a waitress in a fancy club. She was sexually harassed one night by a customer, but thankfully Jacob was ready to help her. When she was fired from her job as a result of that event. She was invited by Jacob to pretend as his lover. Rich man Jacob Luxury, 25. He had never experienced love. He intended to find someone to pretend to be in love with in order to evade his mother's pressure to get married. Is this love based on a contract that will lead them to make it true?

Chapter 1

Valerie Hun's POV

"After you have served those orders, come back here and carry this to table 5," Liniana said.

Liliana worked with me at the Ovlin's Club.

One of the city's most well-known and upscale clubs hired me as a waitress. Actors, businessmen, and even politicians were among the famously affluent people who were here. Everything I noticed was the same as before. A hotel-like atmosphere was created by the blending of light colors and the presence of both men and women.

As an 18-year-old self-sufficient woman, I rely on this profession to survive. My parents died when I was a child. My older brother and I have been together since then, but this fate seemed to hate me so much. Because my older brother was imprisoned a year ago, I was forced to work for myself. I was also unable to study due to a lack of funds. So, I need to work to support myself.

I was desperate for work last month until an old woman gave me a position as a waitress. I did it anyway, even though it was against my will. Uneducated folks like myself struggled to find work.

I settled myself when I arrived at table number one. "Here's your order, sir," I said as I lowered the tray with the wine.

"Thank you, miss."

Three men are discussing in this table. They appeared to be speaking profoundly and seriously. The occasional light on their features revealed that they were from privileged backgrounds. Their faces were gentlemanly; a man in a black leather jacket seemed like he had a serious problem, and a man in a blue shirt was the counselor, as was another man in a black shirt. They are both rather attractive.

"If you need anything more, please call me," I said as I bowed down and walked away.

I passed table 5 as I was making my way back to the counter. From there, I noticed a man who appeared to have nearly lost his wits. He was gazing down at my chest, licking his lip, and numbing his jaw. Even though he was surrounded by many ladies, it didn't seem to be enough for him.

Since I was feeling so odd, I just walked quickly. Why do we have those kinds of men in this world?

"Finally, Valerie, the customer has been waiting at table 5 for quite some time," Liliana's voice was irritated.

"Why are you waiting for me? What are you doing, you couldn't give his order?"

"Take that, you don't have to yell," she said, chewing her bubble gum, "You are the one he wanted, would I be able to do anything with the client's desires?"

I merely gasped because there was nothing I could do. Even before I accept the order. To cover my chest, I lifted my top garment. Our attire excessively exposed our skin. Our top had delicate white sleeves, but our mini-skirt was crimson and practically exposed our undergarments. We were constantly required to wear red underwear. I don't like the way those clothes made me seem; I was just a waitress here, not trying to market my body to the customers.

As I got closer to the consumer, I changed my posture. This man appeared to have been holding out for some time. He was looking at me as I walked up, and smoke was coming from his cigarette.

I felt compelled to grin in front of him and say, "I'm sorry if your order was brought late, sir." After he glanced at my body, I even straightened my hair while he lit another cigarette. Was this how wealthy men did?

"How much are you?"

I screamed after he pulled my waist closer to him and gently touched my legs. Because of what he did, a woman next to him stood up and just left without a word.

He licked me on the cheek as soon as he said, "Name your price, in exchange for a one-night giving my desired fantasy." I instantly got to my feet and slapped him hard for what he said and done.

"You have no respect for women, pervert! Your money couldn't buy me!" I lost control of my emotions. What gave him the right to abuse me in this way? What did he think— could he spend his money on every woman? I would acknowledge that I needed money to survive, but I would never compromise my morality.

"You couldn't reject me, nobody was rejecting me! Just be thankful that I wanted to pay you," he said, standing up and putting his arm around me. The man's eyes were full of lust, even though it was pitch black and I could only make out a few lights. My attempt to escape his hold on me was unsuccessful because it hurt me.

"Are you stupid? I said you couldn't buy me with your money!" I tried to strengthen myself.

He pulled me and lifted my miniskirt, forcing me to put his hand in my underwear. "Whether you like it or not, you need to have s*x with me, and give me heavenly satisfaction!" he said.

"Let me go!" I pushed him hard, just so he wouldn't succeed in his plan.

"You'll be happy too –"

A hard knock prevented the man from finishing what he was about to say. The force strikes the man's face causing him to collapse to the table, breaking the bottles as they fell.

A man instructed me to cover myself, and he removed his jacket to do so. I lost my ability to talk. He was the one to confront the man who harassed me after he blocked in front of me.

"Who do you think you are?" Anger can be heard for that perverted man.

The other man, who also kicked the customer who was bothering me, said with anger, "How did your parents raise you? You don't know how to respect a woman!"

"Aren't we going to stop Jacob?" a man questioned, and I stared at him as he spoke. They are, if I was not mistaken, the men at table one.

"Did your parents raise you to interfere in other people's lives?" The man was holding his jaw, it looked like the man's blow was strong.

"My parents raised me just to beat up people like you!" At the same time as he uttered the word, he immediately kicked the man again.

"What the hell was going on here?!"

Everyone stopped after someone shouted. Because of this I immediately looked at him. He was the club manager.

"What's going on here? Mr. Lacson, are you okay? I am sorry for what happened." The concern could be heard, and our manager went to the pervert man, assisted by our other coworkers. If they were previously blind to what the man did to me, it now appears that he was the victim.

"Seriously? Did you say sorry to that man? I was the victim here, you didn't give me any sympathy?" I asked them.

"It was all your fault, Valerie."

My head heated up because of what Liniana had said.

"You started this mess, Valerie? You are such a disappointment!" The manager's shout echoed throughout the club.

"That man was the one who harassed her. Was this how you treat your employees?" Defended by the man who gave me the jacket.

"Follow me to the office now, Valerie!"

At the manager's command, I went to follow him. I even looked at the man handing me a jacket. I bowed in gratitude.

When we entered the office, the manager's face was still mad at me. "How many times have I told you to give anything the customers wanted?"

"But my job doesn't cover what he was asking for."

I heard a deep breath. "Mr. Lacson was our regular customer. He was an influential man, so if our service to him broke down, the whole club would be affected."

"Then you wanted me to serve him?"

D*mn! I don't think people here thought like this. I have my dignity, I couldn't exchange it for money.

"Fix this mess."

"I won't allow what he wants."

"You do not like it?"


"Then, you are fired!"

Chapter 2

Valerie Hun's POV

"How stupid is your manager?" Pia demanded in a furious tone, "You were the one who was harassed, and then you lost your job."

Here I am right now in the Viviz Café, where my best buddy Pia works. I came here shortly after being fired.

"Money appeared to be more important to them; regardless of what happened, I would not sell my body to anyone; my pride and dignity for money? No way!" I folded my arms and sat back. "I just walked here; I don't have enough money to take a taxi, and I'm not sure where I could get a job."

"You could work at this café," Pia said. "Do you want me to talk to my boss?

I was about to say my words when we heard a voice.

"Back to work! Back to work! Not a break time yet."

"I'll come back later, I need to do my job," Pia said goodbye to me. She didn't even wait for me to respond, because she left right


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