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Love And Revenge

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I fell in love with who I shouldn't have. The only woman I have ever loved was the same one who ruined me. I am not the same innocent young man who had his youth taken away from him, I became a cold and distrustful man with the sole purpose of taking revenge on that family. I am Travis Adams and I will make sure that Amelia Bell and her father pay for every suffering they caused me.

Arriving at the company

18 years ago...

I left the foster home that had been my refuge for 14 years a week ago. I came to them when I was 3 years old, and they gave me a home there. High school was difficult, but the director of the place helped me get an internship at the best Financial Company in Seattle. I couldn't pay for higher education, and in that company they had programs for outstanding kids; that didn't mean brains; my resources were limited, and I always had to turn to others to get my jobs in high school. In this company, they paid very well, and much more if you came from homes that they helped in their charity parties.

I tried to dress up as best I could, with a pair of cloth pants, a shirt, a tie, and... sh*t, I didn't have a jacket.

“Take Travis” It was José, my friend.

“Oh, thanks. Do you think I stayed?”

“Try it; we have almost the same build.” It was a gray jacket.

I tried it on, and I was lucky; it at least looked good on me.

“Thank you, José; I'm leaving.”

“You're welcome. Do you have the keys to the apartment?”

“Yes, see you”

José, we became friends in high school, and he proposed that I go live with him; we would pay for everything halfway, and that way we wouldn't keep each other company and his parents could pay for his studies.

I took the taxi and left in front of Bell C.O.

D*mn, that was huge. I entered through the double glass door and reached a counter. I was going to ask something when I heard her behind me.

“Hello, are you Travis?”

It was the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. Of course, I wasn't going to tell her, and I was terrified to look. I took a breath and saw a beautiful girl. She had brown hair and blue eyes, and her skin was tan. I don't know if it was tan or if it was her natural color. I didn't want to look too closely at what she was wearing, or it would seem inappropriate, but I saw her out of the corner of my eye wearing a skirt.

“Yes, I'm Travis, and you are...?”

“You? I have the face of a lady. Come on, don't be so formal; I'm Amelia, the daughter of the owner of this company.”

“But if she's the owner's daughter, shouldn't you tell her?” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Seriously? Cut it out, just Amelia, please; I'm not 80 years old.” She gave me a nice smile.

“Okay, who should I leave my resume to?”

“For me, my father insisted that I should begin to familiarize myself with the company, since, being an only child, I must, in his words, be the best. Now, while we wait for the others to arrive, why don't you tell me about yourself?”

“What do you want to know? I don't have much history.”

“Okay, let's sit here, and I'll start. I am 17 years old, and my father is the owner of the financial company Bell and C.O. I have no siblings, and I lost my mother at the age of 10.”

She gave me a little something on the chest; she said it as naturally as she could, but I heard her pause when she spoke and said, What about her mother?

“I'm sorry about your mother. Well, I'm an orphan. I arrived at the Child Haven orphanage when I was 3 years old. I was too old to be adopted, and they left me there, until now that I had left high school. Furthermore, I want to work and be able to pay for my studies.”

Her gaze was so beautiful; she looked into my eyes. I had them gray, and my copper hair made them stand out, my build was thin, so I was wearing cloth pants and a shirt with a tie and the jacket borrowed from José.

“I'm sorry that you don't have parents; it must be very sad to grow up alone, but I see that you are a strong boy. Look at you now; you are asking for a job; you haven't let circumstances dictate you.”

“Hmm, is that how you see it? I think I'm just surviving”

“I'd say you have balls. Sorry, guts” we laughed.

We heard an oak door open, and a tall man with the same eye color as the brown-haired girl came out.

“Amelia, who is he?” the man said.

“One of the internship guys, you told me to wait for the new ones, and he has just arrived; his name is... Travis Adams... I have here the list and the photo they sent us.”

“Hmm, I see. Well, well Travis, I'm Ray Bell, the owner of this company. You will do your 6-month internship, and then we will see if you are here. It is because you got good grades in mathematics, so you will get to the accounting part. Oh, ah by the way, Amelia and Paul will also come today”

“Paul? Why the hell is Paul in the company? His dad has...”

“Ana, enough. Take him into account; I'm going to a meeting; show him the company and stop giving opinions about what you don't know.”

We saw him leave, and she sighed. She watched him leave, and she spoke to me.

“Come on, Travis, you have a lot to know, and you will meet a lot of people. Around 300 people work here, but new people are always needed, except Paul.”

She walked towards the elevator, and it was there that I noticed her outfit, as she turned with her back to me. In reality, she was wearing a sleeveless blouse and a tight pencil skirt. You could see her curves, and if you ask me, she had a very nice curve on her hips when she walked, which made her look like a nice *ss.

In high school, I was with girls who were a little bold and stuffy, but as soon as I realized that they wanted more than kisses and hugs, I protected myself. I'm no saint; I know what it's like to f*ck.

Amelia could tell what kind of girl she was; she just looked at my eyes; she didn't look beyond what she was wearing or what she was wearing, just my eyes, and that's like seeing into people's souls. She felt our breaths in the silence of the elevator, and I watched as she went up, and she lowered her chest with her breathing. She broke the silence herself.

“Okay, accounting is on the 15th floor, Dad is on the top floor, and the 25th and the other departments are among the floors where I didn't give you the number. There are also human resources, and you'll see how everything works" the ping rang. "We're here, let's go, Travis.”

I liked her voice every time I heard it. She didn't wear much makeup, but her lips were as desirable as a forbidden fruit. She wore red, and in combination with her eyes, they made her incredibly beautiful.

A complete idiot

“This is huge. Wow”

“Sara? Hello, look, this is Travis; he's a new intern, and please don't scare him away. He's the fifth one to arrive, and you scare them away.”

“Now, Am, you're going to scare him, Sara. Nice to meet you, Travis;; I'll show you everything around here.” She was an older woman of about 30 years or so.

“Thank you, Ms. Sara”

“I like the boy, Mrs. tells me” Amelia rolled her eyes.

“Come on, I've known you for a long time. You're like a crazy aunt, but I adore you. Well, I'll leave you; I'll go see if Paul arrives” she lengthens the word.

“Paul Paris? And what the hell does that spoiled child want to work for?”

“I don't know, and I'm not interested, but I have to play nice. It's a pain in the ass”

“Am, control your vocabulary; you know that your father doesn't like that”

“I don't care. I'm leaving; I'll see you later, Travis.” She turned


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