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Maria, a smart and witty mouthed young lady, found herself in a comprising situation that could either make or break her and to top it all, it was with her boss. Running away from her past life and keeping things hidden but entangling herself with her boss threatens to bring her secret which she tried so hard to keep. Hatred will grow between those two but as they say; opposite attracts but in this case, opposites attracts but so did other hidden pasts. Explore the world of Maria and Aiden as they fight the attraction they felt while they figure out what they really need.

Chapter 1



“Next person?” The waitress yelled out after tapping the name on the batch of coffee, someone ordered as Maria walked up to her, with a smile on her face.

“The usual?” She asked as Maria gave her a firm nod. She had been buying her coffee here every day for the past ten years, it was well known, even to the owner of the establishment, as Maria’s usual was. She hummed a tune underneath her breath as she tapped subconsciously to the beat on the counter when the waitress appeared again, with her coffee, all set up ready to go.

“All set.” She chirped as she handed Maria the coffee who took it and paid.

“Thanks Amy, you are the best.” With that she stepped out of the line and walked outside eager to catch the bus to her company.

At the bus terminal, she bumped into someone and ended up spilling some of her hot coffee on him.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to. Please allow me.’ She said as she brought out her handkerchief and started swabbing at the man’s white, trying to dampen the temperature of the spilled liquid, so it wouldn’t burn his skin, that much.

‘It is understandable. Accidents happen, do not beat yourself over it.” The man said as Maria bit her lips, knowing that the man was just being kind about it. She wanted to insist that she did something to compensate for her mess, the bus rolled into the stop as people started gathering to enter. Due to commotion, the man was able to slip away, leaving Maria there, who soon gave up and got in as well.

Maria strode into the 14th level, where her office was located, with just her bag and phone after tossing the coffee cup into the bin, after gulping down the last drop.

She fell into her chair and exhaled, today was going to be a long day and it was just seven thirty.

She sat in her office, making sure that her things were in order, and ready to get to her boss's hands. Knowing the old man, he was already stuck in his office, working his *ss off as usual.

And she was proven right a moment later when the telephone on her table shrilled and she quickly picked it up and placed it on her ears.

‘Raymond’s office?”

“Maria, its Raymond, Come to my office now, it's important.” The call was disconnected before she even replaced the phone back to the cradle.

She picked up the documents that needed to be signed by him, before heading out of her office and into his own.

She knocked once as courtesy demanded and stepped inside the next second not waiting for a response.

“Good morning Mr Raymond. I have three documents with me that need signatures. Two from the financial departments, to approve the new budget schematics of the new underground structure and one from the department of Research. I have gone through all of it, and have highlighted the main parts of the contracts that you should be focused on.” She said in one breath as she displayed it on the table in front of him.

The 65 year old CEO, who was quite agile and strong for his age, smiled as he took the files and leaned back into his thousand dollar chair and said,

“You are an asset to this team, and to me. I am not sure where I would have ended up, if not for your skills and talent. Thank you again as usual. I will sign them immediately. I trust your judgment.” He said as he appended all the signatures required and closed the documents and handed it back to her.

“Thank you sir, you called me here? Do you need me for something?” She asked as Raymond nodded his head.

“Of course I do. Well I guess you should be the first to know that I am retiring this week.” He confessed as Maris stumbled slightly as the news nerved her.

“Pardon me? Already? But…” She started but trailed off, as Raymond chuckled before replying.

“Well you don’t expect me to die here working, do you? I have made a name for myself. I think I should relax, and enjoy the rest of my life on a sunny island drinking cold margaritas, while my son takes over the company as the new CEO.”

“Your son..’ she mumbled as if she had been struck dumb for a moment. Of course how could she forget that the man had a son. A son she was not familiar with at all. Her job was over, the man would kick her out, terming her as old property. Maybe her boss was kind enough to give her a heads up, so that she could start packing her items.

“And that is why I want you to be the PA when he gets here. I know you are loyal to me, but there is nothing stopping you from leaving when I leave. And Adrian has a bit of a temperament, he gets angry easily and needs someone to help him. Someone who knows the inside and out, and one who can put him in his place. You fit all those roles. I know this is low and could be seen as babysitting my son, but can you do it?” He asked as Maria had to sit down as she was stunned by what she just heard.

“You want me to look after Adrian? After you go?” She asked again to make sure that it was not a cruel joke, he was about to spring on her.

“Yes.” He deadpanned as Maria nodded her head slowly absorbing the information.

“Okay, I can’t say no to you can I? I will try my best to be by his side and help out like I do.” She said with a smile as Nathan beamed at her.

“Thank you for this. I guess I'll let you submit these documents then.” He said as Maria stood up and took them again and left.

Chapter 2



Closing the door behind her, Marie quickly stepped into her office and closed the door before jumping in the air to celebrate her new position. She was going to be his son's new PA.

This was one of the greatest news that she ever heard. but she quickly calmed down and decided to get to work. And made sure that these files were dispatched to their respective departments in the company.

As Marie made her way back to the main department to submit the files that her boss had given her, she was accosted by her fellow employee Aurora who was unbearable to say the least.

Aurora had a 'I am better than you attitude' which seemed to corrode with almost all the employees in the department. She wasn't really liked so people avoided her as much as they could. Maria had it worse as Aurora had been eyeing the position of the CEO personal assistant before Raymond handed it to Maria. Let's just say, Marie became


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