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Husband for rent

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Nalzen Villarreal is the epitome of beauty. Behind that beautiful face is a darker side of her. She is a spoiled brat daughter, from a rich family. When both of her parents died. She was surprised by their last will and testament. Stating that she needs to get married in order to inherit their Company. Her boyfriend Nathan is not yet ready to Marry her. Then she found the perfect Husband for Rent that will turn her life upside down‚ Aaron Montgomery turned out to be the most famous International Multi- Billionaire Business Tycoon. Meeting him, her life was never been the same again.Is she ready for the twisted game of love?

Chapter 1 First Meet Up

Here comes Nalzen, Villarreal. The rich and spoiled brat heiress of Villarreal Company.

She will always get what she wanted. Partying like no tomorrow and hanging out with her friends.

She got the looks, talent, and brain. She got it all, except for being spoiled and stubborn.

Until one day.

Her life changed...

Her parents died in a car accident.

Leaving the last will. Stating, that she can take over and manage the Villarreal Company as a married lady.

Her Uncle Alberto will be the acting President and CEO, until the day she will get married.

But she doesn't like the idea of her Uncle being the CEO of their company.

Though they are blood-related, she can't give her whole trust in him.

She needs to get and own what she deserves.

Her boyfriend Nathan went to Germany before her parents died.

Their company is not doing good. They need to settle it as soon as possible.

How can she ask Nathan to marry her?

This is not the right time to get married.

She wants Nathan to propose, without being forced.

She hides it all from Nathan. Not only that, but she wants to avoid disturbing him. Furthermore, she will solve her problem alone.

Her best friend Nica suggested hiring a fake husband.

And she knows a private and famous Club who offered it privately.

The Bird's Eye Club is very popular in terms of renting handsome boys.

But in Nalzen's case, it's a husband for rent. And much more expensive than you could imagine.

But she doesn't care. She still got her precious jewelry that is worth a fortune.

Her decision is final.

And she is truly thankful to Nica for helping her.

Today, she will meet the husband who costs her a fortune.

She will be going to see soon, the husband that she rented...

She felt nervous and excited at the same time.

Bird's Eye Club

Aaron Montgomery

"What! Are you joking?" I asked him unbelievably.

I just can't believe why he chose this kind of business. A dirty business to be exact.

But his club is doing perfectly fine and is very famous here in the City of Manila.

The luxurious Club which designed beautifully with a theme of Spanish designs from the 1960s.

The design looks old but elegant with matches the handsome boys for rent of the club.

"No, I'm not joking at all! You're taking a vacation for two months, right? It's just like you are practicing being a husband." Arthur answered desperation is written all over his face.

Practicing my foot.

"Seriously, Arthur. Don't you have any employees out there?"I felt like laughing out loud but seeing Arthur's worried face, I choose to keep quiet.

"It's a peak season, All of them are fully booked."He explained.

Fully booked? Sounds funny!

"Huh, the peak season of a rented husband? I just can't believe this." He is giving me a headache. And my head started to ache for this friend of mine.

"You are the only rented husband, all the boys are just for fun. You know, those old matrons. You must be thankful that this client is young and rich."

That rings a bell. Who is this young and rich girl?

She must have lots of money to play.

Those young spoiled brats of the new generation.

"Wow, so I'm lucky. But still, my answer is no. I declined, I don't have time for fun games like this."

I walked out the door but stopped when Arthur shouted, sounding desperate.

"I will give you my private resort in Batangas!" He shouted.

Sounds interesting...

I stop walking and turned around.

Man, he is serious!

I know that his private resort is one of the tourist attractions here in the Philippines. And he will give it to me? So this topic is getting serious.

"This can be your gift to Andrea. You know she loves the view in there." He is tempting me to take the bait.

And he sounds encouraging, should I give in?

"Seriously?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes, I am serious. The client has paid already. And because it is a special case. The payment is worth a fortune." Arthur explained.

"A fortune, how about...

I pay you instead? So, no problem anymore." I suggested.

Arthur's face became sour.

"We already signed the contract. They will sue me. And I don't want that to happen, my reputation in this industry will be ruined."

Arthur's face seems serious this time. I'm not as familiar with this kind of business as he said, and I don't have any intention to join.

"Please, it's only for two months. Thereafter, you are free." He begged again.

Arthur is my best buddy and friend. And this is the first time he asked for a favor.

"Okay, I agree, but I will take the resort. Prepare the contract and transfer it to Andrea's name." I am a businessman.

My fiancée, Andrea, loves his beach resort so much. There's still a benefit, being a husband for rent.

"Thank you, bro." Arthur was happy.



I was very shocked while looking at the Greek God beauty in front of me.

He is very handsome! He is not fit to work in this kind of job.

But we cannot judge people. We don't know what they are going through.

I am spoiled and stubborn, but I respect their private life.

Anyway, Bird's Eye Club is very famous nowadays especially with the handsome boys that they have.

Many old matrons and single ladies are renting their boys just for you know...

But my case is different from theirs. I need a husband to inherit my family's business.

"Hello Ms. Nalzen, This is Aaron, your rented husband." This is the owner of the club, I guess.

His name is Arthur if I'm not mistaken.

I give Aaron the rules that we need to follow within two months. Especially if we are in front of the public.

"Nice to meet you, Aaron, here are the rules that I make. It is only implemented if we are in front of other people. We need to pretend. You know, being sweet with each other, something like that." I explained.

He just, smirk?

"No problem." He accepted the papers and started checking them.

Then I remind him of our upcoming wedding.

"By the way, our wedding is on Sunday. So, anytime now or tomorrow, you can move into my house."

From smile to frown.

His angelic face turns into a devil one.

What is happening?

"Wedding?" He asked surprised then look at Arthur.

"You didn't tell me about this wedding thingy?" He asked, disbelief showing all over his face.

Nica is not here. I don't know what kind of deal she and Arthur agreed to.

I answered on behalf of Arthur, as he is speechless at the moment.

"Aaron, there's nothing to worry about. It is just a fake wedding. I just need to show and prove to my uncle that I got married." I told him.

But he frowned even more.

"Yeah, I know, but it is still fake and not real. I thought we just have to pretend without a real wedding involve." He answered. Disbelief is showing on his handsome face.

Oh well, it is still a wedding with a stranger. I understand him, but we already paid. And the wedding should push through whether he like it or not.

"I'm sorry, but this is the only way to prove that I am getting married for real. And I already paid, You are mine for two months." I'm trying to control myself from being angry.

Aaron laugh.

" Tsk, I just can't believe this, Arthur. But yeah, I already signed that f*ck*ng contract. There's nothing I can do." He is so arrogant.

"Aaron, mine your words." Arthur chimed in. Afraid of my possible reaction.

I felt rejected. How could he turn me down?

I am Nalzen Villarreal. Every boy and man wants to be with me!

How could he?

"Having a wedding is the most important of all. Don't worry, there is no photographer, no media, nothing at all. Just a close family of mine and my Uncle's family. The wedding planner, photographer, and everyone who is involved, including you, are only pretending. I have a boyfriend and I don't want him to know that I am married. So don't you worry, the whole plot and scenario are all fake, including the characters." I'm glad that I manage my anger gracefully.

Hopefully, it convinced him.

"Yeah, right, we are just a character on this drama that you rich people played." He said with disdain in his words. And anger radiating all over his face.

But I don't care at all! He is mine as I already paid him. There's nothing he can do anymore.

"Let me remind you, Mr. Aaron, that you are just a husband for rent, yet acting like a decent man. I am your Master and you are my slave for two months. Don't worry, I will let you go after the contract has ended."

That's it. I cannot control my anger anymore.

He just laughed.

He is crazy. And I need to bear with him for two months.

Will things go well?

I don't know...

Chapter 2 The Drunk Nalzen


We immediately came back to the Bird's Eye Club. Meeting with the so-called client is a pain in my head.

A real wedding? I wanted to march down the aisle with my fiancée.

Not with the spoiled brat rich lady.

It's hard for me to accept the fact that it is happening. Arthur never mentioned this.

Well, he didn't know it too.

What was I doing in here? I could have quit and left this all behind.

"Arthur, you better find another employee. I'm not in favor of this wedding idea." I told him.

"We already signed the contract, Aaron. You know how business works." Arthur shouted angrily.

My goodness sake. Arthur is willing to continue this bu--shit contract.

"I said, I quit. How much did Nalzen pay? I will pay it four times." Yeah, I am rich, yet I will become a husband for rent! This is going crazy.

"This is not a matter of money that we are talking about now, bro, they can sue us anytime. And you? You can't go back to Sou


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