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In a Toxic Relationship

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Life turned around for Christine as she met a powerful billionaire in a club. A girl who was living a free life finds herself in the hands of a possessive Multi-Billionaire. Heart-torn, she is left questioning her worth, and struggling to breathe in an intense relationship. A beam of light came as a hope for her to escape. She grabs the chance to build herself, not wanting to lose it. Going back for revenge, she realizes that she is still weak in his presence, as he is the only one she truly loves. His dark love intoxicated her, and she keeps wanting more of him.

Chapter 1.. In a Romance Issue

Engrossed in the world of words and romance, Christine nestled herself on the staircase, her mind dancing with the characters of her books. A test loomed over her the next day, yet she found herself drawn to a dark romance novel that had recently found its way into her collection. It was a borrowed treasure, a key to unlock the mysteries of love and passion, an erotica to unlock her wild fantasies.

Unbeknownst to her, a trio of mischief-makers in the form of friends were plotting behind her back. Their target? The unsuspecting Christine lost in her literary labyrinth. Christine, a solitary soul, cherished her quiet moments with her books as she forgot about every other thing that mattered, a sanctuary where she could escape from the world.

Mia, the ringleader, wore a mischievous grin as she orchestrated their prank, her giggles echoing softly. Camilla, her loyal accomplice, was ready to pounce, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Adrianna, however, was the voice of reason among them. “Don’t, she will get angry,” she warned her own experiences with their pranks still fresh in her memory. But Camilla dismissed her concerns with a hush, her finger pressed against her lips. It was all in good fun, she reasoned.

And then, with a dramatic flair, Camilla struck. “Spider!!!” she shrieked, her hand reaching out to touch Christine. The quiet of the staircase was shattered, their laughter echoing in the silence.

“What the? You gave me a fright!” Christine exclaimed, her heart pounding like a drum. Her books took flight, scattering in all directions. There were three things in the world that could make her skin crawl - cockroaches, rodents, and spiders. Her friends knew this all too well, and they delighted in using her fears against her. She couldn’t pinpoint why these creatures unnerved her, but she suspected it was tied to some forgotten trauma in her childhood.

Camilla, the prankster, couldn’t help but chuckle as she helped Christine gather her scattered papers. “That was the whole point, to give you a jolt,” she confessed, her laughter mingling with the others. Their shared amusement echoed through the quiet space, a testament to their camaraderie.

Christine sighed, a playful glint in her eyes. “When will you ever grow out of this?” She quickly stashed away a particular book, a dark romance novel that she had recently developed a liking for. She had become more secretive lately, her interest in the genre "erotica", a secret she guarded closely.

Mia, ever the jester among them, replied with a smirk, “Probably when you’re six feet under.” Their shared laughter rang out again, a chorus of friendship that had weathered many storms.

As they descended the stairs, Mia posed a question, “What do you think about haunting each other after we get married?” Christine merely shook her head, a smile playing on her lips. Camille chimed in, “I might just haunt you from the afterlife.” Their bond was a tapestry woven from countless shared experiences - parties, meals, and standing up to bullies, the four were inseparable.

Suddenly Camille declared, her British accent adding a touch of drama, “I’m so hungry, I could devour an entire pizza right now!” Their laughter echoed once more, a testament to their enduring friendship, followed by Mia's "Me too"

Adrianna, with a playful glint in her eyes, proposed, “How about we venture to a quaint eatery nearby for a midday meal?” The consensus was unanimous, but only on the condition that Adrianna foot the bill. After all, she was the most affluent among them and often generously covered their expenses. Adrianna, feigning indignation, retorted, “Are you all subtly biased now?” This earned a collective eye roll from her friends.

The girls found themselves in a charming restaurant a few blocks from their university, where they indulged in a box of delectable pizza, a creamy cheesecake, and refreshing glasses of juice.

Camilla, ever the inquisitive one in their circle, turned to Christine and asked, “How are things going with Ethan?” Christine responded with a simple “Smooth,” as she sipped her juice, a content smile playing on her lips.

Camilla, never one to shy away from probing questions, asked, “Have you two taken the next step yet?” Christine nearly choked on her drink at the unexpected question. “Taken the next step in what?” she responded, avoiding eye contact as she took another sip of her juice. But Camilla was relentless, waiting expectantly for Christine to answer her question.

Camille, with a playful smirk, broke the silence, “Don’t pretend you’re oblivious to what I’m hinting at.” She tapped the table lightly for emphasis, “So, have you crossed that intimate threshold yet?... you know.... s...e...x word”

Christine, rolling her eyes at Camille, retorted, “When will your thoughts cease to wander in the gutter?”

The tables turned swiftly. It was no longer Camille who wore a look of concern, but the trio of friends. Christine’s untouched innocence was a matter of unease for them. They were well aware of her deep affection for her man, and it troubled them that the man in question might stray if their relationship didn’t soon progress to a physical level.

Adrianna, wide-eyed, asked, “Is this true?” Christine nodded in affirmation, her gaze fixed on the table.

Mia chimed in, “And Ethan is okay with this?” To which Christine responded with a simple “Yes.”

Camille, with a note of caution in her voice, asked, “Have you ever considered the possibility that Ethan might be unfaithful?” At this, Christine’s expression shifted noticeably.

A wave of worry washed over her as she processed Camille’s words. She had always trusted Ethan implicitly. But sometimes, a single sentence can plant a seed of doubt, especially when it comes from those you hold dear

“He could never betray me, he cherishes me,” Christine declared, her voice filled with conviction.

Adrianna chimed in, her voice a somber note, “That’s what I believed too, until I found myself playing the role of a distant cousin in another woman’s life.” Her words were a stark reminder of her past heartbreak.

“Ethan is different, I have faith in him,” Christine asserted, her patience wearing thin. Camilla, ever the realist, advised, “You can never be too sure, Christine. Sometimes, you need to let go a little to keep your relationship secure.”

Seeking to lighten the mood, Adrianna asked, “What time does your shift start today, Christine?” “At noon,” Christine replied, grateful for the change of topic. Adrianna suggested they wrap up their meal to make it to work on time. Christine nodded, her smile returning, and she resumed eating her meal, which had lost its flavor due to the unsettling conversation.

She planned to visit Ethan’s apartment after her shift that day. She needed to clear the air, to confirm if her friends’ warnings held any truth.

She was a firm believer in the notion that love was not solely about physical intimacy, a belief that was often challenged by her friends. It wasn’t that she was opposed to it; she simply lacked the knowledge to navigate the complexities of physical love.

Her tendency for forming deep attachments was currently channeled towards academic excellence, leaving little room for romantic pursuits. She held steadfast to her belief that love transcended the physical realm.

The quartet wrapped up their meal and set off to their respective destinations. Christine and Adrianna, being colleagues, left together.

“Are you alright?” Adrianna inquired, her voice laced with concern. She feared that Christine was still thinking over their earlier discussion.

“I’m fine,” Christine assured her, striving to appear cheerful. She didn’t want Adrianna to suspect that their previous conversation was still preoccupying her thoughts.

Upon reaching the coffee shop, they donned their aprons and prepared to commence their shift.

Christine and Ethan’s love story began in a quaint coffee shop, a place that now held cherished memories of their blossoming romance and she yearned for it to remain their special haven.

After a bustling two hours of brewing coffee, serving customers, and sharing laughter, they were ready to call it a day.

“May I stay over at your place tonight?” Adrianna asked Christine. With her father away, the prospect of spending the night alone was unappealing.

“Of course, but I need to stop by Ethan’s first. You can head straight to my apartment, Debbie would be at home” Christine responded. Adrianna understood the unspoken message - Christine wanted some private time at Ethan’s place.

As Christine’s closest friends, the girls were always welcome to stay over at her place.

On a whim, Christine decided to pay Ethan a surprise visit. She hailed a taxi and headed to his house. She had always informed Ethan of her visits in the past, but today she wanted to catch him off guard, to see the man he truly was when unprepared for company.

Chapter 2... In a World of Doubt

The cab pulled up in a neighborhood that radiated warmth and tranquility. It was a place where the residents lived harmoniously, their lives intertwined like a family. The air was perfumed with the sweet and elegant fragrances of various flowers that they had lovingly planted.

Christine stepped out of the vehicle and approached the door. The security light bathed the area in a bright glow, illuminating the beautiful architecture of the building. She entered the door code, and with a soft click, the door swung open to reveal a spacious living room.

She paused at the threshold, taking a moment to breathe in the familiar scent of the room, a delightful blend of mint and rose that was unmistakably Ethan’s. She moved further into the room and settled herself on the plush blue Chesterfield sofa, adorned with cushions in shades of pink and yellow. She slipped off her slippers, allowing her feet to sink into the soft cotton rug beneath, a sensation she always found comforting.


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