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Ignite The Flame

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WARNING: Mature Content || R18 Please be advised that this story contains mature themes and strong language. "No matter how hard you tried to hide, I still find a way to bring you back ..." - Azael Amara is the only youngest sister of Azael. They were ten years apart, so she was over protected by her brother. But Amara run away from home after knowing that her brother Azael love her. They are siblings by blood and everything and her brain cannot accept that it loves her more so she chooses to stay away. Little did she know, Azael was following her 24/7.

1 - Brother

Amara emerged from her hiding spot with caution. She is careful not to make any noise. Why did she end up hiding in this University's filthy warehouse full of piles of things and books, when there so many hiding places? It was also dusty, but it was better than being seen by the people searching for her.

She peered through the small gap in the door where she was hiding. When she saw the two obnoxious troopers, she bit her lower lip.

Duh! People who are so unattractive in her eyes.

In the midst of her rage earlier, she baptized the boss of the two men who keeps on asking her for a s*x date. She only hatched the man's egg without fear, but instead of laughing, she looked terrified as she hatched it. Then it ordered the two men to arrest her.

She wasn't a fool, so she dashed in the University's filthy warehouse. She secretly laughed when she noticed them looking around like crazy. What a psychotic maniac! She wanted to yell at them in her head, but she couldn't.


Her eyes widened as her cellphone rang loudly inside her bag. She was surprised when the door unexpectedly opened. As they pushed the door leaf against it, her brow grazed it.

“Got you, Amara Legrand!”

Before they could touch her, she kicked one of them in the knee and pushed the other. She run.

Her phone continued to ring, so she dashed to her bag to find it. "Aha! I found it!" But just as she was about to answer the call, someone grabbed her arm.

She fought them and took a look around. In that desolate area of the university, she was praying for someone to come to her aid. She was also stupid at times; why did she run here earlier when she could have run elsewhere?

"I'm going to kick you in the face when I get out of your hands," she declared boldly.

"That is, if you can escape!" exclaimed the other, who held her right hand and looked like a lizard trapped in a cabinet for five years.

She struggled to break free, but all she could hear from the two was loud laughter. Her phone rang again, but this time the other person took it and stepped on it immediately

Oh, my God! My newest brand-new iPhone.

She wished she had the ability to fly. Her older brother Azael gave it to her, and she has a lot of photos in him on her gallery. She doesn't regret getting the iPhone, but she does regret the photos she stored on it because she's still auctioning them off.

"You scumbag!" she yelled, irritated.

She was drawn in by them. She screamed, but no one could hear her. What if she sobs? Wait a second, sample the scream first.

"Brother Azael, please help me!" screams number.

"Your beautiful sister has been kidnapped, brother!" screams sample number two. Or how about sample scream number three? "Azael, I already have a boyfriend!" She hopes that works.

She was used to Azael appearing out of nowhere when her life was in danger. Despite the fact that she is still in Junior High. Since they were kids, he has been her sole Superman. Because Azael is no longer in town, these two African catfish are bold enough to touch and drag her!

Amara, on the other hand, was surprised when someone jumped out of a fist and one of them fell to the ground. With a single kick, the other fell asleep as well.

Her eyes widened when she realized it was Azael who had helped her. She swung her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

“Azael! I thought I heard you were out of town?" She was only up to his chest, so hugging him was like hugging a giant tree.

"Whatever, Amara Legrand! "Something bad would have happened to you if I hadn't come straight here to see if you weren't in the mansion yet," he stated emphatically, his brows glued together. He was about to reprimand her.

He addressed her by name, so she knew he was angry "Are you upset? Azael, 'm sorry." She strained to see the glazed look in his eye as she looked up. Despite the fact that he was constantly teasing and annoying her, she knew her older brother was affectionate.

He shifted his gaze away from her and let go of her embrace. He pulled her hand away.

She smiled as she saw their hands clasped, but she could tell he was upset. Azael is overprotective! Her brother is always irritable on overy occasion. Her brother regards her as a street child on the road despite the fact that she is sixteen years old. It's also infuriating!

"I'll be the one to pick you up after school from now on. No ifs, no buts, or I'll tell our parents, little princess." When the engine was started, his expression darkened.

She nodded but said nothing. She remained silent throughout the road until they arrived at the mansion. Lucky, their parents were at a party.

She dashed up the stairs. She'd sleep first and let the maid bring her food later. Amara tossed the body onto the queen-sized bed. First, she rolled over on her soft bed and thought for a moment..

Azael saved her again. She believes it has superpowers. Because Azael always finds and follows her, even if she hides at the end of the world. That wasn't an issue for her; in fact, it was enjoyable. She is most likely the only one with an older brother who treats her like a princess and thinks she is the most beautiful of all. She smiled when she realized Azael was upset with her. She gave a smirk.

She closed her eyes and didn't realize she was dozing off. Someone had just caressed her cheek. It made her smile out of nowhere. She reached out her hand, caressing her cheek, and hugged it tightly before falling back asleep. She only awoke when someone kissed her on the cheek.

“It's dinnertime, my princess. You should change your clothes. I'll be waiting for you outside.”

She blinked open her eyes and fixed her gaze on the person who had disturbed her sleep. She was smirking. She didn't want to eat with her older brother Azael, so she avoided it. Hmp!


She ignored him when he mentioned her name. So, what's the point?

"I don't want to eat anything!" She also wrapped herself in a comforter.

She sat up from the side of her bed when she heard him sigh. The footsteps faded away, followed by the closing of the door.

When she awoke again, she expected her brother to coax her, as he always does when she throws tantrums. She changed her clothes and returned to her bed. She'll just go back to sleep and eat later.

But she didn't have to because the door unexpectedly opened and Azael entered carrying two trays full of food.

"Azael!" she exclaimed, her eyes widening.

He cracked a grin. “Dinner has been served, my princess. Is there anything else?”

She was flushed. Sh*t! Her temper tantrums dissipated. She is feeling much better now.

He positioned the tray on her bed. She jumped out of bed and hugged his back. She is extremely fortunate to have him as a brother.

"I'd like to have a cute little niece!" he joked.

What she said humbled him, and he pinched her nose. She was still hugging his waist. Her hugs had no malice in them; they were like this even when they were young.

“She isn't quite ready yet.”

Her expression had turned sour in the back of her mind. Why didn't she like the fact that he had a girlfriend and Azael had no plans to introduce her to his girlfriend?

“Are you sure you have a girlfriend?”

He ruffled her hair and smiled. She shook his hand and ordered her to sit back down on the bed. She fixed her gaze on him. She knew her older brother was very attractive, so he couldn't possibly not have a girlfriend. But who is this unlucky lady?

Amara's smile reached the heavens as she accompanied her campus crush to

walk down the corridor. It's Theon Willoughby. He has completed the General Business Administration and Management program. This is a family friend, so she feels comfortable approaching the man on whom she has had a huge crush since grade one, but she has not informed the him nor Azael. She knows Azael will only report her to their parents and ground her, especially since she is a unica hija and everyone considers her a princess.

"Teach me to play the guitar someday, Theon. You are awesome, and I am envious of you. ”

"Of course, my lovely young lady! I'll give you everything you want," he said flirtatiously as he winked at her.

She blushed and smiled as she read what it said. She likes Theon because he is an excellent guitarist and his voice is soothing to listen to. This causes her to fall even deeper in love.

"There he is, your older brother. Goodbye, Amara!" He give her a kissed on her cheek. Almost nothing but wind.

She didn't return his goodbye kiss. He's always been like that, even with some women on campus, but she still crushes him like that, despite the fact that Theon's too flirtatious with women.

"Hey Azael!" she exclaimed warmly.

But he was simply silent, and his expression was indescribable. According to its flat appearance, it appears badtrip. He then started the car's engine.

"Azael, slow down!" she yelled, referring to his vehicle's excessive speed. Is it going to start racing cars? “Azael! I don't want to die just yet!"


The car drove naturally once more. She gasped in the air, irritated, and took from her bag the new cellphone that Azael had given her earlier before leaving for work; surprisingly, all of the files she had on her damaged phone had been transferred to the new one.

“Do you have a romantic relationship with him?”

"Nothing," she said quickly, “why?”

It didn't move, and its gaze was fixed on the road “Mara, are you keeping something from me?”

She smirked. He likes to gossip again in her life. Even though they are ten years apart, it appears that their age difference is only five years. Her older brother, who does not obviously look twenty-six while she was, had her body shaped like an edible fruit at the age of sixteen. Her two breasts are big, so she is sometimes hesitant to wear a fitted dress.

People will notice her breasts and big butt, so she only wears loose jeans and big shirts on occasion.

"Nothing!"It's not appropriate for her to say she crushed Theon because it will cause Azael to tease her.

“You have a thing for Theon, don't you?”

She blushed. How did it find out? Oh my! Does it read her mind? It truly has the ability to read minds. OMG!



“Do you care? You have a girlfriend there who I don't know, am I complaining? Not really, 'isn't it?”

Silence passed, but she could see him clenching his fist while holding the steering wheel. She ignored it, turned to her cellphone, and stalked Theon on Instagram, which had a new wacky post. Azael grabbed her phone and placed it on the dashboard before she could double tap for the heart button.


“Stop calling me big brother; you're much older than I am.”

Her nose was smoldering. She just had a feeling it wasn't true! Azael is still older than she is, though its just not obvious.

"I don't want you to come after me the next day. Take note of that!" and she became enraged.

glancing out the window She refused to speak to him, so the entire journey was silent.

When the car came to a stop in front of the mansion, she quickly grabbed the cellphone on the dash and ran inside.

She notices that her older brother's grip on her is tightening with each passing day. She also notices that it is hot-headed, and he is always the one who becomes enraged.

She used to wonder why he was so hot-headed because she didn't have a girlfriend, but now he does. So, why is it still huffy? His mood swings are more extreme than hers.

SHE decided to stay in the pool that afternoon. She was about to exit the water when she noticed Azael approaching. She's dressed sexily in a two-piece swimsuit, but he's not looking at her with malice. He brought her the pineapple juice she had requested to their maids.

"Your juice," He handed it to her.

She only smirked and stared at the juice. "Thank you," she said as she sat down in the lounge chair.

2 - Room

One by one, she considered what she should do tonight. She has a lot of projects and three assignments that she needs to finish before the class ends.

She'll be in senior high for the first time! To be honest, she lacked her older brother's intelligence and talent. Azael is always one step ahead of his peers in the classroom.

While she is already illiterate in math, she has no other talent than to eat constantly.

But, thanks to Azael's perseverance and patience in teaching her, she has improved her grades in each subject. He always tutored her in the subjects she struggled with, particularly math.

Amara climbed to her room after only an hour in the pool. She must now organize the projects that must be submitted. She was in the middle of her task when she abruptly came to a halt. Bullshit! Why is math such a popular subject around the world? Who designed it?! She had no choice but to knock on Azael's door.

When Amara opened it, Azael was wearing only box


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