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Maxwell, the Casanova prince, never knew what it meant to love a woman; not until he met Angel. His heart came to life at that moment. He loves her but then, being a prince meant he should be prepared for setbacks and challenges since she will not be easily accepted by his circle. How would Maxwell profess his love to a deaf and dumb beauty whom his family and friends despise to no end? How would the deaf and dumb queen survive in the numerous absences of the king? Would status conquer love? Or would the age-long saying dominate once more? Love conquers all!

Chapter 1

Maxwell has lost the love of his life in circumstances he could not understand and since then, he has not been himself. Everything else doesn't seem to make sense to him.

He is woken up by the continuous knocking at his door, what he hates most is being woken up early in the morning, he knew it was one of his guards or his confidant and personal assistant, Mike. Whoever it is should have a good reason. He opened the door with an agitated expression, standing at the door was Mark with his hand in mid-air planning to knock again when the door opened, he knew at once from his boss's expression he should be careful with his words. He had brought good news, he bowed and greeted, the boss we have found Angel, his face softened immediately, that name Angel does miracles whenever it is mentioned to him.

Maxwell was a prince in Greenwood, coming from a noble family, he was respected by many, he was rich too and his character was not to be trifled with, he rarely smiled and whenever he did the whole environment would change. Those close to him were always tense. He had gone out of the country two years ago when he met Angel, she was a student studying sign language at a famous university. Maxwell liked her the moment he saw her, he had tried approaching her several times but she ignored him, it was embarrassing for him a prince to be ignored after another attempt and Angel didn't pay attention to him. He planned a kidnap, his guys brought her to his hotel room where he was resting. Her beauty has been stuck in his mind all this while he approached and asked her why she was ignoring him, she stood there staring at him. Maxwell went closer and she stepped back shaking her head, when she hit her back on the wall, Maxwell realized that all through she has been shaking her head, so he asked if she could not speak, and tears started rolling down her face. He later understood that she was deaf and dumb.

He called Mark in and asked if she protested when they took her away, Mark told him that he thought she was strange since she didn't say a word all that while, Maxwell was confused, this woman he had come to like could not speak nor hear others speaking, this was not what he expected, Mark asked if he was still interested in a dumb woman, Mark was not prepared for the heavy slap he received, he knew he had said something wrong he immediately apologized, Maxwell warned him of referring to his loved on as that ever again, he didn't know if he was ready to live with her like that but all he knew was that he needed Angel.

He went and sat back on his bed, thinking about all possibilities. He had asked his men to take her out and order some food for her, it was then he realized that she couldn't hear him speak to her all the while he thought she was ignoring him. He has not been able to love anyone fully, all the women he has been with in the past could not get to his heart and he also knew that most of the were there for his money. He could not go back to sleep so he started smoking, it was his usual habit to smoke whenever he had something disturbing his mind.

He was thinking of how to communicate with Angel and tell her that he was interested in having a relationship with her, at last, he settled on writing down whatever was in his mind. He wrote a letter to her and sent it to her via one of his guys, she replied later that she wasn't interested in any relationship. Maxwell was not happy with the response, he went to see her at her residence, it was funny that he carried a book and a pen, that was the way he knew they would talk to each other, but he was not used to it but he had to now that he was sure she was the one he needed. Angel was at her house watching a documentary, when Maxwell got in he wondered how she was very much concentrated on the movie yet she couldn't hear anything, but that didn't bother him, he had no idea how she was surviving and interacting all this while. He waved at her and she waved back with a smile on her face, she looked so calm as she gestured for him to take a seat that was opposite her. He sat down and she got up, without asking what he would like, she brought a bottle of chilled water. Maxwell was flattered, that was exactly what he needed at that particular moment. He took the water and since he could not use sign language he wrote down his question, which was beautiful Angel, why did you reject me? She looked at the question and took out her pen to write down, it's simply because I don't want to be a burden to anyone and I don't want to be pitied as someone who's not capable of anything, as you can see am living my life very comfortably here and am happy with that.

Maxwell felt a pinch in his heart, in his understanding, it was as if, Angel had concluded that she would live by herself since she thought being loved would be a burden to the other party, he did like the idea. He wrote down his thoughts and after communicating for a while in that manner, Maxwell was gaining the upper hand. He could feel that she would not be difficult to handle and that she had a soft heart. He stayed for a while. and before he left he saved her contact on his phone, In case he misses her, he would text her, with that he left, he knew he had to put in a little more effort and she would give in to her, he was going after what his heart wants, he knew that his friends and family would not approve of their relationship but then until then he would know how to deal with them, what he needed now was to get her heart, it will give him the courage to go on with his plans, he has never been so dedicated to a woman before, he vowed not to play her otherwise he would make her feel insufficient for him which is not b good, especially for her who already thinks she would be a burden to others

Chapter 2

Maxwell was not the romantic type but he would try to be for her so after some days of chatting over the phone, he decided to visit her again, he bought a bunch of flowers and carried them with him to her house. He knocked and waited for some minutes but no one was opening the door, he then remembered that his woman could not hear the knock so he texted her and after a while, she opened the door, he on seeing him standing there grinning with flowers in his hands, the scene was breath taking, she smiled when he stretched his hands handing her the flowers, she received then and ushered him in the house, he came in and she made him a cup of coffee, she also made herself one and they drank silently, she was feeling overjoyed, she had come across guys who were interested in her but the moment they noticed her indifference they would just disappear into thin air and she would be left feeling bad, this lowered her self esteem, she had thought and decided to stay alone since that was when s


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